My #1 Pregnancy Craving

Baskin-Robbins Warm Ice Cream Sandwich-24

Baskin-Robbins Warm Ice Cream Sandwich-24

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Baskin-Robbins, but all opinions are my own. As always, thank you so much for supporting the partnerships that keep Kelly in the City up and running!

Everly Top (Old, but shop Everly here) / Burberry JacketSimilar Sunglasses J.Crew Jeans (Maternity version here) / Sperry Topsiders (Old, similar here, here, here and here. Also LOVE these!)

Cravings are such a weird thing. During my first trimester, I craved nothing. I spent so much time leaning over the toilet that even the thought of food was absolutely disgusting to me. But when I hit the second trimester, I started to develop more of an appetite. And when the third trimester rolled along, I was all about the food.

Really, though: give me all the food.

Third Wheelin’



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Mom & Dad: Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt / Coach Bag (Also love this one, this one and this one!) / Sperrys / Barbour / Sperry Slip-Ons

I wasn’t expecting this, but walking around Nantucket with my parents is making me feel a little self-conscious, haha. I mean, I kind of look like their knocked-up daughter. WHICH IS FINE. There’s nothing wrong with that. But… you know. Considering my greatest fear for years and years and years was getting pregnant while under Dad’s roof, the feeling just hits a little too close to home. ;)

Evening Stroll down Main Street in Nantucket

Main Street Nantucket-7

Main Street Nantucket-7

7 p.m. publish time for today’s post. What can I say? I’ve clearly been enjoying my travels! ;)

I love walking down Main Street in Nantucket. Of course, so many of my favorite stores–Blue Beetle, Shift, Vis-A-Vis and Murray’s Toggery Shop, just to name a few–are located along the main drag. But head away from the commercial area, and you’ll see some of the most historical houses on the island, many of which belonged to wealthy sea captains and shipowners during the 17th and 18th centuries when Nantucket was considered to be the whaling capital of the world.

Vintage Lilly in Nantucket

Nantucket Day 1-306

Nantucket Day 1-700

Lilly Pulitzer Elsa (Old, current Elsa tops here. You can also shop them via Zappos!) / Jack Rogers Sandals (These are on sale and they’re so cute!) / Monica Vinader Bracelet c/o / J.Crew Jeans (Maternity version here) / Pearl Earrings / Similar Sunglasses

Hello from Nantucket! I’m a little exhausted right now, so I’m keeping today’s post short and sweet. But, as promised, these photos were taken with the new mirrorless camera! I’m still learning it, and definitely messed up a few times. But for my first try, I’m pretty excited about the little guy! With any hope, I’ll have more energy tomorrow, and will be able to talk at length about the experience.

Anyway, I just need to say how absolutely amazing my Auntie-M is. (Yes, I have an Auntie-M!) She worked at a Lilly Pulitzer signature store a few years ago when her kids went off to college, and has quite a few Elsa tops from those days. She loaned me a ton of ’em to get me through the rest of my pregnancy, and I’m SO grateful! (Love you, Auntie-M! Thank you!)

Mirrorless Camera

sony a6000-1

sony a6000-1

Up until now, I’ve been shooting all of my blog content (with the exception of my “Life, Lately” posts) with a giant DSLR and prime lens. I absolutely adore my gear, but I have to admit that I often opt to leave it at home simply because it’s so heavy. Which, in turn, can make blogging a bit harder. Difficult to blog when you don’t have imagery to accompany your posts!

A Cry for (Blogging) Help

nantucket outfit-1

nantucket outfit-1

Throwback Thursday: RIP C.Wonder :(

Here’s the truth: I simply do not have any cute outfits to shoot this week. You’ve seen it all. I’m headed to Nantucket to see the fam this morning, and I’ve packed the essentials: the same striped tees, the same Elsa tops, the same maxi dresses and the same jeans. I mean, I plan on taking photos while I’m in ACK. But expect to see some less-than-original looks on Kelly in the City in the coming days. ;)

Running this site while pregnant has been humbling. My third trimester has taken me back to my early years of blogging, when creating new outfits every day was really, really tough. I was completely on my own! It’s a reminder for both you and me that the stuff we see on blogs shouldn’t be internalized too much. Most bloggers don’t spend tons of dollars on boatloads of new outfits to wear and shoot, despite what it looks like. There are simply sponsorships and partnerships… and a lot of behind-the-scenes help. Blog photos are meant to inspire, help us recreate with the help of what we already own, and guide purchases. Not make us feel badly or empty our bank accounts.

I messed up.



J.Crew DressJack Rogers Wedges c/o (I also have these coming in the mail and I’m SO excited! #allthegoldsandals) / Vineyard Vines Clutch c/o (Also love this one and this one!) / Monica Vinader Bracelet c/o / Similar Sunglasses

In elementary and middle school, I remember majorly struggling with estimations. Remember the whole guess-how-many-candies-are-in-this-jar thing?

I don’t know; five hundred? Five thousand? Ugh. Whatever. Who cares?

And it seems that today, I still struggle.

How to Battle Negative Thinking

Nantucket Brandt Point-1

how to battle negative thinking

Isn’t it weird how we can let little things completely infiltrate our worlds and affect our outlooks on life? Last night, I had a mini mental breakdown while on the phone with Mitch. Over what?

Surprise Family Baby Shower

Kelly in the City Baby Shower-19

Kelly in the City Baby Shower-19

I wore a Lilly dress I’d originally packed for Nantucket (Last seen here) and Jack Rogers Wedges (My newest obsession) / Pictured above: my cousins Annie, Olivia, Delaney and Paige, and my sister-in-law, Kim. We missed you, Sammy, Cassidy, Mackenzie and Brenna! <3

Yesterday, my dad took me out to breakfast at Mil-Lee’s in downtown Yardley, and when we returned, my mom, grandmothers, aunts and cousins surprised me with a family baby shower! Half of my family lives on Long Island and the other half lives in New York City, so I was incredibly touched that everyone made the trip to my parents’ house in Bucks County. :) I’m the luckiest girl!