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Rosé All Day

Tuckernuck Ruffled Sweatshirt c/o (Runs TTS. And GAH! My favorite sweatshirt is back!) / White Jeans (But just ordered this pair and REALLY excited.) / ECCO Sneakers c/o / GiGi New York Crossbody c/o / Emma’s Gingham Top and Sneakers (Sold out in the pink, but they stain easily. I really recommend the navy. Or this pair! That’s actually our fave.) / Mitch’s Blazer and Performance Shirt c/o — Read Mitch’s hilarious post on why he loves the shirt so much here!

I’m running a bit behind on life today, but I thought I’d quickly share some photos from over the weekend!

Recent Finds, 4/23

Tuckernuck Ruffled Sweatshirt (Runs completely TTS.)

Last week’s “Recent Finds” post is going up today, because I had a lot of fun content go live over the weekend! In case you were out and about, I published posts on how I decorated our bookshelves, a family coffee run (I LOVED these photos!), the best trench coat ever, and a brunch at Summer House Santa Monica.

How to Decorate Bookshelves

I’m really excited about today’s post! But I should probably preface it by calling out the fact that I’m not an interior designer. In my 20s, I didn’t put much time or thought into decorating my apartments since they were rentals. I did, however, assume that I was “good at” interior design, despite having ZERO experience with it. I mean… hello?! I loved writing, photography, blogging and browsing Pinterest. I had all the qualities; clearly I’d have an eye for design one day when I bought a house. 😂


Family Coffee Run

Mark & Graham Elisabetta Slouch Bag (Navy and Brown versions here; Striped version here) and Stamped Charm Necklace c/oFavorite Trench Coat (SO warm because it has a quilted liner. Adore the double-breasted version as well. Read my review here!) / Navy Pumps (Also here!) / Striped Tunic (Available here, too.) / Stroller c/o / White Jeans (This is my favorite pair of regular wash jeans, btw.) / Emma’s Burberry Coat, Gingham Pants and Loafers (Also here.)

As I mentioned on Thursday, Mitch and I have started carving out some time for activities in bright, indoor locations to get the family out of the house and lift everyone’s spirits. (Read the post here!) We’re doing a couple of brunches every week, but we also don’t want to go broke. ;) So we’re hitting up whatever “cheery coffee shops” we can find, too. Which is awesome for work and Emma’s nap because we can usually get there and back in about an hour.

The Best Trench Coat I’ve Ever Owned

Mark & Graham x Caitlin Wilson Tote (Love the crossbody, too!) / Favorite Trench Coat (SO warm because it has a quilted liner. Adore the double-breasted version as well.) / Blush Loafers (Back in stock hereAlso available here.) / Jeans / Striped Top (How cute are the bows?! And just ordered this classic striped shirt.)

Today’s “Recent Finds” post will be published either tomorrow or Sunday, as I might have another blog post going up today! In the mood to shop? Here’s last week’s shopping post, and here are ALL of ’em. ;) Be sure to check back later this afternoon for another post!

Guys, I’m failing at the whole “fashion” part of this blog. (How often I’ve worn the blush loafers–available here, here and here–on the site over the last week is evidence enough, am I right?) While I’ve had all my spring outfits ready for nearly a month now, there’s just no way I’m standing outside in 20- and 30-degree weather at my age. 😂 But that’s okay! I honestly fall back on fashion posts more often than not because they’re relatively quick and mindless for my tired mom self. And the cold is forcing me to get creative with the blog, and it’s also encouraging me to put a little more thought and planning into it. This weekend, I have a post going live on how I styled my bookshelves, for example. Which is something I’ve always wanted to do. So that’s a silver lining right there!

Regardless, I’ve been meaning to write a post on this trench coat (which also comes in a double-breasted version) for the longest time.

Pretend Spring

Koolabura Eyelet Sneakers c/o (Fit TTS; so comfy!) / Pink Trench Coat (Runs a bit small. I’m wearing an XS and I wish I’d gone with the Small. Also love this lined one, the lined double-breasted version, and this one. and you can find similar pink trench coats here, here and here.) / Striped Sweater (Similar here, and this is my favorite long-sleeved striped tee.) / Gingham Tote / Newer Liberty London Scarf / Jeans / Emma’s Top & Jeans

Something cool Mitch and I just started doing:

Playing Hooky

This post is sponsored by BROOKSIDE Chocolate, but all opinions are my own. As always, thank you so much for supporting the partnerships that keep Kelly in the City up and running!

Blush Loafers (Back in stock hereAlso available here.) / Floral Tote (Here’s the crossbody version.) / Trench Coat (Double-breasted version here.) / Striped Button-Neck Sweatshirt / Jeans

Playing hooky: the concept has always been appealing, but doing it? Definitely not a Kelly Larkin move. I still kind of shudder thinking about that one time in high school when I ditched first period to get bagels with a friend, blaming my lateness on traffic. 😂