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Prepping for Baby #2

“Hello, Santa? I know it’s a bit early, but I wanted to ask for a little advance. I just found out that a baby sister is not a sure thing… and that if I don’t get one, we won’t be able to use the name ‘Elsa.’ I’ve been a very good girl, and I’m hoping you can help me out here! I’m willing to brush my teeth without complaint for this.”

Mitch here! (And Kelly to jump in halfway through.)

I walk around this city doing my daddy thing. I buy groceries. I make mac ‘n cheese. I play the male lead in whatever Disney movie we’re currently obsessed with and acting out. But inside, I can barely contain my excitement. Because in a few short months, I get to meet the newest member of my family. I don’t know how to accurately convey this, but it’s a new person! A new sense of humor and a new dancing partner. A new person to play games with. A new person to console in the middle of the night. A new voice when we sing songs. A new person to fall in love with. How crazy is that? I should probably get ready or something.

10 Tips for Saving Money with Kids

Emma on Valentine’s Day
Loafers / Heart Bag (But come on. The avocado bag?!) / Newer Heart Sweater (Also love this one and this one!)

Mitch here!

Saving money as a parent is a tough proposition. Raising kids is expensive, stressful and time consuming and, frankly, throwing money at most parental problems usually makes those problems go away. But I’m an old school money-saving warrior who pinches pennies with a viselike grip, and I’ve been working hard over the past few years to find little angles. And today I gift a few of those angles to you. 😜 Ca-ching!

10 Ways to Care for Your Hair During and After Pregnancy

Hair Food “Smooth Collection” Avocado & Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner / Polka Dot Top / Jeans / Tortoise Phone Case / Similar Red Pumps / Mirror

After many years of being upset about my fried locks, I’m finally in a good place with my hair! No, I’ll never be one of those girls with long, luscious locks that curl in ringlets that bounce, tangle-free, with every step. ;) But my hair is thicker than it’s been in at least a decade; it’s softer than ever; and, most importantly, it’s healthy.

Must-Have Bedding Basics That’ll Change Everything

Oh my goodness. I’m really jazzed to share this post today because A) I can’t stop swooning over (and laughing at) these photos of Noodle and Emma together, and B) When your bed at home feels like a hotel bed at the Ritz, you kind of want to shout the news from the rooftops. 😉

30 Ways to “Treat Yo Self”

Preppy Valentines Day Gifts

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / Eleven / Twelve / Thirteen / Fourteen / Fifteen

Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends! It’s time to “Treat Yo Self.” (I had to, haha.) No matter how you’re celebrating today, remember to give yourself a little love, too–whether it’s by taking a walk, relaxing with a glass of wine (#doitforkelly), finally starting that book you’ve been wanting to read forever, taking a long bath, or doing a little shopping. ;)

Help Us Finish Our Master Bedroom

master bedroom

White Lakehouse Bed / Nightstands / Mitch’s Dresser / Kelly’s Dresser / Gingham Duvet CoverShams and Sheets / Monogrammed Shams (Similar here) / Red Rug / Blue Rug / Gold Floor Mirror / Woven Bench / Striped Pillow, Accent Pillow and Ginger Jar from HomeGoods / Old Chinoiserie Lamps but love these! / Laundry Baskets / Clothing Rack / Newer Version of my Jewelry Box / Britt Ford Lincoln Park Framed Map / Scalloped Bed Skirt / Tile that looks like wood! / Paint: Benjamin Moore “Gray Owl” diluted by 50 percent & Benjamin Moore “Simply White” / Plans includeFramebridge Frames / The Company Store Bedding Basics / Peel-and-Stick Grasscloth Wallpaper (Also available at Target.) / Jute Area Rug / Indoor/Outdoor Rug / Larger Lamps for Nightstands hopefully from HomeGoods

I’m looking for some advice today! As you know, we recently cleaned out our master bedroom using the KonMari Method. I’m SO much happier with the space, and I go into depth as to why in this post. But here’s the funny thing: Now that all the clutter’s gone, never have I been more aware of the fact that it looks unfinished.

Family Photos Taken with a Mirrorless Camera, Part I

mirrorless camera

Outfits linked here

When Mitch and I travel, we take along our tiny mirrorless camera (also here) and lens. For the blog and for my freelance work, I normally shoot with an old Canon 5D Mark III (newer Mark IV here) and my beloved 35mm f/1.4 II lens, and I truly adore that setup because it’s lighting fast and performs extremely well in low-light settings. That said, its massive size and weight aren’t optimal when we’re on the go, and I often find that when I do bring it, I take fewer photos than I would otherwise simply because it’s so cumbersome.

Recent Finds, 2/9

Recent Finds, 2/9

^ Snow’s on the forecast for the next three days, and the Larkins are wishing they were back on Captiva!

Gingham Button-Down (Runs on the larger side and therefore works really well for pregnancy! I went up one size.) / Lacoste Hat (Smaller Logo Here) / Emma’s Gingham Bathing Suit / Mitch’s Vineyard Vines No-Wrinkle Harbor Shirt (On sale!) / Old Navy Rockstar Jeans (Maternity version here. SWEAR by these!)

This was supposed to go up yesterday, but I scheduled it for March 9th, and didn’t realize until late night. 😂 Pregnancy brain, I suppose? But I hope you had a great Saturday, and here’s this week’s online shopping list!