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What’s Been Helping You?

We’re all wearing Coast Rain Jackets: Here’s mine in the short cut and mid-length cut, and here is newer version of the girls’ coat. This one is on sale at Nordstrom, too, and part of the spring sale. I’m also wearing my vívomove Luxe hybrid smartwatch from Garmin, a company that’s providing critical flight information to pilots flying twin-turboprop small planes transporting essential supplies during the pandemic. Wreath is from Target and topiaries can be found here

Oh hey, Friends. The stars aligned and so did nap times (for the first time 😉) and here I am, staring at this blank page in a quiet room–something I haven’t done in a while. So I’m just going to start typing.

Quarantine Bread-Baking

Mitch here!

Apparently I’m not the only one stress-baking these days. Article in a nutshell: Flour and yeast are very much in demand right now, but there’s no shortage. Baking is therapeutic, and can be an extremely helpful way to manage anxiety. It’s also an activity that brings families together.

Anyway, this past week, I spent quite a bit of time baking away my feelings. And hey! It improved my outlook. Because I’m really into gadgets, I bought a bread machine. (Love it.) But keep in mind that you certainly don’t need a bread machine to bake bread! (Though if pressing buttons brings you joy, I highly recommend.)

How and Where to Donate COVID-19 Medical Supplies

University of Chicago Medicine

I’m truly amazed by the generosity being shown by so many right now. It seems like nearly everyone wants to know where they can donate supplies, money, food, blood, time and other products–and I think this speaks volumes about humanity. It’s exceptionally easy to become overwhelmed by the constant stream of bad news, but there is so much goodness in the world, as evidenced by the number of people looking for ways to help.


It goes without saying that the most heroic action you can take is staying home and practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus. But today, let’s talk about how and where to donate medical supplies:

A Little Mental Health Break

Today, I found out that Garmin is providing critical flight information to pilots flying twin-turboprop small planes transporting essential supplies during the pandemic, and as an Air Force kid, that warmed my heart. ♥️ I know that things are rough right now, but I’ve been continually impressed by the relief efforts of the companies I’ve worked with over the years. Their willingness to rework their businesses and step up to help–often at a significant loss–has served as a reminder of how much good is in the world, even in times of darkness.

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Recent Finds + More Important Things, 3/27

Lilly Pulitzer Sales

Surprise Lilly Pulitzer Sale: Today Only. Use code “LILLYFAM” to take 30 percent off. Lilly has closed its stores but is still paying its employees, and this sale helps with that.

WELP, we made it to another Friday. I’m definitely struggling with taking care of the girls, cleaning up all the messes, and getting any sort of work done… but I’m so grateful that we’re able to stay home right now and be together. While Mitch and I try to figure out a good system and curb our anxiety surrounding the current state of the world, I’d say that my most valuable content is going up on Instagram because I can quickly post from my phone while juggling family life in quarantine.

In short, I’m trying to share photos and stories from medical professionals on the front lines to humanize the pandemic and, in turn, hopefully encourage people to stay home and practice social distancing so that our emergency rooms and ICUs don’t collapse. If we can prevent the country’s healthcare system from collapsing, fewer Americans will die. So please, if you’re a medical professional on the front lines right now, send your masked selfie along with your story and general location to with subject life “SELFIE.” I would love to share your story.

Motivating + Easy Work-from-Home Outfits

Joules Breton Striped Top / White Skinny Jeans (They’re actually from Spanx! SO flattering.) / Rothy’s Washable Loafers

Believe me: I only recently decided to ditch the yoga pants and stop wallowing 24/7. But I think we all know how how much power there is in getting dressed every morning, and therefore I’m here today to share a bunch of easy outfits that you can put together in a snap. I can almost guarantee that your motivation, productivity and overall outlook will improve if you at least put jeans on! :)

Sarah Flint Shoes for Italy

The Rosie / The Natalie / The Perfect Emma

*Use code “SF-KELLY50” to take $50 off your order

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Sarah Flint: a women-owned shoe company that I’ve loved for a while now, and one that’s trying to help those affected in some of the hardest-hit areas of the pandemic.

Designed by Sarah herself, her gorgeous shoes are made in Italy, and her team puts tremendous care into sourcing and partnering with the most knowledgeable artisans in the industry. As we all know, Italy is currently groaning under the coronavirus, as writer Jason Horowitz recently put it.. and its citizens are living in a nightmare. Today, to help with relief efforts, 25 percent off all Sarah Flint proceeds are going to Clinico Beato Matteo and Ospedale Civile di Vigevano—two hospitals in Italy located on the front lines, where many of the company’s timeless shoes are produced.

So if you’ve had your eye on a pair of SF shoes, now is a great time to purchase. ♥️ You can also use code “SF-KELLY50” to take $50 off your order.

10 Ways We Maintain Our Marriage

maintaining marriages post Baby

Swing Top (Take 25 percent off with code. I also have my eye on this striped top, this dress version, and this one, too!) / Bow Hat

Hi, Friends.

How’s everyone doing? I know I keep asking that but I think it needs to be asked. These are incredibly tough times and now more than ever it’s important to lean on each other when we need it.

I stumbled across this old post today, and it was really helpful for me so I thought I’d share it again. If you’re currently hunkered down with someone, you’re lucky. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t tough. Spending 24 hours per day with anyone can present challenges, especially when you’re quarantined together during a scary, stressful and uncertain time.

I’d love to write a post soon with readers’ insight regarding how they’ve been maintaining their relationships with the people they’re quarantined with, and/or how they’ve been maintaining their relationships with the friends and family members that they can no longer physically see. So please either comment below with what’s been helping, or email me at with “RELATIONSHIPS” in the subject line.

Thank you so much, and in the meantime, perhaps you can draw something helpful from this pre-pandemic post. (I realized that no, we can no longer galavant around the city or go on traditional date nights at restaurants or whatever, but there’s still a lot we can do! It’s all about getting creative.) ♥️

Recent Finds, 3/20


I usually publish this series on Fridays because they’re fun, lighthearted and (very honestly) easy. And since yesterday was a rough one, I’m just going to go with last week’s “Recent Finds” today. It never ran, after all, and my brain needs a little break–as I’m sure yours does, too!

How are you guys holding up? Self quarantining isn’t bad; life has obviously slowed down considerably, and I have lots of interrupted time with the girls, which I’m grateful for. But… you know. I just can’t shake the fear factor. It’s ever-present.

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Right As Rain

Kelly’s BootsJacket + Striped Harbour Breton Top / Emma’s Unicorn BootsKitty Jacket + Striped Top / Lucy’s Heart BootsDalmatian Jacket + Star Sweater / Newer Men’s Boots + Newer Men’s Jacket

Use code “KELLY20” to take 20 percent off full priced Joules items + get free shipping!

We have a lot of rain on the forecast for the foreseeable future–both literally and figuratively, I suppose–but I’m placing a great deal of importance on getting outside as much as possible, as mental health has never been more important. And I’m very much for anything that makes these times a bit sunnier!

Quick + Easy Ways to Donate Food + Support Small Businesses

*Photo taken last year.

As a proud Chicago Public Schools student, Emma is taking some time today to share how you can help CPS students who depend on the school system for their meals while responsibly staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. She’s also highlighting a couple of other ways you can help those in need, restaurants and small businesses.

COVID-19: Supply Prep

Mitch here!

Now more than ever, it’s important to practice social distancing and self quarantine if possible so that we prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect the elderly, those who have preexisting conditions and/or compromised immune systems, and the medical professionals who are on the frontlines. Let’s work together so that our healthcare system doesn’t collapse.

Anyway, it goes without saying that in no way am I trying to incite panic with this post or encourage hoarding if your community’s stores are visibly struggling to keep shelves stocked. Use your best judgment and consult your conscience before acting, and remember that there is plenty of food in the country, and we’re not running out anytime soon. (Education re: the United States’ food supply chain = less panic + less hoarding!) But it’s important to realize the value of putting thought into what to buy before heading out to buy supplies. Because the fewer the trips to the store, the better.

I’m no authority on the subject, but I researched and prepared for roughly a month before self-quarantining last week–and since I’ve been getting a lot of questions from friends and family, I’m going to share my process today.

Amazon Swimsuits: Are they Worth It?

This year, I’ve been scheduling my weekend posts ahead of time so I can have true, uninterrupted family time–and I’ve never been more thankful for the shift than I am right now, because it’s needed. At the moment, the Larkins are staying home, trying to stay both distracted and informed, doing a whole lot of arts & crafts, and attempting to find hope and a new normal amidst it all. This too shall pass, but in the meantime, let’s do everything in our power to protect those with compromised immune systems or who are already in poor health. Even if you aren’t worried about yourself, practice social distancing, and whenever possible, stay home. ♥️ Sending love!


I’ve wondered about this for a few years now! Amazon bathing suits seem to be everywhere but I’ve always shied away from them, assuming that they wouldn’t fit well or that they’d fall apart after a couple of washes. They tend to be pretty adorable and also super affordable, yet the question remains: Are they worth the $20-$30?!

(Btw, yes: This is apparently an Amazon-filled weekend. Just worked out that way with my editorial calendar. 😂)

Men’s Preppy Capsule Wardrobe

Mitch here!

A capsule wardrobe is built of staple pieces that can be rearranged and reutilized to form dozens of different outfit combinations. And this one is geared toward the preppy and classic. It was designed for year-round wear, though it does includes a few specialized pieces for each season. Whether you’re building a wardrobe from scratch or refreshing your look, here are the fundamental basics necessary for the modern guy!

Affordable Smocked Baby + Girls’ Dresses from Amazon

Girls' Dresses from Amazon

$30 Smocked Dress from Amazon!

Hi, Friends. :) I said this yesterday on Instagram, but there’s an undeniable heaviness in the air; one that’s difficult—impossible, perhaps—to escape right now. So for now, until I’m able to put thoughts and feelings into words, I’m going to run some pre-scheduled blog posts… if only to provide a short distraction for those who are looking for it. ♥️


As much as I love a good smocked dress from Ralph Lauren, the prices are steep. Lately, though, I’ve been turning to Amazon for these very traditional dresses for the girls, and I can’t believe how many gems I’ve found!