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Currently wearing: Wubby Pullover (Back in stock!) / Sneakers / Sale Jeans

A lot of my photos don’t make it to the blog. Instead, they’re posted on Instagram and Facebook. (Are we friends yet?! Follow along here and here.) Sometimes it’s sneak peeks of stuff I’m working on, and other times, it’s stuff that doesn’t really warrant a full blog post. (“Outfits” like the one above is a perfect example. 😂) Today, I thought I’d show you how you can easily follow along and see some of my extra content, and shop what’s featured.

Step one

Click “Wearing (New!)” on the main menu of the blog. It looks slightly different on mobile. (It’s the three little lines right below the site logo.)

Step two

Click on any photo you want details for. When you do this, you’ll see something similar to what’s above. If you want to go back and look at more photos, click on the “X.”

Super easy! And that’s it. Want to see more? Go to “Wearing (New!)” now or check out some of my most recent ‘grams below. :)