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Mitch’s Smart Home

Mitch here!

As on of the dorkier dudes on the internet, I’ve taken it on myself to internet-enable every corner of my home. And, to the surprise of my wife, I’m here to report that it’s all working well and totally worth the effort.

Take that, Kelly!

Kelly here. I feel like my initial reluctance to “go smart” in our home requires a BIT of explanation. Cough, cough. Mitch attempted several of these projects in our first place, and we were left with giant holes in our walls for years. Sooooooo… 😆 This time, though, things went a lot more smoothly, and I really love the smart features!

Carry on. ;)

Okay, fine. This is true.

Playlist #9

Spotify Playlist #9

IT’S PATIO SEASON! Well, it was. And then it left. But such is life in Chicago. It’ll be back!

I have this very vivid memory from last spring:

We were in the throes of the pandemic, and Mitch and I had just put the girls to bed and escaped to the back patio for a glass of wine. Things were feeling so heavy, and it was difficult to talk about the state of the world—let alone process it—with two small children at home 24/7. We’d fallen into the routine of debriefing and collecting ourselves “after hours,” but every few days, we needed a true escape from it all.

On this particular (unseasonably warm) night, Mitch turned up the tunes and we just sat on the couch, reminiscing. Not in sad “we miss our old lives kind of way; just a “we’re very lucky” kind of way. And it lifted our spirits and carried us through the next few days.

Thankfully, we’re in such a different place right now. Far less fear, way more hope! And we have so much to look forward to this spring and summer. But I might be most excited about getting those little husband/wife patio escape sessions back. Sitting… talking about life… under the stars… Noodle curled up between us… with these songs playing softly in the background. A little magic.

Lucy’s Delivery Story

Happy second birthday to our Lucy Jane! ♥️ I really don’t know how we got here. *Sniffle.* To think that we assumed a second child wasn’t in the cards, and then along came our beautiful Lucy.

(We struggled to get and stay pregnant for a long time, and ended up going the infertility route to have Emma. Two years later, I showed up in complete and utter shock at my doctor’s with another positive pregnancy test, looking for an explanation. My doctor said that the first pregnancy likely repaired my uterine lining—sorry, TMI—which made the second pregnancy possible. 😭)

So today we feel incredibly grateful and lucky. Lucy, you are perfect, and we love you so, so much! Happy birthday, Goose!

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New Spring Outfits

New Spring Outfits from J.Crew

Cashmere Tee / Demi-Boot White Jeans (See all Demi-Boot jeans here. Favorite cut!) / Metallic Sandals (Heeled version here!) / Raffia Camera Bag (All camera bags here! I particularly love the “Pale Sand” one.) / Liberty Headband / Lucy’s Liberty Jumpsuit

We had another taste of spring in Chicago the other day, so we grabbed Lucy and headed downtown for an outdoor lunch in the Triangle!

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10 Last-Minute Amazonable Mother’s Day Gifts

10 Last-Minute Amazonable Mother's Day Gifts

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten

Mitch here!

Bad news. Mother’s Day is THIS SUNDAY and you totally forgot. Don’t worry, so did I. Unfortunately, my wife and my mom haven’t forgotten. But, fortunately, Amazon Prime exists and can solve the problem for both of us right now.

Let’s get to it.

Recent Finds, 4/30

Recent Finds, 4/30 | Hydrangea Sneakers

Hydrangea Sneakers via Rifle Paper Co. website and Keds’ website / White version here via Rifle Paper Co. and here via Keds

Hey, Friends. :) What does everyone have going on this weekend? We have no plans tonight and tomorrow, and that’s giving me some life. Only thing on the agenda is to spend some time outdoors with the girls, and try to get the patio/deck in working order for warmer weather. :)

Here are this week’s Recent Finds:

Black, White + Brass Bathroom Inspiration

Industrial Bathroom Inspiration


Another project that is a few years out, but the bathroom off Mitch’s office in the basement is in need of an update. So not a big deal right now (and so lucky to have a bathroom down there!), but eventually we’d like to use the area as a flex space for guests, and let’s just say it could use some work. Things are falling apart in there, haha. (I heard the toilet paper holder randomly fall off the vanity and crash to the ground the other day. 😆)

Plans for Lucy’s Birthday

Plans for Lucy's Birthday

Lucy’s birthday is May 5th! Because of the pandemic, this will be her first real birthday party and I’m determined to make it special. :) We’re keeping it very small and doing a little celebration at the house with Walker’s family, as they’re our “bubble” family and Walker’s little sister Lottie is Lucy’s bestie. So grateful for them.

Since Lucy will turn two on Cinco de Mayo—read about the significance of the date here!—we’re planning on supporting a local Mexican restaurant for the food, and using a lot of colorful (and respectful) decor from Mexican-owned companies. Solei, which is a Mexican boutique in Chicago, has been my go-to, btw! I spent some time at Casa del Migrante in Mexico as a college student and a good number of my students in NYC were Mexican, so I have an affinity for the culture and tight-knit families. :) The girls also love “Coco.” (Not about Cinco de Mayo but instead about Día de los Muertos!)

I think the day should be really fun! Here are the plans:

Warby Parker Sunglass Try-On with Mitch

Warby Parker Sunglass Try-On

Mitch here!

Up until recently, I’d only ever bought sunglasses by haggling street vendors in New York whenever I was there. Every year, I’d buy a dozen $5 pairs and slowly lose them over the course of 12 months. Admittedly, they looked terrible. The best they had were designed for women, and they were apparently pretty bad for my eyes. But man, were they cheap!

Go-To Casual Spring Outfit

Nearly Identical Camel Cardigan (Also love this one!) / Sperry Loafers (CRAZY comfortable! These Carvela loafers are just as comfortable, btw, and look a bit fancier. Love the stacked heel version, too. All three loafers are like walking on clouds. And all three are TTS.) / $49 Nordstrom Faux Leather Tote (So soft!) / Madewell Jeans (White version here.) / White T-Shirt / Initial Necklace (But loving this newer one so much! Would make for a great Mother’s Day gift.) / Ray-Ban Sunglasses

I shared an iPhone photo of this outfit a week or so ago, but felt that it deserved its own post as it includes so many favorites!

Sephora Sale: Skincare + Beauty Products I Love

Sephora Sale: Skincare + Beauty Products I Love

Tonight is your last chance to shop the Sephora sale! Use code “OMGSPRING” to take 10-20 percent off your order. (Free shipping with $35-$50 orders. You can also take 30 percent off the Sephora Collection.)

I thought I’d share the haircare, skincare and beauty products that I love: