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Nordstrom Winter Sale: Sweaters

Mitch’s Take on an Outfit Post

This part was written by Kelly–> Leopard Clutch (Have you see the new gold version?!) / Rag & Bone Jeans (And love this white pair and this darker pair!) / Over-the-Knee Boots (Black version and leather version, too.) / Gingham Shirt (But have you seen this new gingham shirt?! So cute! And this new gingham sweater?!) / Ruffled Sweater (Similar herehere, here, here and here.)

Mitch here!

Obviously, I think my wife dresses beautifully. But I freely admit that I have no idea why her outfits “work.” Because when you pick them apart, they can be pretty freakin’ weird. ;) And while I regularly photograph these outfits and remark on how beautiful Kelly looks, I usually just forget about ’em and go about my day after we’re done shooting. Why has it taken me four years to actually analyze this stuff?!

(Probably because I have zero interest in fashion. Ever read this post?)

Nordstrom Winter Sale: Shoes

What a Day on the Lake Looks Like

Barbour Jacket (Best price I’ve ever seen! Here’s the newer version.) / Free People Sweater (Also on sale!) / Favorite White Skinny Jeans / Coach Loafers (But current obsessions here, here, here and here.)

Remember: The Nordstrom Winter Sale is ON! Shop my faves here.

Well, hello there! You might notice that things look a tad different around here this morning. I’ll be doing a full post about the new site in the coming days, but feel free to click around for now! While I’m not 100-percent done populating the new features, it sure feels amazing to have a site that’s reliable and fast. Welcome to the 21st Century, Kelly in the City. ;)

Burberry Favorites

Three Great Sale Picks

Favorite Cashmere Sweater (On major sale! Crewneck Version Here) / Similar Pink Pumps (On sale!) / Quilted Navy Barbour (Favorite jacket of all time. The cut is a bit more flattering, and it’s SO much warmer than the classic one.) / White Skinny Jeans (They don’t stretch out and they’re the softest jeans I own!) / Longchamp Tote

I know: these photos make Chicago look pretty dismal right now, but we’ve actually been having the most amazing weather this past week! Like, it’s going to be in the 70s today. It’s February 22nd! And we’re in Chicago. I have no idea what’s going on, but who cares? Our family has been spending so much time outdoors, and Mitch and I were just saying that it kind of feels like we’re vacationing in our own city. Chicago, thank you for this amazing gift. We needed it!

Anyway, three of my favorite products that are majorly on sale right now:

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Nordstrom Winter Sale: Tops

Loafers That Convert to Slides

Free People Sweater (On sale! Have you seen my short list of faves from the Nordstrom Winter Sale? More extensive list coming soon.) / Black Convertible Loafers/Slides (Literally zero break-in time. Also have these and OMG: also so soft. I adore these as well!) / Burberry Coat (Also love this one and this one.) / Hudson Jeans

Hi, Friends! I was a little MIA this past weekend because the weather was INSANE here in Chicago. On Saturday, temps hit 70 degrees, and we spent the day out on the lake. (It’s where Mitch snapped this photoone of my favorite pics of all time–with his phone!)

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Nordstrom Winter Sale: Accessories