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This post is sponsored by Pantene, but all opinions are my own. As always, thank you so, so much for supporting the partnerships that keep Kelly in the City up and running!

My biggest struggle with motherhood right now is finding the time to wash my hair. Sounds funny, but if one child wakes up early, it’s #gameover. The problem is two-fold:

  1. I NEED to wash my hair every day. I have baby fine hair that gets greasy very quickly, and even if I dedicate months to “training” it, it doesn’t improve on that front. (Except when pregnant! Then I can skip a day, which is such an awesome perk. But yeah. Several hair stylists have told me that very fine hair is sometimes untrainable. 😢)
  2. I hate washing my hair at night. Because it’s baby fine, my hair–when super clean–ends up looking ridiculous the next morning after having slept on it, even if I blow-dry it before bed.

Sure, I could wake up at the crack of dawn to wash it, but I’m already just getting by in terms of sleep, and I think that might actually kill me. Similarly, it doesn’t feel fair to ask Mitch to handle the brunt of the morning routine just so my hair looks good and feels clean. 😂

Back to School with the Larkins

Kelly: Pink Tweed Blazer (Love the Schoolboy Blazer, too!), Striped Pocket Shirt and Calfhair Flats
Emma: Corduroy Jumper (We also love this corduroy skirt!), Striped Shirt and Pink Bow
Mitch: Plaid Button-Down

Without a doubt, our 2018 “Back to School” post with J.Crew Factory was my favorite fashion post from last year. (I mean… Emma and Noodle?! Come on. 😍) But this 2019’s might take the cake. Because whereas Emma was starting her half-day peewee program last year, she’s starting at our REAL, FULL-DAY PUBLIC SCHOOL in only a few short weeks! How is this possible?! Three years ago, I was pregnant. And now I have a kid who’s about to go off to pre-k?!

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How We Tackled Potty-Training

how we tackled potty-training

As some of you might remember, we finally committed to actually potty-training Emma earlier this summer. We made a couple of previous attempts in the winter and spring that started off well but then failed, mostly because we kept starting and stopping. Whether we were traveling, having a baby, moving or just busy, the timing was just “never right,” and so it never took. Totally our fault!

And then Emma was accepted to a full-day pre-school program, and we were like, “Bah! Gotta get this DONE.” To do so, we relied on advice from our friends and family members because I got a bit too overwhelmed with all the available literature on the subject. ;) And I’m happy to report that she was (pretty much) trained within one week. (Which was shocking, considering how many failed attempts we had under our belts at that point. 😂) Sure, she had an accident every once in a while after that, but they were seldom… and now I can’t remember the last time it happened!

We are far from experts on the topic but wanted to share what worked for us in case some of you are nervous about starting or struggling through it as we speak. Because life on the other side of diapers is AWESOME, and if the Larkins can do it, you.can.too. 😉

Cute Bathroom Accessories

Cute Bathroom Accessories

Soap dispenser

I’m trying to accomplish one or two house-related tasks every week. Last week, for example, I tackled our dining room table and chairs. (Feature/review coming soon! Here are nearly identical chairs that *are* in stock, btw.) I’ve learned that if I try to do too much, I get overwhelmed and end up feeling defeated. Manageable “tasks” for the win!

Mitch’s Dream Trip to New York

This post is sponsored by ALDI but all opinions are my own. As always, thank you so, so much for supporting the partnerships that keep Kelly in the City up and running!

Mitch here!

As any parent can attest, a solo trip to the grocery store is like an exotic vacation. It’s quiet there, nobody is crying, and as an added bonus, they have all my favorite snacks. Granted, I typically have to sprint through the store like I’m on “Supermarket Sweep”.  But a good grocery store sesh can make my week. And today I’d like to let you in on a related secret that’s changed my life.

Larkin Family Fall Travel Plans

Larkin family fall travel

Mark & Graham Leopard Tote c/o / Plaid Blazer (ObSESSED. <–Kelly’s commentary.) / Madewell Loafers / Rag & Bone Jeans (Also available here, here and here.) / Scalloped Version of my Camisole

Mitch here!

Have you felt it yet? Sure, temps hit 85 degrees yesterday and yes, it’s still officially August. But there’s a note of coolness in the breeze and a whiff of pumpkin spice in the air.

I spent most of the last 30 Augusts in a state of dread. But as hard as I try to avoid looking at a calendar, the back-to-school sale signs and subtle crunch of the grass have given it away. Not today and not tomorrow, but I will have flipped my last flop soon enough.

Summer’s almost over and I’m freaking out. 😭

Family Christmas Card Photos

family photos

Lilly Pulitzer Dress / Mom’s Navy Lilly Pulitzer Cover-Up + Monogrammed Jack Rogers / Mitch’s Vineyard Vines Polo / Emma’s Rick Rack Cover-Up (Newer) / Lucy’s Onesie (Thank you, Mrs. Behounek!) / Kim’s Dress (We also love this one!)

I don’t know if you remember this post from last year, but we’ve decided to make the summer OC trip a family tradition–and we’ve promised my mom that we’ll always take the family Christmas card photo then, too. ;)

When Mitch Gets Snap-Happy

UPF Shirt Dress c/o ( Runs TTS. Other Vineyard Vines Shirt Dresses here!) / Rothy’s Washable Sneakers / Ray-Ban Sunglasses / Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM (Read my full post on how to safely buy it on eBay here, and here’s my LV vs. Goyard review.)

I think this is my last Vineyard Vines look from our travels. 😭 But Mitch and I snapped these photos a couple of weeks ago when we were in New York for a blog project. (Publishing it early next week; really excited!)

Seersucker Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress c/o / Rothy’s Washable Sneakers / Jack Rogers Sandals / Ray-Ban Sunglasses

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the theme of Ocean City was Easy. I want to write a longer, more comprehensive post about why I love the Jersey Shore so much, but a big part of it has to do with how low-key and unassuming it is. I rarely do my hair (as evidenced by these photos 😂), makeup is at a bare minimum, I rotate between two or three pairs of sandals and sneakers, and I opt for no-fuss dresses that I don’t have to iron, like this seersucker shirt dress. It’s such a nice little break, and I love that this down-to-earth mentality allows vacationers to focus mostly on family fun!

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a family of matchy-matchy madras

Vineyard Vines Madras Matchy-Matchy Madras Dresses: Women’s, Girls‘ and Baby c/o — Kids and Baby TTS; women’s runs a tad big. / Jack Rogers Sandals / J.Crew Factory Huarache Sandals / Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Our friends at Vineyard Vines are amazing and pretty much outfitted our family for our trip to the Jersey Shore so we could focus more on the logistics of flying with a toddler and infant, and less on packing. ❤️ It was the sweetest gesture, and it made such a difference!

When I think Vineyard Vines, I think family and summer, as I grew up wearing it. (My cousins even worked at the store on Nantucket!) I truly love the brand, and you can see the tiny pink whale in so many of my favorite childhood photos. :) Happiness!