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I’m giving away the pink version of this dress! Scroll down to find out how to enter to win it. :)

On Friday, I published quite the lengthy post about my experience with implementing the first phase of the KonMari Method in our household. It’s made such a big difference in our lives and happiness, and we’re only just at the beginning! I really can’t believe it.

In the post, I talked a lot about mindfulness and consumption. You can read more about this in the “What I Learned” section of the eye-opening post, but I’m currently very focused on finding good homes for things I love but don’t actually need. While these things are going to many different places, I decided from the get-go that I wanted to set aside some favorites for you, as you’re the reason this blog exists in the first place. :)

Today, I’m excited to invite you to step into my closet and shop for free!

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Big Tuckernuck Sale

Peplum Herringbone Blazer (Can be worn as a top, but I wear it as a little jacket/blazer!) / Gap Soft Wear Skinny Jeans (Favorite non-maternity pair and favorite maternity version, which I’m wearing!) / Cozy White Sweater / Tortoise Phone Case / Gucci Loafers (Definitely an investment, but insanely comfortable. But the Sam Edelman version looks exactly the same and are super comfy, too. Unless you have your heart set on Guccis, I would say that the Sam Edelmans are the better purchase. They also come in leopard, which is on sale!) / Goyard Tote

Tuckernuck is having a massive sale right now, and the selection is fabulous. Be sure to use code “TREAT20” to take an extra 20 percent off the sale, too. These are my faves:

New Year, New Mitch

Mitch here!

I feel like it’s a mistake to write out New Year’s resolutions in the deepest and darkest days of the year. If the New Year fell in June, I’m guessing that everyone’s resolutions would be a little more uplifting. They’d be all like, “I want to eat outside more often,” “go fishing whenever I feel like it” and “leave the window open while I sleep” instead of the heart-wrenching stuff we pile on ourselves every winter.

I failed on every single one of my eight (eight!) resolutions for 2018. To be honest, I bit off a little more than I could chew. So this year, I’m going super simple on the resolution front and setting myself up for success with only three. The fewer resolutions I have, the higher my chances. 😉 And I’ve already completed one of them in its entirety. Take that, 2019!

KonMari Challenge Phase I: Clothing

KonMari Challenge Phase I: Clothing

Obviously this isn’t a Pinterest-worthy closet, but hey: this is real life! 🙈

Last week, I shared some background on the KonMari Method and why, exactly, Mitch and I have committed ourselves to a full home clean-out in the first quarter of 2019. If you’re familiar with Marie Kondo and her best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (or the new Netflix series on it!), you probably know that the author places great importance on tidying and cleaning out in a categorial order instead of by going room by room. The first category–and where everyone should start, according to Kondo–is clothing.

Preppy Red Peacoat

preppy red peacoat

J.Crew 2008 Andover Peacoat (Find it here! I’d also try this one from L.L.Bean, or the fleece version, which does come in red. And then there’s this one and this one from Lands’ End. And here’s that $38 peacoat I’ve been raving about for years! Great red peacoat option here, too.) / Cole Haan Harrington Riding Boots (Also available in black via Nordstrom. Here’s the entire line of Harrington boots, and there’s a great Harrington sale going on at Zappos. I also really like the Lexi Boot!) / Old Navy Rockstar Jeans (I’m wearing the maternity version, btw.) / Navy Striped Boatneck Tee (You can also find it here. I’m wearing Gap’s maternity version.) / Burberry Tote (In stock here. Current Burberry totes here. This is a splurge, though it is reversible, and therefore two bags in one! That said, I recommend this $48 Faux Leather Tote just as much.)

Yesterday was kind of a disaster. 🙈

Review: Madewell Sunday Shirt

Madewell Sunday Shirt & Cozy Outfit - Kelly in the City

Madewell Sunday Shirt (Under $55 with code “REALDEAL” today! It’s sometimes available at Nordstrom, too.) / L.L. Bean Wicked Good Lodge Boots (Also available in leather.) / Old Navy Rockstar Maternity Jeans (The BEST, particularly this pair, which I’m wearing in these photos. With maternity jeans, order your pre-maternity size… if not one size down. I’d honestly order both and return one! Here’s the non-maternity Rockstar version which I’ve yet to try, but I’m going to assume they’re awesome, too. And this is my maternity capsule wardrobe, btw.) / $48 Faux Leather Tote by Street Level / Dachshund Mug / Kate Spade Striped “Charlotte Street” Mug (Also available here.) / Pottery Barn Rug / Reddish Persian Rug / Faux Marble Dining Table / Newer Navy Chairs / Buffet / Framed City Print / Striped Pillows

I’ve been in love with the Madewell Sunday Shirt–sometimes available at Nordstrom, too–for a long time now. (You can see it in a 2017 blog post here!) I’m not sure when it was originally released, but it’s without a doubt the best flannel shirt I’ve ever owned, apart from the L.L.Bean Slightly Fitted Plaid Flannel Shirts, which are obviously more appropriate for fall and Christmas.

Unfortunately, the Madewell shirt is no longer available in the light pink, but I think I like the “pale oyster” color the best anyway! So let’s chat about why it’s so fabulous, ‘kay?

Noodle’s Resolutions for 2019

Kibbles 'n Bits

Mitch here!

I’m actually about to hand things over to Noodle, who, despite not having opposable thumbs, is extraordinarily well-spoken when she stops barking at mailmen and delivery guys all day 🙄 and sits down for a moment to collect her thoughts. She’ll be dictating her new year’s resolutions to me, and I’ll be acting as her scribe. Take it away, Girlfriend!

We’d Love to Meet You!

J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory Bow-Neck Sweater (Love this one, too!) / Leather Booties (SO COMFY. They run TTS. Quite the deal, too! I love the leopard as well.) / Newer Jeans (My favorite pair from J.Crew Factory!) / Mitch’s Jeans and Button-Down Shirt

Chicagoland Friends: Say yes! Mitch and I would LOVE to meet you today—Saturday, January 12th—at J.Crew Factory at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago in Rosemont (from noon to 4 p.m.) for a fun “Denim for Days” event! 👖