Foggy Sundays in Indiana

Ruffled Sweater (Wearing a size small.) / Rag & Bone Jeans / Hunter Boots and Socks (Also available here. Dying to try these and these!) / Barbour Jacket (I wear a U.S. size 4, btw. Also available via Tuckernuck. Here’s my full review of the jacket! It’s the BEST.)

In case you didn’t see it on Instagram or Facebook, we went to Michigan City, Indiana this past weekend to hang out with our friends Kira and Tom at Kira’s family’s lake house. It was the best. (Thank you so much for having us, guys!) At some point this week, I’m going to do a full post on our little trip as well as another “outfit post” from Michigan City, but long story short, Kira and I met back in March of last year when she and her adorable mother attended a Last Call Studio event I was hosting. (I was hugely pregnant already, haha.) It goes without saying that I’m so glad they did, and I’m feeling oh-so-lucky today that Kira and I made “Operation Make-Our-Husbands-Become-Best-Buds” a hug success this past weekend. ;)

Recent Finds

Mitch, Emma and I spent the most AMAZING weekend with our friends Kira and Tom at their lake house in Michigan City, Indiana. We just got back, and the Larkin family is spending the night on the couch, haha. But thought I’d pop in with some of my recent finds. :) I’ll be back tomorrow an outfit that we shot while on the lake! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Love this shirt SO MUCH.

Snow Day with Boo

Timex Watch c/o (Smaller version here) / Patagonia Better Sweater Quarter-Zip c/o (Full-zip and vest versions.) / Canada Goose Puffer (Also available via Tuckernuck. Love this one, too.) / Hunter Boots (Also available here, and in the gloss version here) and Socks (Has anyone tried these or these yet? If so, please share whether they’re as magical as I assume they are!) / Hudson Jeans (Also love this pair and this pair. <– dream jeans!) / L.L.Bean Plaid Shirt (Relaxed version here. Mine’s actually an old one from J.Crew, but the L.L.Bean one is a near-perfect match!) / Emma’s Bear Hat / Similar Bear Suit (Are we sensing an obsession?)

Okay, I totally planned on setting aside a half hour to write a good post for today, but truth: Mitch and I stayed up really late watching This is Us. Have you seen it? We. Are. Obsessed. With the exception of Gilmore Girls, I’ve never been too into television. Mitch always had his shows, and I’d sometimes sit and watch them with him. Now, though, we have a show that we both love, and it’s really fun!

Two things I can’t get past, though:

Mitch & Family Visit Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium

Mitch here!

If you read this post, you know that I’m trying my hand at blogging to help out. This is both fun and hilarious for me, as A) I’ve always enjoyed writing, and B) I really never thought I’d be writing for a site that focuses on women’s fashion. But, you know. You take what life throws you!

(Anyone interested in hearing me explain the difference between a dress and a skirt?)

But let’s get back to it before I lose my job.

I have a few confessions to make:

10 Things You Don’t Know About Noodle

This post was sponsored by Universal Pictures’ new film A Dog’s Purpose, but all opinions are my own. As always, thank you so much for supporting the partnerships that keep Kelly in the City up and running!

Similar Gingham Shirt / Similar Vest here, herehere and here / L.L.Bean Boots (Dying to try these!) / Rag & Bone Jeans / Camp Socks (Also available here, here and here) / Lands’ End Scarf (Old, but how cute is this Ralph Lauren one and this one from Lands’ End?!) / Vineyard Vines Hat

Oh, Noodle. If you read her New Year’s resolutions post, you may have picked up on the little fact that she can sometimes be like a mini version of Marley. She’s eaten quite a few pairs of Tory Burch Millers and Jack Rogers Navajos; she much prefers peeing inside instead of out (Meg Hall, I know you feel my pain); barking is her #1 favorite activity, and she can be mighty sneaky. She also has–as my friends say–her fair share of mental issues: she’s terrified of plastic bags, she has a major case of #strangerdanger, and she loves blondes. Like, really, really loves blondes. Just ask my friend Kit. Major girl crush on her. ;)

What my Mornings are Really Like

Gingham Pajamas (I ordered my usual size, but I might recommend going up one size for a cozy, comfy fit.) / Cable-Knit Throw (Similar here, here and here) / Diptyque Candle / Vineyard Vines Hat / Chanel Book

As someone who adores sleeping, I find waking up early instead of letting the baby monitor act as my alarm clock to be extremely challenging. Sleep is just so… wonderful. At the same time, getting up before Emma makes for a much nicer day. I’ll be honest, though: I only choose the “nicer day” option half the time, haha. (Imagine what it was like getting me up in high school! Mom, I’m so sorry.)

Since my mornings completely depend on that darn alarm clock and whether I listen to it or throw it against the wall, I thought I’d write an honest post about the two types of mornings I experience on the reg. And with any hope, writing this will convince me to never hit the snooze button again.

Why I Took a Break (and What I’m Doing to Fix Things)

I’m sitting at a nearby coffee shop, simply staring at my laptop screen. (Have you ever done that before? Tried to sit down to work, but just ended up staring at your computer like it’s a Magic Eye puzzle? *Pats self on the back for the stellar 90s reference.*) And then, suddenly, the tears start. Nothing too crazy; just a couple of ’em. But they’re there, and I realize that I’ve been doing things… all wrong.