Recent Finds 2/4

Nearly Identical Trench Coat

Happy Friday, all. :)

Ready to go shopping?

Hard to imagine that warmer times are on the horizon as it’s currently blizzarding in Chicago, but a classic utility jacket is a wardrobe staple for me in the spring, and I can’t wait to break mine out!

Jeans and simple (and cute) white tops like this one make life a whole lot easier.

Just throw on your favorite sweater blazer and you’re good to go!

Clearly I have a white sweater/top problem, haha.

My washable Rothy’s loafers are some of my most-loved shoes. Since they’re washable, I often wear them around the house in the winter so I can feel a bit more like a human. (Snow boots all the time get old after a while!) Wonderfully comfy and give simple outfits a great pop.

This is another wardrobe staple for me! It’s really soft and looks fantastic under a camel cardigan or blazer.

Favorite Madewell jeans on super sale!

We recently moved our bedroom rug into the girls’ playroom, and I LOVE how it looks. Really soft for a jute rug, too. We’ve had ours for years—since we lived in our first home!—and it still looks good as new.

It’s time to order the scalloped Easter baskets! They sell out quickly every year so pounce now.

I love a classic Coach bag, and this quilted version of the timeless Willis bag is awesome! Here it is in gold, and here it is in smooth leather.

February 14th is just around the corner!

Love that Free People brings its famous Ottoman Tunic Sweater back every year. Runs large; size down. Looks amazing on everyone!

Abercrombie, yes. I love this!

Abercrombie Chenille is fabulous. SO soft and cuddly. I’ll take one in every color, please!


Oooooh, and this cardigan, which I would wear by itself. Lots of colors, and again, so soft.

I try really hard not to buy things for upcoming seasons too early but WOW. How beautiful!

Emma and Lucy LOVE this blanket. We have it in a Christmas plaid, and I thought Emma was going to cry when I packed it away. So I recently ordered a year-round one. They’re going to freak! :)

Still just loving our new bedroom rug. It’s stunning! Really worth the investment. Happy I waited nearly three years to find something I truly loved. :)

This one is super similar but a way better deal! (To be honest, didn’t see this one before purchasing ours, haha.)

Give me all the frilly details.

Aha! I’ve owned the trench coat that you see in the lead photo of this post for years, and always get questions about it. Love this wildly similar coat, if you’re in the market!

Very into wide-leg jeans these days. These come in lots of different washes.

Is this adorable or am I crazy? Would look so cute with a striped top or turtleneck underneath!

That neckline!

One of Nordstrom’s best-selling sweaters right now.

Favorite Veja sneakers in stock! Read my full review here.

Love this color, too.

SEE? White sweater problem. But come on. This is stunning.

Doesn’t this look like a Liberty print?!

Love that the maxi dresses are starting to show up on sites. This one! Sigh!

What a darling spring coat. Yes, I said darling.

Draper James has some adorable gingham stuff right now, too.

Anyone looking for a bag to bring to weddings/events that can actually hold some stuff? This looks beautiful!

Oh, take me on vacation…

See?! Adorable.

It comes in pink, too. :)

Random, but best mascara ever. Really pumps up the volume!

And best non-stick pan ever. They say that it’s the only pot you need in your cabinet, and I need to agree! Love ours. I even boil water and cook pasta in it.

The mirror on our stair landing. Makes me so happy!

Have had my eye on this bag for years but I have another crossbody I love so I’ll probably never do it. ;)

WOW! Looks so much like the Pottery Barn Kids ones but it’s so much more affordable. This is a great find!

The only way I drink enough water every day. Game-changer.

Amazon Essentials has some great outerwear on major sale right now.

The price on this puffer is unreal!

A really nice way to store all your important documents. Organization, yay.

I love this updated cream Shep Shirt.

And the sherpa version is fantastic.

A throwback style!

Sezane sweaters get me every time. Wish this didn’t have wool in it!