Vesty Long Sleeve Crewneck / Finn Popover / Park Slope Turtleneck (Full review here!) / Nylon Tote Bag / Snaffle Belt / Easton Suede Top (Full review here!)/ Catherine Denim Midi / Ashford Pants / Frenchie Knit Dress / Lantern Earrings / Alibi Sandals / Olivia Rib Knit Polo / Kenzo Dress (Full review here!)

If I could only shop from one store for the rest of my life, it’d probably be Tuckernuck—they seriously have it ALL. Even though spring in Chicago is only kind of spring (IYKYK), the rest of you are probably soaking up your gloriously, permanently warm weather as I type. So, I thought it was time to share some Tuckernuck spring staples! I couldn’t limit myself to just a collage though—can you blame me?!—so there’s a bunch more at the bottom too.

Vesty Long Sleeve Crewneck: The medium weight is perfect for a Chicago spring and I love how the puff sleeve gives the illusion that you’re more dressed up than you actually are. 😂

Finn Popover: Another striped top, because hey! I like what I like. You could wear this to the office, a PTA meeting—the possibilities are endless and I am here. for. it.

Park Slope Turtleneck: Oh my gosh, I love this thing so much. It’s machine-washable, better with every wash, lightweight but still cozy… Get the bigger of your two sizes!

Nylon Tote Bag: I am a big fan of totes, and this is a good one. The nylon is pretty much child-proof (wipeable!) and I’m all for a structured bottom that keeps your stuff neat. Plus, it comes in three different sizes – options!

Snaffle Belt: Is this the perfect belt?! I think it’s seriously possible. I love that you can wear it around your waist or your hips. 100% leather, a rich brown (or black!), and a little bit equestrian. 

Easton Suede Top: This is one of my all-time favorite tops and I wear it a lot. Maybe too much?! JK, that’s not possible. It’s super soft AND super pretty.

Catherine Denim Midi: Is this the classiest denim dress you’ve ever seen or what?! (Don’t say what. 🤣) The reviews say that it’s actually chambray, which makes it softer and lighter than your jeans. 

Ashford Pants: I don’t own these, but I feel like I should shop my own link and get them?! The high rise and cropped kick hem are too good, and the buttonless front makes the pants look even more elevated.

Frenchie Knit Dress: Everyone knows how sensitive I can be about knits, but this dress is 100% cotton, so NO ITCH! It’s the kind of dress you can wear over and over again, basically forever.

Lantern Earrings: These are pretty much the only statement earrings I need. The raffia adds texture to every outfit, plus they’re super lightweight.

Alibi Sandals: I can’t think of a single person who doesn’t loooove these. Way more comfy than the Hermes version! And obviously way, WAY more affordable.

Olivia Rib Knit Polo: Preppy, but make it fashion, right?! This knit is not 100% cotton but the review say it’s still drapey and soft, so it’s still worth trying!

Kenzo Dress: As an (aspiring) minimalist, I hope you know what an endorsement owning FOUR different versions of this dress is. It’s forgiving, feminine, and everything else you could hope for in a great dress.