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Life Lately, 4/15

Sweater Blazer (Also here. Runs very big. Size down!) / Navy Striped Cashmere Sweater (But also love this striped unisex sweater and this striped number, too.) / Mark and Graham Initial Necklace c/o (The perfect Mother’s Day present.)

I’m really trying to get back into the Life Lately series, as I love showing you the “regular” or behind-the-scenes side of our lives–the stuff that makes up our day-to-day, but doesn’t necessitate a full blog post. :) Here’s last week’s, in case you missed it. (It’s long. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, haha!)

Recent Finds, 4/14

Everlane Silk Shirt c/o / Blush Loafers (Use code “EVENT18.” Also available here!) / Hudson Jeans (And this pair, which I ADORE, is on sale!) / Sweater Blazer (Also here) / Gingham Tote c/o

Happy Saturday!

A few things:

  • Today is the last day of the big Shopbop sale, so be sure to take advantage. See all my picks here, and remember: Use code “EVENT18” to take up to 25 percent off and get free shipping. LAST DAY!
  • Barrington Gifts recently sent me this adorable gingham tote, and I’m so in love. Reminds me of a Louis Vuitton Neverfull, but it’s so much more affordable and it’s GINGHAM. ;)
  • Best pumps ever. My cousin was actually in charge of bringing them back to Bloomingdales! I have them in so many different colors, and they’re the ONLY pumps I wear while walking around the city because they feel like flats. Run totally TTS. Scoop ’em up while they’re still in stock!
  • Stop everything and buy this silk shirt. I typically steer clear of silk because I get too chilly in it, but this one weirdly enough keeps me warm! It’s a great layering piece, and it’s insanely soft.

On to this week’s online shopping list…

Recent Finds, 4/14

Emma’s Outfits, 4/13

Men’s J.Crew Hat / Ralph Lauren Gingham Jacket (Old, but I’m obsessed with this new Patagonia one!) / Sperry Sneakers / Ralph Lauren Leggings / Boden Top

Today was rainy here in LP! This was taken on a Noodle walk. Emma demanded to wear Mitch’s winter hat, which I have to admit looked pretty cute.

New series, new series!

Swimming with Pigs in the Bahamas

My Gingham Bikini Top and Bottom / Mackenzie’s Seersucker Bikini Top and Bottom / Carly’s Striped Bikini Top and Bottom / My Hat (Old, but love the newer striped and seersucker versions.) / Mackenzie’s Hat / Carly’s Hat / Not pictured, but my Seersucker Cover Up, Mackenzie’s Pink Cover Up, and Carly’s Gingham Cover Up / Beach Tote all c/o Vineyard Vines

The title of this post is a bit misleading. I should say that Mackenzie, Carly, Sean and I walked through the water with the pigs.

On Saying Yes

Mackenzie’s Dress / Carly’s Dress / My Pants, Tee and Denim Jacket / The Girls’ Wedges / My Sandals / Similar Sunglasses / Newer VV Clutch

Sometimes I feel like my life is a constant battle between saying “yes” too often and “no” too little, and saying “no” too often and “yes” too little.

I just re-read that, and it’s definitely a confusing sentence, haha. But what I’m trying to convey here is that if I say “yes” too much, I end up having mini breakdowns because the rest of my life falls apart while I’m off having fun for too long. On the flip side, I get downright sad when I opt out on the reg because I miss out on extraordinary life experiences.

Ralph Lauren Teddy Bear Sweater

Ralph Lauren Teddy Bear Sweater (Find out how to score it for under $100 below. Men’s version here; kids’ version here.) / Barbour Rain Coat (Also here. More affordable version here. Striped version here, and this is my current Barbour crush.) / Sperry Topsiders (And just got these Sperry loafers and ADORE them. So comfy! They run TTS.) / White Skinny Jeans (On sale! They’re my absolute favorite, and this is the lowest price I’ve seen them for. SO SOFT.) / Similar Sunnies / Emma’s Raincoat / Emma’s Tasseled Loafers

Ahhhh, the iconic teddy bear sweater. I had one when I was a kid, and I’ve definitely wanted one for most of my adult life. But at $265 for the women’s version and $395 for the men’s (😮), it was a no go for me.

The Best No-Wrinkle Men’s Shirt

Vineyard Vines Performance Gingham Button Down and Blazer c/o

Mitch here!

I’ve always hated when friends complain about their work travel. Oh really? Was it so awful to spend the week in Los Angeles or in South Beach? Did that 36-hour trip to Vegas mess up your week? That whole warm weather, free food, new experiences while getting paid for it thing must be a real drag for you as I trudge off to the 1,800th day of teaching middle school math in a row. I feel for you…

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