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Kelly in the City Master Bathroom Renovation-122

Kelly in the City Master Bathroom Renovation-122

Clearly the only thing on my mind these days is my due date–which, I realize, is kind of meaningless. I mean, according to, only five percent of women actually deliver on their EDDs. Still, July 28th is only a few days away, and that’s pretty crazy. So before I “go,” I thought I’d get the last of my pregnancy posts up for you!

Today’s? Some of my favorite skincare products that have helped me through. (Along with some sneak peek photos of our completed master bathroom renovation! Full post coming soon.)

The Waiting

Culture Phit Amellia-13

Culture Phit Amellia-13

Culture Phit Dress (Non-maternity, but great for bumps!) / MZ Wallace ToteJack Rogers Sandals (Also available here. Mine are in “Platinum.” These, though, are my beach pair! Anyone else have a 10-year-old pair they reserve for the beach?!) / Moon and Lola Dachshund Bracelet c/o Similar Sunglasses

With the heat wave and crazy humidity, pretty much the only place I can hang out is on the lakefront or by the harbors these days. Which should explain the abundance of by-the-water photos lately. At 39 weeks and two days, I’m going a little stir-crazy when stuck indoors!

But seriously: Baby Larkin, it’s time to vacate. Your eviction notice is pending!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Open to the Public

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016

One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven // Eight // Nine // Ten //
Eleven // Twelve // Thirteen // Fourteen // Fifteen // Sixteen // Seventeen // Eighteen //
Nineteen // Twenty // Twenty-One // Twenty-Two // Twenty-Three // Twenty-Four

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is finally open to the public! Which is perfect, considering my 39-week preggo self is stuck inside today due to the excessive heat warning in Chicago. ;) Poor Mitch. Prices go back up on August 8th, and products tend to go very quickly… so if you see something you love, be sure to snag it. Shipping and returns are free, after all!

Anyway, I know it’s super hard to think about fall when the weather is scorching, but the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the second best sale of the year, right behind the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale. (Which should begin sometime in mid-August.) What do you have your eye on? I’m in love with these navy pumps, this leather Longchamp tote, this Kendra Scott bangle, this Mario Badescu gift set, these Stuart Weitzman lace-up flats and these boots, these socks, this tunic, this All Saints tote, this Pendleton rain coat and these Cole Haan tortoise wedges. Swoon.

Kelly’s Current Faves



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The Most Flattering Maxi

Culture Phit Hally Dress-6

Culture Phit Hally Dress-6

Culture Phit Maxi / Jack Rogers Sandals (Also available here. Mine are in “Platinum.” These, though, are my beach pair! Anyone else have a 10-year-old pair they reserve for the beach?!) / Moon and Lola Dachshund Bracelet c/o / Vineyard Vines Clutch c/o (Old, but Tuckernuck has the CUTEST clutches right now.) / Similar Sunglasses

Last night was so much fun. Mitch and I celebrated our anniversary by going to Oyster Bah, a newish restaurant in our neighborhood that we’d been “saving” for a special occasion. Since we couldn’t be in Ocean City to celebrate, we decided Oyster Bah–and all its East Coast seaside decor–was the perfect alternative. Of course, when we arrived home, I promptly passed out on the couch. And if we’re being real, here, I’m still on the couch, in last night’s dress, eating M&Ms. (See my other Lilly Pulitzer maternity picks here!) So that’s why this post is up so late. ;)

Happy Anniversary

Kelly in the City Wedding-221

Kelly in the City Wedding-221

Dear Mitch,

July 20th will always be the happiest day of the year for me because it’s the day I married you. Today, I want you to know that I’m still just as crazy in love with you as I was when we were first pronounced husband and wife, and that I truly love you more and more with each passing day. You’re my best friend, my “trenches” partner, and my whole world. And I’m so incredibly grateful for you.

The Best Night

Lilly Pulitzer Essie Top-24

Lilly Pulitzer Essie Top-24

Lilly Pulitzer Essie Top (Also available in pink as well as this dress version and this dress version) / Timex Watch c/o / J.Crew Factory Linen Pants (Also available in solid.) / Sole Society Pumps c/o (Also available here.) / GiGi New York Clutch c/o / Kate Spade Pearl Bracelet (Necklace version here) / Helen Ficalora Necklace c/o (Kate Spade version here; love this “state” version, too!) / Similar Sunglasses

These photos were taken right before Jess and the rest of my amazing Chicago girlfriends surprised me with the most thoughtful baby shower ever! I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on any of the clues: Mitch insisting I bring along my camera to see Jess and Neal’s new place for the first time, Jess being a stickler about making a reservation and getting to dinner on time (we’re both always late, haha), how the boys completely ditched us right before, the laughing waitress when we first arrived, and seeing Shaheen through the window of the restaurant. (Really, Kelly? You don’t put two and two together THEN?! So oblivious.) But I can’t tell you how much the night meant to me. Truly, it was one of the most memorable nights of my life, and I’m even getting a little teary-eyed right now as I type!

A Dose of Reality

Navy Barbour Beadnell-10

Navy Barbour Beadnell-33

Navy Barbour Beadnell Jacket c/o (SO many great Barbour jackets on sale at Nordstrom right now, including my favorite of all time. See below!) / Longchamp Tote (#NSale Longchamp sale find here; Mom’s favorite backpack here.) / Hunter Boots c/o (Also available at Nordstrom. #NSale find here! Gloss version; Short version.) / Paige Jeans (Maternity version here) / J.Crew Striped Top / Helen Ficalora Necklace c/o (Kate Spade version here; love this “state” version, too!) / Daniel Wellington Watch c/o / Similar Sunglasses

Barbour on Sale at Nordstrom:

Barbour on Sale at Tuckernuck:

Summer in Chicago has been pretty hot this year. But over the last few weeks, we have had a few cool and rainy days, which (in my about-to-pop state) have been quite nice. Please excuse the frizzy hair, though. It’s something I’ll never have a handle on during rainy and humid spells! ;)

I think we hear “Barbour” and immediately think spring and fall. But I get a lot of use out of my gear during the summer, too. (Early morning walks on the lake; evenings on the beach.) Which brings me to some awesome news: there are SO many great Barbour jackets on sale right now at Nordstrom! (See above.) Some are part of the Early Access Anniversary Sale, but others are just simply crazy discounted. Woo!

One Year of Homeownership



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Today marks one year since we closed on our house! In many ways, it’s been a tough first year of homeownership, but in so many others, it’s been absolutely wonderful. After struggling so long to find livable places in New York and moving nearly every year, our home–while, yes, in a different city–has given us a sense of stability and permanency. And I’m still in complete and utter shock that we have our dream house, as small as it might be. Even with the flood and construction and sleeping on trundle beds surrounded by boxes for nine or 10 months, it’s truly been the answer to our prayers.