Confession: I fully intended to post a roundup of the new Hearth & Hand collection ASAP when it went live on Sunday, but as it turns out, my definition of ASAP is Thursday. 🤣 It’s fine, I’m fine. Anyway, these launches are like Christmas every time!  It seems like their big focus for summer is on entertaining and travel, which is right up our alley (in a perfect world at least haha). I put my absolute favorites into the collage below, and because I couldn’t help myself, all you have to do is scroll past the text to see (a lot) more of them.

String Lights / Throw Blanket / Hard-Sided Cooler / Indoor/Outdoor Pillow / Napkins / Citronella Candles / Picnic Blanket / Wipeable Tablecloth / Bluetooth Radio / Tall Tumbler / Utensil Caddy / Packing Cubes / Kitchen Towel / Backseat Car Organizer / Charger / Cordless Lamp

String Lights: Listen. Is any deck or yard truly complete without string lights? No, no it is not. These are so affordable but still LED, which means they’re going to last forever and stay cool to the touch. Win-win! (Or is it win-win-win? 😂)

Throw Blanket: No one needs another throw blanket, but that’s not the point haha. This one is light enough to drape yourself in on summer nights and the color is SO GOOD.

Hard-Sided Cooler: Is this not the cutest cooler you’ve ever seen?! The vintage look is everything.

Indoor/Outdoor Pillow: You know how much I love natural woven materials, so obviously I’m obsessed with this. I love that you can use it inside *and* outside. Don’t forget to replace the insert and get the next size up (20×20) so the pillow stays fluffy!

Napkins: $12 for 4 napkins! This is why Target’s the best. The stitching makes them look more expensive—like, $12 each.

Citronella Candles: Oh my gosh, citronella candles are absolute MAGIC. The pack of four is great because you can put them all around your outdoor space, but they also sell a giant 8-wick one for the same exact price.

Picnic Blanket: There’s NOWHERE this thing can’t go–beaches, parks, concerts, etc.—especially with the shoulder strap. The cost-per-use is going to be basically nothing, seriously. I’m partial to the plaid, but the wide stripe is super cute too.

Wipeable Tablecloth: Tablecloths are so pretty, but they’re also the worst—you have to spot treat, wash, and iron them after almost every use (at least with kids haha). The fact that this is wipeable? Sign. Me. Up. The neutral ticking stripe is also incredibly classic.

Bluetooth Radio: You get the vintage look, but with modern technology like bluetooth and a USB port. It’s the best of both worlds!

Tall Tumbler: You can choose between a light blue or kelly green rim—obviously I picked the blue. By the way, the short tumblers come with a coordinating pitcher!

Utensil Caddy: You think you don’t need one of these until you realize you’re about to put all your clean silverware on a dirty outside table for everyone to man handle. JUST THINK ABOUT IT.

Packing Cubes: Packing cubes are a travel staple in my family. Try them once and you’ll never go back, I promise! (Also, the matching toiletry bags are ADORABLE.)

Kitchen Towel: I’m convinced there are two kinds of kitchen towels: the ones you display and the ones you actually use. This is definitely the former, but at $4, it’s fine if someone does end up using it.

Backseat Car Organizer: Okay, how aesthetically pleasing is this? Cuter than the average car organizer, but not fancy enough that you’ll be devastated when your kids inevitably damage it. 🤣

Charger: Chargers are basically fancier placemats, and I think natural woven ones (surprise!) are the most versatile. Speaking of which! There are $5 wipeable placemats in the collection too, because Joanna Gaines gets it.

Cordless Lamp: Now that cordless lamps have become super popular, I just want to know one thing… What took us all so long?! This is more modern than the one you usually see online, and it’s perfect for eating outside at night.