The Cinco Powell Tote

cinco powell-16

Cinco Powell Tote (Take 30 percent off with code “KELLY30″) (c/o) / J.Crew Sweater (Sold out, Factory version here) / Franco Sarto Sandals (Old, similar here) / J.Crew Jeans / C.Wonder Bangle (Sold out, Sperry version here) and C.Wonder Bracelet (Sold out. Inspired by the Tory Burch version, but love the more affordable Lands End version!) / Michael Kors Watch / J.Crew Pearl Necklace (Factory version here) / J.Crew Pearl Earrings / Kate Spade Sunnies (Old, newer styles here)

While I’ve always wanted to be that girl who’s able to get through her day with a cute little clutch, I think I’ve finally realized that I’m just not that girl. On any given day, I’m lugging around a laptop or an iPad, tons of grading, a DSLR camera, a hefty planner, and flip flops. A quality, stylish tote–and one that can bring me from day to night–is essential. :)

Enter my newest obsession: the Cinco Powell Tote. Eeeee! Adorable, right? (Of course, each bag can be monogrammed, and a leather tassel and/or monogrammed tag can be added, too. Oh! And the tags can also be worn as necklaces.)

I might not currently be teaching (woo, summer break!), but my bag has certainly been put to the test this summer. I’ve packed it for city excursions, blogging sessions at coffee shops, and cross country road trips… and it’s passed with flying colors every time. I love that its handle is long enough that it comfortably rests on my shoulder and leaves room for arm movement, and that it’s short enough so that I can carry the bag at my side, too. And there are so many pockets. Two pockets at the side that I slide my iPhone into (easy access), two interior smartphone pockets, and an iPad pocket. My laptop also fits perfectly. Talk about functional.

Another reason I adore my tote so much is because it’s the brainchild of two incredibly hardworking, family-oriented city girls. Before I left New York, I met with Brooke, one of the company’s co-founders. Last week, I met with her counterpart, Lobi, who lived in NYC (and San Francisco) for many years. I had the best time chatting about the fashion industry, blogging, city life… and, obviously, their super successful business. Talk about inspirational women!

Anyway, use code “KELLY30″ to take 30 percent off your Cinco Powell order. And be sure to check out the full line. (How cute is the new Sobrina Crossbody?!)

cinco powell-20cinco powell-13cinco powell-9cinco powell-22cinco powell-21

Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay…

miriam merenfeld-20

Vineyard Vines Skirt (Super old, but in love with this newer one!) / Hayden Reis Tote (c/o) / Sperry Topsiders (Sold out, similar here) / York Design Co. Cuff (c/o) / Miriam Merenfeld Necklace (c/o) / Michael Kors Watch / J.Crew Tee /  J.Crew Pearl Earrings / Kate Spade Sunnies (Old, newer styles here)

On Mom:

Vineyard Vines Top (Sold out, but Mom loves this current tee!) / J.Crew Shorts / Sperry Topsiders / Kate Spade Watch / Kate Spade Anchor Necklace (Sold out, similar here)

Before I share photos from my weekend on the Shore with my parents, I’d like to take this moment to wish my Grammie a very, very happy birthday. I love you so much, Gram, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you later this week. Smooches!

1909627_508493158656_18_nBridal-Shower-small-137miriam merenfeld-22miriam merenfeld-17miriam merenfeld-18miriam merenfeld-6miriam merenfeld-4miriam merenfeld-10miriam merenfeld-14miriam merenfeld-19miriam merenfeld-24miriam merenfeld-26miriam merenfeld-29 miriam merenfeld-30miriam merenfeld-32miriam merenfeld-34miriam merenfeld-35 miriam merenfeld-36miriam merenfeld-40 miriam merenfeld-41

Sail to Sable Tunics on the Jersey Shore

sail to sable and kate spade straw-1

Sail to Sable Tunic (c/o StS) / Kate Spade Straw Bag (Borrowed from Mom) / Jack Rogers Sandals / Fornash Elephant Bangle (c/o Fornash) / J.Crew Pearl Earrings

We made it! The last leg of the Chicago-to-Jersey road trip was a bit rough (3:30 a.m. arrival time), but it was completely worth it. A weekend at the Shore with my parents? The best. I’d missed them so much.

We spent yesterday relaxing on the beach and biking around town on cruisers, and went to the Seaview–where our wedding reception took place about a year ago–for dinner. (Talk about a trip down memory lane! I couldn’t help but tearing up!) Today, we’re taking my Dad’s boat out for a spin, and getting lunch at a new dockside restaurant.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous, relaxing Sunday!

photosail to sable and kate spade straw-19sail to sable and kate spade straw-8sail to sable and kate spade straw-7sail to sable and kate spade straw-6sail to sable and kate spade straw-9sail to sable and kate spade straw-20sail to sable and kate spade straw-3sail to sable and kate spade straw-11sail to sable and kate spade straw-10sail to sable and kate spade straw-21 sail to sable and kate spade straw-22 sail to sable and kate spade straw-23

Road Trip!

road trip

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six

Hopefully, Mitch and I are hours into our road trip to the Jersey Shore at this point. It’s a long ride–13 hours in total–so it’s imperative that we stay both comfy and alert.

My ideal road trip attire: comfy denim (so in love with Hudson’s “Collin” jeans) and sandals (loving that Birkenstocks are back), and a soft, featherweight tee. And simple, functional accessories. (Well, I suppose the necklace isn’t exactly functional. ;) )

With any luck, Stuff You Should Know (our favorite podcast), sing-a-longs (Frozen, anyone? haha), and frequent coffee breaks will get us through. I’ll check in once I arrive!

Eyes on: Jonathan Adler

jonathan adler Floppy Embroidered Sun Hat-1

Jonathan Adler Hat (c/o) / J.Crew Skirt (Sold out, similar here, here and here with wider stripes) / Kate Spade Scalloped Bag (Old, but I love this brown scalloped bag!) / Jack Rogers Sandals / J.Crew Top (Sold out) / Kate Spade Bangle / Armed & Readi Pave Bracelet (c/o) / J.Crew Pearl Earrings / Brown Belt (Unknown, similar here)

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy.”

I finally feel like it’s summer. The apartment is unpacked, we’ve decorated (or things look acceptable, at least), and most moving-related tasks have been completed. (I love this article about moving across the country. I can identify!)

This past week, we checked off several big chores: registering the car, getting new license plates, obtaining a city sticker, petitioning for a zoned parking permit, and getting new driver’s licenses. Ugh. Guys, I had to take a written driving test. Didn’t see that coming! I’ve had Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey licenses, and I never once had to take a test in order to switch over to a new state. I suppose I should have done some research about the requirements for switching over to Illinois, but I think I was fried from the relocation itself and all the work that comes along with moving cross-country. I just didn’t think about it.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t drive. I mean, I technically can drive, but it’s been eight years since I last drove on a regular basis. And while I don’t foresee driving very often in Chicago, I definitely didn’t want to lose my license! After all, I’m sure I’d pick it back up again with some practice.

Thankfully, after sweating bullets and taking at least an hour to complete a 35-question test, I passed by the skin of my teeth, haha. But the blank road signs that you need to identify by shape and color? Yikes. I need to brush up on my signage knowledge. Sheesh.

jonathan adler kelly in the city

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine

Anyway, how cute is this Jonathan Adler hat? I’m obsessed. We visited my in-laws’ at their lake house yesterday (had to drop off Walter), and it was the perfect accessory for lounging by the water. (No sunburn!) It’s also going to be great for my upcoming trip to the Jersey Shore. Yup–right as we start to get settled, we’re getting back on the road. I can’t wait for some quality family time on the beach, though.

Back to Jonathan Adler. I’ve always been a huge fan of the company’s furniture, rugs and decor, but recently discovered that its handbags and accessories are freakin’ adorable! The dachshund bag?! #swoon (Haha!) Check out my favorites above!

jonathan adler Floppy Embroidered Sun Hat-17jonathan adler Floppy Embroidered Sun Hat-7jonathan adler Floppy Embroidered Sun Hat-21jonathan adler Floppy Embroidered Sun Hat-3 jonathan adler Floppy Embroidered Sun Hat-20jonathan adler Floppy Embroidered Sun Hat-15