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For Him: Mitch’s 4-Part Gift Guide + $100 Giveaway!

Mitch here!

Let’s be real with each other: you’re clueless on what to get your guy (or dad or brother or uncle or grandpa, etc.) for Christmas. Want to know how I know? Because I’m exactly like him and I have no idea what I want. Or, I should say I had no idea before I spent 12 hours putting together this gift guide. And now I’m like the magic eight ball for men’s gifts.

A Few Things

Tuckernuck Biltmore Faux Fur Vest

Tuckernuck Biltmore Faux Fur Vest (It’s shipping! Grab it before it sells out.) / Cashmere Sweater (On sale today! And it never goes on sale. Such a great deal.) / Old Sorel Boots (But this pair and this pair are also faves.) / Rag & Bone Jeans / Kate Spade Initial Necklace / LV MM Tote / Dresser / Jewelry Box

A few things:

Tips for Taking Great Family Holiday Photos

tips for taking great family holiday photos

Kelly’s Outfit: Tartan Ruffled Shirt (Size down. This one is adorable, too!), Knotted Pearl Necklace (Here’s the traditional multi-strand pearl necklace. Also love this sparkly holiday necklace!), Bow Coat (Runs TTS — I always wear a size 2 in J.Crew Factory coats, and that’s what I’m wearing here!), Similar Red Block Heel Pumps, Pearl EarringsGigi Pants (The velvet pull-on pants are back in stock, btw! Order now before they sell out!)  // Mitch’s Outfit: Plaid Shirt, Reindeer Sweater, Corduroys, Topcoat (And love the pea coat!) // Emma’s Outfit: Plaid Skirt (Here’s the dress!), Toddler Cocoon Coat, Striped Turtleneck (Have you seen the bow sweater?! It comes in women’s sizes, too… and there’s a sweater dress version as well!) c/o

It’s that time of the year! Right about now, parents across the country are starting to think about (or perhaps freak out about) holiday photos and cards. There’s so much planning that goes into them, and they can understandably be a little stress-inducing. The mere act of making sure everyone’s available at the same time can seem downright impossible; never mind the fact that you want them to turn out good!

Shady Brook Farm

Shady Brook Farm

On Kelly: L.L.Bean Flannel Scotch Plaid Shirt (Here are the classic shirts, which feature only one plaid. They all run big! Size down.) / Shearling-Lined L.L.Bean Boots (My favorite because they’re super warm and the leather is incredibly soft. But I also love the flannel-lined boots, which are just as comfy and very warm.) / Quilted Quarter-Zip PulloverHalogen Seamed Leggings (On sale! I’m also a big fan of the “Jeanish” Leggings by Spanx, and Old Navy’s Stevie Pants. I also just ordered these sequin leggings for the holidays since they’re such a deal.) // On Emma: L.L.Bean Pullover / Hunter Boots // On Mitch: Ralph Lauren Tartan Shirt / Sperrys // On Mom: L.L.Bean Sweater Fleece Pullover / Boots

Last month, when we went home for this wedding, we spent a couple of days where my parents live in Yardley, Pennsylvania. I don’t know the area that well, as we moved there when I was halfway through high school, and my high school was located in New Jersey. (Thus, I spent most of my time in another state, haha.) But it’s a beautiful, historic town known for the roles it played in the Revolutionary War and Underground Railroad… and it’s adorably quaint. Its downtown is like something out of “The Girlmore Girls.” :)

How to Get Your Kid’s Christmas Gifts for Under $200

Christmas shopping for kids

This is our first holiday season really shopping for Emma. She was only a few months old for her first Christmas, and I think her “big gifts” were a pretty dress and a $30 bouncy chair. And last Christmas, she still didn’t grasp what was going on. We were also in New Orleans, so we could only take small gifts that could fit in the two suitcases we brought. (But they were all “Moana”-themed, and she loved them!)

Game over, though. 😂 Emma totally gets it now, and she’s already started talking about Santa.

Twinning: 5 Preppy Basics for Winter

J.Crew Cocoon Coat

J.Crew Cocoon Coat (30-35 percent off today with code “FRIENDS” or “FAMILY.” Also look into the Lodge Coat. Just as warm and comes in a camel color, but a bit more fitted and less casual.) / Patricia Nash Tartan Collection c/o Halogen Seamed Leggings (On sale! I’m also a big fan of the “Jeanish” Leggings by Spanx, and Old Navy’s Stevie Pants. I also just ordered these sequin leggings for the holidays since they’re such a deal. Jess’ jeans are from American Eagle.) / J.Crew Tissue Turtleneck (Here’s the white with black stripes version… and the navy stripe version!) / Red Berets (They come in velvet now, too! Jess’ beret is from Nordstrom.) / Newer Version of Black Kate Spade Pumps (Similar Black Pumps on sale!)

I have a fun sponsored Instagram project going live tonight, and I thought I’d quickly share some of the photos–as well as some of the staples I rely on so often during the fall and winter–on the blog!

Recent Finds, 11/11

Recent Finds, 11/11

Cable-Knit Sweater (In gray, which I think is actually so much cuter!) / Faux Leather Leggings (Also have and love this pair.) / Gucci Loafers (But own this pair, too, and they’re GREAT. Dose of reality: I only own the Gucci version b/c of the blog and some past projects I’ve done with department stores. 100 percent, I would only own the Sam Edelman version–which look nearly the same–if this site didn’t exist!) / Goyard Bag (This, however, is something I would own, haha. I’m a sucker for owning a few nice bags instead of a dozen so-so ones.)

It’s currently 25 degrees outside as I’m typing this, and I’m bundled under a bunch of blankets. How, Chicago? How?! ;)

Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin in Fall + Winter

taking care of your skin in Fall + Winter

Noodle’s Dog Bed / Slippers / Plaid PJs (Full set in black watch plaid here. I also love this pair and this pair from J.Crew.)

Mornings and nights are pretty crazy around here these days. No matter how early we get up or start the “winding down” process, it’s a mad dash to either get out the door or get into the crib on time with our little (adorable) two-year-old tornado. ;) I’m positive that I could allot three hours to each routine and still be late. Yesterday, it took me a solid 20 minutes to manage to get Emma dressed, and when I turned around for a minute to pour her cereal, she was UNDRESSED with magic marker all over her belly and was drawing on Noodle’s paws. Like, where did she even find that marker? We keep them on the top shelf! 😂