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Snaps from California

San Diego California Trip

Our walk from our airbnb into the the Village of La Jolla! This was taken on our first time, and we were all in AWE!

I rounded up some of my favorite (mostly) iPhone snaps from our trip to California!

San Diego was/is gorgeous. The rolling hills, seaside cliffs and surrounding desert really made me feel like we were in another country. We stayed in the La Jolla neighborhood, which I highly recommend if you’re considering staying in the area. Our AirBNB was nestled between “The Village of La Jolla” (more of a downtown feel) and the “La Jolla Shores” (more of a beach town feel), and there were paths from the house to each. Mitch and I are big walkers, so we loved being able to walk to coffee/breakfast in the morning and dinner at night. Above, you can see the walk into The Village. Crazy beautiful, right?!

Madewell’s Best-Kept Secret: The Ottoman Rib Collection (40 Percent Off)

The Ottoman Rib Collection

Ottoman Top (Use code “GOSPREE” to take up to 30 percent off! Part of the Ottoman Rib Collection. I also love the Ottoman Cardigan Top!) / Skinny Jeans (Newer.) / Frances Loafers (Use code “GOSPREE.” Mules here. Skimmer version here.) / Leather Montauk Tote (Mini version here. All Montauk totes here.) / Utility Jacket (Newer. Take up to 30 percent off with code “GOSPREE.” Also LOVE this current Downtown Quilted Field Jacket in the same color, though. Another great option is this Quilted Cocoon Coat or the Quilted Lady Day Jacket, which is 40 percent off with code “GOBIG.”) / Dana Rebecca Necklace (Also at Nordstrom.) / Sunglasses / Gorjana Bracelet

Forgot to throw my camera in my tote today, so please excuse the iPhone photos. 😉 But I’m obsessed with Madewell’s Ottoman Rib line—specifically the top I’m wearing here as well as this cardigan top—and the brand is currently offering up to 30 percent off with code “GOSPREE”!

I recently realized that my favorite day-to-night tops are made out of the same Madewell material: something called “nubby ottoman ribbed fabric.” Far more substantial traditional tops but not quite as heavy as a sweater, it’s crazy comfy. And everything can be dressed down or up. Simply slip on a pair of black heels or booties and you’re good to go for girls’ night/date night!

DIY Gingham Pumpkins Tutorial

DIY Gingham Pumpkins Tutorial

A few years ago, Mitch and I made gingham pumpkins and our photos started showing up all over the place! It was really fun. And since it’s somehow the middle of October already, I thought I’d re-publish my most-loved fall post, shot on our first block in Chicago. ♥️

Let us know if you have any questions; it’s pretty easy!

The Best Affordable Amazon Halloween Decorations

The Best Affordable Amazon Halloween Decorations

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / Eleven / Twelve / Thirteen / Fourteen / Fifteen / Sixteen / Seventeen / Eighteen / Nineteen / Twenty / Twenty-One / Twenty-Two / Twenty-Three / Twenty-Four / Twenty-Five / Twenty-Six / Twenty-Seven / Twenty-Eight / Twenty-Nine / Thirty

Mitch here!

This might be the single-most blogger-like thing I’ve ever done. (Keep in mind that I’m a dude.) I used Pottery Barn, West Elm and Crate and Barrel—some of Kelly’s favorite brands for holidays—as inspiration to find inexpensive decor on Amazon. Turns out that you don’t have to drop and arm/leg (or wait the long shipping times) to have your home looking cute for Halloween. Unless you’re Frankenstein. Because he drops arms and legs all the time.

Dad Joke. Ba-boom.

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15+ Things, 10/11

J.Crew Quilted Puffer Lady Jacket | 15+ Things 10/11

Caught in the rain.

Quilted Puffer Lady Jacket (40 percent off today with code “GOBIG.”) / Silk-Blend Sweater T-Shirt (Also 40 percent off today with code “GOBIG.”) / Jeans (The Roadtripper line is the BEST.) / Leather Tote (Mini Crossbody here.) / Leather Ballet Flats (On sale! In “Soft Beige” here. In black here.) / Dainty Dana Rebecca Necklace (It’s also on

Today is a special day!

37 Lessons Learned in 37 Years

37 Lessons Learned in 37 Years

Oversized Jean Jacket / RAILS Shirt / Leather Tote (Newer) / Faux Leather Leggings / Loafers / Sunglasses

Well, whaddaya know?! I’m 37 today. In some ways, the number feels crazy. Name nearly any chapter of life, and I instantly transport myself back to that time, the imagery and colors so vivid I feel like it was just yesterday.

My family often jokes that I have a freakish ability to recall details from the past. A few years ago, I directed Mitch without a map through a Sacramento subdivision to a home I’d left when I was the ripe age of two. He claimed sorcery. 😜 Sadly, this skill never translated to anything actually useful; heck, I still can’t remember my times tables.

But I digress! Today Mitch and I are sitting down and sharing 37 lessons we’ve personally learned in our 37 years, because Mitch turns also 37 on Monday! ♥️ These don’t apply to everyone, and per usual, they’re just what first came to mind. (So we definitely missed some obvious ones. 😆) Nonetheless

Iron Mountain Hike

Iron Mountain Hike

lululemon Swiftly Tech T-Shirt (Tank version here; long-sleeved version here. Sizing: If you’re new to lululemon, the sizing is a bit weird. I normally order a size small in other brands’ t-shirts, and I order a size 4 or 6 in lululemon. Wearing a size 6 here. Hope that helps!) / lululemon Align Leggings (Best and softest leggings on the market.) / Rothy’s Washable Sneakers (They were all I had in my suitcase. 😆) / MZ Wallace City Backpack (Also available via Bloomingdales.) / ACK Hat / Ray-Ban Sunglasses / Mitch’s Orvis Backpack / Mitch’s Favorite Polo T-Shirt

While in San Diego, we loved hiking Iron Mountain, which was recommended by the bride! (Thank you, Gabby. ♥️)

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20 Things, 10/6

20 Things 10/6 - J.Crew Quilted downtown field jacket

Quilted Downtown Field Jacket / Chambray Shirt / Leather Tote / Black Skinny Jeans (These dark rinse ones are fab, too.) / Leopard Loafers (Newer.) / Emma’s Rainbow Dress (Old.)

Aaaaand we’re back up and running! It’s been a whirlwind of a couple of weeks, but the toddler is napping, the laundry is going, the rain is falling, the music is playing softly, and my coffee is warmish. And I’m about to go trade my jeans for these can’t-live-without pants, haha. (You can actually pull ’em off as dress pants if you pair them with the right shoes!)

Okay, never mind. Toddler is apparently not napping… Please hold.

California Wedding

Maderas Golf Club Poway California Wedding

Similar Dress / Newer Black Pumps (Lower Heel Height) / Wildly Affordable Quilted C.Wonder Bag (Larger versions here and here. This C.Wonder bag is adorable, too! Oh, and check out these cap toe pumps. So good.)

The best part of our trip to San Diego was obviously Gabby and Brian’s wedding 🥰, so today I thought I’d share some favorite iPhone photos from the special day!

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Hotel del Coronado

Hotel del Coronado

Floral Dress / Cardigan (This one is also great.) / Wildly Affordable Quilted C.Wonder Bag (Larger versions here and here. This C.Wonder bag is adorable, too! Oh, and check out these cap toe pumps. So good.) / Sandals (Newer here.)

A highlight of our trip to San Diego was visiting Hotel del Coronado. Called “The Del” by locals and famous for its Victorian architectural design, it’s definitely one of the most breathtaking and impressive seaside resorts I’ve ever been to. It’s been around since the late 1800s! It’s been featured in film and literature oodles of times, but I personally love that L. Frank Baum wrote much of The Wizard of Oz there. Oh! I’ll also add that Hotel del Coronado was the inspiration for Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. (Just in case you thought it looked familiar, too!)

Mitch, Please: 10 Things, 10/1

Tuckernuck Kenzo Dress | Mitch, Please: 10 Things 10/1

Kelly’s Tuckernuck Dress (Comes in lots of colors/patterns. She’s wearing the black.) / C.Wonder Bag / Black Pumps (Newer version)

New wheels! Just kidding. It’s our rental car.

Mitch here!

Not to brag, but I’m sitting here writing this post with the Pacific Ocean spread out before me. Just thought I’d mention that. Here are a few—I don’t know; maybe 10—things that come to mind this week:

Recent Finds, 9/30

Recent Finds 9/30 - Madewell Francie Tall Boot

My favorite fall boots are back!

Well, the big news is pictured above. I love these boots. They’re timeless-looking and chic, they provide warmth when wearing skirts and dresses, and they’re unbelievably comfortable. Miracle boots, I tell you! (In case you’re wondering, they run TTS. I do, however, always order a half size up in boots in case I want to wear thick socks.) Anyway, I give them an A+ and then some.

Here are the rest of this week’s Recent Finds:

San Diego Trip Agenda

San Diego Trip Agenda

Photo by our friend and bride-to-be, Gabby Emig. Congrats, Gabby and Brian! We love you!

Mitch here!

Would you look at us?! We planned a weeklong, no-kids, extended family trip to San Diego for a friend’s wedding, and I couldn’t be more excited. So today I’m using this post as an excuse to jot down all the stuff I want to do in Southern California while we’re here. If you have any recommendations or if you see anything totally off in this guide, please let me know!

What I Wore, 9/24

Leopard Slip Skirt outfit | What I Wore 9/24

Leather Tote / Gorjana Coin Necklace and Bespoke Bracelet (Gorjana recently arrived on Armitage in Lincoln Park!) / Leopard Slip Skirts Here, Here and Here (Solid here and here.) / 365 T-Shirt (Favorite t-shirt of all time!) / Similar Sandals / Sunglasses

I’m happy I’m doing these posts again. First, it makes me put a little more effort into my outfits every day. Second, I think it’s a good representation of who I am. I am a casual being. Or I am at this stage in my life! Before kids, I’d get dressed up on the reg. Now, though, I’m in jeans way more often than I’m not—and I’m unreasonably proud of myself when I put on a skirt or dress. Heck, I document it. 😆