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On Not Keeping it Together

Mitch here!

This blog and its associated social feeds have a way of painting our lives in a rosy hue. Hardly a day goes by without somebody asking how we have it all together, which is both funny and ironic. It seems that our generation judges their lives on a scale from “being a mess” to “having it together,” and the Larkins have been mistakenly lumped in with the latter camp. So I thought it’d be fun to share a couple stories to dispel the myth that we “have it together,” once and for all.

(Note: There’s a LOT more of this; these are just a few examples that come to mind first. If you’d like to hear more, let me know! 😜)

Hitting Pause

Sarah Flint Bow Flats c/o (So comfy! TTS.) / Baybala Lace Top c/o / White Skinny Jeans (They’re actually from Spanx! SO flattering.) / Baybala Children’s Top + Lace Joggers / Serena & Lily Shore Bench, Gray Pillow and Navy Pillow / Emma’s Headbands / Cane Dining Chairs (Similar here + original inspiration here.) / Jute Rug / Dining Table / Gold Mirror (We also have this one!) / Similar Ginger Jar / Old Pie Plate, but try Blue Rose Pottery. It’s beautiful! / Dinner Plates: Same. Try Blue Rose Pottery or the Kate Spade Charlotte Street line! / Picture Light / Buffet Hardware / Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Ivory White / Walnut Plate Stands

Hello! 👋🏻

Friends and family have started reaching out to see if I’m okay, so jumping on to check in, haha!

Disney in 2 Days with 2 Littles

Disney World in 2 Days with 2 Littles

Guys! I’m so excited about today’s post, which details our recent trip to Disney World with Emma (age 3) and Lucy (9 months). I’ll admit that I was a little nervous going into it considering how young our daughters are, and I wondered whether it would be better to go when the girls were two or three years older. But it was amazing. It was everything we could have hoped and more. So many amazing memories made, and a whole lot of happy tears shed.

Because there’s so much information to cover, I thought I would handle this post in an FAQ-like manner. Right under this, you’ll find our most-requested topics along with some favorite iPhone photos. (Didn’t bring my actual camera because I wanted to be present. The quality isn’t the best but they hold the most wonderful memories! ♥️) If you still have questions or want more pics, though, please don’t hesitate to drop requests into the comment section at the bottom of this post, and either Mitch or I will be sure to respond. I’m sure I missed some stuff! ;)

Okay, let’s get to it!

Franklin Park Conservatory

Rollneck Sweater (Also love the new solid scoop roll neck sweater and the striped one, too.) / High-Rise Jeans (Here they are in a darker wash. I love them! One of my most-worn pairs of jeans.) / Ugg Boots (These are her waterproof Uggs, btw. Worth every penny if you live in Chicago!) / Girls’ Dachshund Dresses (Sold out, but this is the newer version, which Emma and Lucy have as well. So cozy!) / Emma’s Glitter Uggs / Lucy’s Baby Uggs / Girls’ Cable-Knit Bear Tights / Mitch’s Bean Boots / Mitch’s Buffalo Check Shirt (Similar) / Bruni the Fire-Breathing Salamander

One of our favorite parts of our trip to Columbus was walking through/playing in the Franklin Park Conservatory. It was stunning… and frankly, it blew Lincoln Park’s conservatory out of the water. ;)

I will say that the night before our visit, Mitch and I essentially pulled an all-nighter because Lucy wouldn’t sleep. (Teething probs.) So I definitely look like I’m about to die; sorry about that. 😂 (Love how Lucy is totally unfazed, though, haha. Just napped her way through the day and was fine.)

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Long Weekend Sales You Can Still Shop

J.Crew Everyday Long Black Tee (So soft and such a good deal! Use code “WEEKEND.”) / J.Crew Factory “Cozy Jeans” (Under $40! Check out the white pair, too. They’re fantastic.) / J.Crew Sweater Blazer (Use code “WEEKEND” to take 30 percent off.) / Tuckernuck Red Tote / Rothy’s Leopard Washable Loafers / Tde. Phone Case

In case you missed the long weekend sales, here are a few can’t-miss ones that are still going on!

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Tutorial: Breville Oracle Touch

Mitch here!

Regarding this recent coffee post, we had a number of requests for a Breville Oracle Touch tutorial, which works out doubly because A: I love talking about this machine and B: We’re traveling and I’m trying to help Kelly out with the blog. So consider today’s post a sequel, or that last post a prequel. Either way, let’s talk coffee! 🙌

Leopard Sweater Dress on Sale

Leopard Sweater Dress (30 percent off with code “WEEKEND.”) / Cole Haan Boots (Similar here, too.) / Newer J.Crew Bag / Amazon Fleece Tights / Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Quick outfit post today because I’m obsessed with this leopard sweater dress and it’s 30 percent off with code “WEEKEND.” ☺️

Patagonia on Sale

Half off! Patagonia Pullover (Runs small. Size up.)

Guys! There’s a MAJOR Patagonia sale going on today, so I’m highlighting a few of my favorites. I’ve never seen prices like this before, so it’s a great time to jump on a product if you’ve had your eye on it for a while!

FYI: Patagonia tends to run small. I believe that I’ve sized up with every piece I own; I’d recommend doing the same!

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The Frozen Pizza Diaries

Mitch here!

As a blogger husband on the internet in 2020, I know I’m supposed to fill your feed with trendy diet fads designed to make you feel guilty and me feel special. But it’s Opposite Day on the internet, and instead, I’m writing from my (ever-expanding) gut to share details on my favorite food. I’m talkin’ frozen pizza, and while it ticks every single one of the millennial food shaming checkboxes, it reliably and deliciously gets the job done for like $3. So if you’re interested in hearing a 35-year-old man tell you how to make better frozen pizza, you came to the right place!

Galentine’s with Noodle + Ember

Galentine's with Noodle + Ember

Guys. I have the most wonderful (and hysterical) news: Noodle is teaming up with her best bud for a MONTHLY DACHSHUND SERIES.

My amazingly talented friend Hannah–who runs Hannah Schweiss Photography here in Chicago–and I came up with the idea ruffly (😂) a year ago, and it’s finally happening. Hannah’s dachshund, Ember, just so happens to be the exact same age as Noodle, and they absolutely adore each other.

This month’s theme is Galentine’s Day. Hannah came and picked up Noodle one morning, and our two hot dogs had the loveliest morning together at DL Loft in Chicago.

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What’s on Sale at J.Crew

What's on Sale at J.Crew

Leopard Sweater Dress (30 percent off with code “BIGDEAL.” Size down.) / Over-the-Knee Boots / Similar Bag / Fleece Tights (Game-changer!)

Right now, you can take 30 percent off a ton of J.Crew’s wear-now products, and up to 75 percent off select styles. (Use code “BIGDEAL” to get all the discounts.) So many of my favorites are included!

Btw: Obsessed with the sweater dress you see in the above photo! I’d had my eye on it for the longest time and I’m so glad I decided to grab it on sale. It runs a tad big, so if you’re in between sizes, definitely go down instead of up. :) But it’s unbelievably cozy and not itchy at ALL. I love that it packs a punch without much effort, too. No accessories needed! (Note: If you’re going to get it, make sure to pick up these fleece-lined tights from Amazon, too. They changed everything for me! Only $11, yet they’re warmer than a lot of my jeans! They also feel like I’m wearing sweatpants. Winner!)

Valentine’s Day Decor

Valentine's Day Decor

Simply Natural Faux Rose Wreath (Also available via Target) / $2.99 Heart Dish Towels / Hanging Plants (also at Target) in Chinoiserie Planters / Newer Envogue Dachshund Dish Towels (Thank you, Aunt Michelle!) / Front Door Faux Peony Wreath / Faux Roses Wrapped Around Chandelier

Because Mitch and I lived in tiny apartments for so long, we normally shy away from acquiring holiday decor. We tried in our last home–we really did! We had a bit more square footage to work with there and we wanted to make things special for Emma… but the decor still ended up feeling like clutter. And clutter = stress, at least for us!

Guide to Captiva, Florida

Guide to Captiva

Because I’m down on Captiva with my family right now, I thought I’d resurface our guide to the island! Of course, we’ve tried different spots this time around, so we’ll need to publish an updated guide in the coming weeks. But one thing remains constant: We love it here! So excited about spending many, many more happy years down here. It’s certainly becoming our “happy place.” :)

So without further ado…

Madewell Finds

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / Eleven

Oh, hello there! I’m having some trouble with my auto-scheduler, so please excuse my intermittent disappearances around these parts. 😉 We’re having a great time in Florida, though. A few days ago, we made the drive from Disney (more to come on that) to Captiva Island because my parents are thinking about retiring on Sanibel/Captiva in a couple of years.

Dining Room Updates

Cane Dining Chairs (Similar here + original inspiration here.) / Jute Rug / Dining Table / Chandelier / Faux Flowers ($11!) / Planter / Gold Mirror (We also have this one!) / Similar Ginger Jar / Old Pie Plate, but try Blue Rose Pottery. It’s beautiful! / Dinner Plates: Same. Try Blue Rose Pottery or the Kate Spade Charlotte Street line! / Picture Light / Buffet Hardware / Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Ivory White / Personalized Wine Glasses / Ginger Jar Ornaments / Ceramic Basket / Striped Bowls / Walnut Plate Stands / Noodle

We recently made a few updates to our dining room, so today, I’m sharing the in-progrees photos. :)

Mitch’s Kindle Review

Mitch's Kindle Review

Mitch here!

As you might imagine, my wife is nearly impossible to shop for. So this past Christmas, in an impressive fit of both procrastination and desperation, I bought her a Kindle and sealed the gift with a story about how we’re finally going to have time to relax and read in the new year. I then got jealous of her Kindle and spent two weeks obsessing over and reading about them so I could buy one for myself. So now that I’m a Kindle savant, I figured I’d share my newfound Kindle expert Status with any of you who are Kindle-less.