Pink and White Stripe / Green and Blue Floral / Pink and White Gingham / Navy and White Vertical Stripe / Blue Toile / Green Floral / Navy and White Horizontal Stripe / Coral and White Stripe / Rainbow Floral / Aqua Floral

We just wrapped up our TWO WEEK spring break, yet somehow it feels like summer is totally sneaking up on us?! It’s fine, I’m fine, everyone’s fine. (That’s a lie, Mitch and I are panicking a little. 🤣) What I AM looking forward to, though, is tons of time by the water—and the cute swimsuits. 😉 Whenever I buy Emma and Lucy new ones, I always go up one size so they can wear them for two years. I’m kind of looking forward to when they stop growing—clothes get expensive!—but then I won’t have an excuse to buy them cute new stuff, you know? Anyway, these are some cute one-piece swimsuits for girls I’ve had my eye on recently.

Pink and White Stripe: We love rash guards in our family. The extra sun protection is ideal for a long day at the beach! Our favorite come from Minnow—they’re feminine, classic, and look brand new even after dozens of wears.

Green and Blue Floral: Another one from Minnow! How cute is this?! I don’t know what I love most—the floral, the smocking, the puff sleeves, or the ruffled collar.

Pink and White Gingham: I can never resist a gingham, especially one this inexpensive. (Amazon for the win!) Also, does this fabric remind anyone else of the pink gingham dress Margot Robbie wears in the Barbie movie?

Navy and White Vertical Stripe: OBVIOUSLY I had to include navy. The adorable embroidered and scalloped ruffle makes this suit look even more youthful and less like someone’s mom (who, me?) picked it out haha.

Blue Toile: Okay guys, this toile is SOOOOO pretty! The one-shoulder is another cute touch. And lucky us, they have a coordinating suit for moms!

Green Floral: Again, we’re big on rash guards over here—the fact that this one zips makes it easier to put on and take off. I usually lean toward more muted colors, but sometimes you need something BRIGHT to make sure your kid stands out from the rest, you know?!

Navy and White Horizontal Stripe: Another navy, and my last Minnow pick! This pattern is what’s called a Breton stripe, which makes me think of my friend Danielle because it’s very French and chic. 😂 Love the tie straps too.

Coral and White Stripe: You can’t tell from the collage, but this (budget-friendly!) Amazon swimsuit is actually made with a seersucker fabric, so obviously I think it’s super cute.

Rainbow Floral: After freaking out over the puff sleeves on the Minnow suit, I was unsurprisingly thrilled to find this one from Boden. The floral is colorful, playful, and super identifiable.

Aqua Floral: Aren’t the colors in this so pretty together?! They totally bring out the adorable floral pattern, and the ruffle straps are a sweet touch.