Pillow Covers / Glasses / Storage Baskets / Napkins / Curtains / Nesting Baskets / Ceramic Frame / Floating Shelves / Flush Mount / Wipeable Placemats / Marble Frame / Acrylic Frames / Ring Dish / Rug / Bath Mat (More Bath Mats!) / Lamp / Shower Curtain

Can you guys tell I tried to fit as much as technologically possible in this collage? 😂 There’s just SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. It feels like brands are trying to drive revenue by just adding scallops to everything and it’s great. (Also, the first piece of furniture I’ve ever flipped has them too!) Almost everything I found is somehow under $40 🤯 and let me tell you, I am TEMPTED.

Pillow Covers: These have become Instagram famous and everyone says they look AMAZING in real life. Also, they come in eight colors and three sizes. I love options!

Glasses: Don’t these look like they’re from Anthropologie?! You never know how glassware is going to feel in your hand once you get them—if they’re thick or thin, heavy or light, etc.—but the reviews are great.

Storage Baskets: Okay, so I might need to embark on a new organizing project so I can find a place for these. You can get the water hyacinth or go for sea grass, which is more gray looking.

Napkins: Simple, neutral, and SO cute. I realize these napkins would get destroyed in our home 🤪 but I’d love to live vicariously through one of you.

Curtains: Good curtains can be super (and I mean super) expensive. These are on the thinner side, but for the price?, I’m a fan. Especially with the pretty trim!

Nesting Baskets: Do these remind anyone else of a certain set of baskets from a more expensive retailer (*cough* Ballard *cough*)?! They’re not an exact dupe, but a great way to get the look for less.

Ceramic Frame: This will fit in literally anywhere in your home. I’d put it in my office or one of the girls’ rooms!

Floating Shelves: Somebody needs to put these in a nursery, okay? Okay, great. (Send me a picture if you actually do haha)

Flush Mount: HOW. CUTE. Lighting can be an easy way to transform a room and this is such a great price.

Wipeable Placemats: Wipeable placemats are everything. These come in 13 colors, which is basically an entire rainbow of options.

Marble Frame: This is a little pricey for a 5×7 frame, but it’s also marble—thick, beautiful marble! And isn’t it just so pretty?!

Acrylic Frames: Yep, MORE frames. 😂 I would have never thought to combine scallops with acrylic but I think I’m a fan!

Ring Dish: You guys, this is TEN DOLLARS. A great little gift for your newly engaged friend, or you can put it on your guest room nightstand.

Rug: Nine colors and a million sizes. It goes up to 11×14, which is $680—which, yes, is a lot of money, but NOT a lot of money for that size.

Bath Mat: I’m convinced I need to snag one of these for Emma or Lucy’s bathroom (or both?). I also found a super similar one in a couple other colors!

Lamp: So obviously I’m obsessed with this. I also love that you can get the style in a floor lamp, pendant, or wall sconce!

Shower Curtain: A simple $23 bathroom upgrade. At that price, why not?!