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Americana Outfits

Americana Outfits

Mitch’s Shirt, Shorts and Washable Sneakers / The Girls’ Red, White + Blue Outfits and Cut-Out White Sandals

This post is really just for my parents, so they can “see” the girls this weekend. (They’re in Ocean City right now, and we so wish we were there!)

If you’re so inclined, though, here are one zillion photos of Emma and Lucy running around in Americana outfits at the park. ♥️

Mitch’s Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Mitch's Father's Day Gift Guide 2021

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / Eleven / Twelve / Thirteen / Fourteen / Fifteen / Sixteen / Seventeen / Eighteen / Nineteen / Twenty / Twenty-One / Twenty-Two / Twenty-Three / Twenty-Four / Twenty-Five / Twenty-Six / Twenty-Seven / Twenty-Eight / Twenty-Nine / Thirty

Mitch here!

Don’t freak out! Father’s Day is still a month away and there’s no need to panic. Feel free to push this post to the back of your mind only to revisit it in a few weeks when everything is sold out and shipping delayed. Or you could do the right thing and just cross Father’s Day off your shopping list right now. Totally up to you.

Roma Label

Roma Label

Roma Label Dress (Available via Maisonette and the Roma Label website.) / ~$20 Amazon Essentials Sandals (So crazy soft and comfy! Check out all Amazon Essential Sandals on this page. They’re made from the same awesome material. A+!) / Old Tote, similar here / Ray-Ban Sunglasses

I stumbled upon the small women-owned business Roma Label (also available via Maisonette) while looking for school-appropriate dresses for Emma. And I ordered a couple of the women’s dresses for myself on a whim because everything looked so comfy yet elegant. The verdict? I’m obsessed.

Backcountry Spring/Summer Favorites + Coupon Code!

Backcountry Spring/Summer Favorites

As you may have picked up on by now 😉, Backcountry is the Larkin Family’s #1 destination for all things active and outdoorsy. And now that spring has finally sprung in Chicago, we’re out and about—and using our favorite gear—more than ever! So today I’m going to be highlighting a few of our favorite Backcountry activewear products, and sharing a coupon code. :)

$20 Amazon Essentials Sandals

$20 Amazon Essentials Sandals

~$20 Amazon Essentials Sandals (Wedge version here.) / Old J.Crew Dress (But I would recommend this black Tuckernuck shirt dress. It’s my go-to summer dress! I also love this very similar dress from Madewell, made out of the same material as the one I’m wearing.) / Goyard Bag (That’s my review!) / Clara Williams Magnetic Pearl Bracelet / Ray-Ban Sunglasses / Pearl Bow Earrings

It’s about time I did a post on Amazon Essentials Sandals, because they’re wildlycomfortable and ridiculously affordable.

I credit my sister-in-law, Kim, for this find. When we were down in New Orleans visiting my brother’s family over spring break, she swore up and down about these sandals… and I figured why not give ’em a try?

Rothy’s Men’s Shoes

Rothys Mens Shoes

Mitch here!

Big news today, so hold my calls, clear my schedule, put on a pot of coffee and lock the kids in their rooms. Delete Twitter from my phone, order a pizza, throw away the TV remote, and boil some macaroni. Pre-tie my shoes, put two s’mores in a ziplock bag, run a bath, and write this on my Facebook Wall: Rothy’s has men’s shoes now!

Get $20 off your Rothy’s Purchase with this code: D7PRKc

Recent Finds, 5/21

Madewell Asymmetrical Button-Front Linen Dress | Recent Finds, 5/21

Madewell Asymmetrical Button-Front Linen Dress

On the Recent Finds front 😉, the exciting news is that Madewell brought back its famous Asymmetrical Button-Front Linen Dress. I’m normally not a huge fan of linen, but this dress is worth it, as it’s breezy, comfy and easily dressed down or up. TTS, though you may want to size up for bust size. Grab it before it sells out!

My Favorite Tuckernuck Dresses

My Favorite Tuckernuck Dresses

Tuckernuck Shirt Dress (No longer available in this Liberty London print, but try the hydrangea print version. It’s even cuter! Sleeveless version here.) / Rattan Crossbody Camera Bag (The solid is great, too.) / Clara Williams Pearl Bracelet (It’s magnetic, so it just snaps right on!) / Amazon Sandals (Ridiculously comfortable. No break-in time, and only ~$20! Check back often because they’re restocked frequently.) / Ray-Ban Sunglasses / Pearl Bow Earrings

All right, Friends. It’s time for my annual post on how insanely awesome this dress is. (Hydrangea print here. Sleeveless here.) I’m nuts about it, and have been for years. The cut is perfectly flowy yet not overwhelming; the material resists wrinkles and therefore great for travelers, moms or those who hate steaming; it’s lightweight enough to wear on super hot days; and the sleeves provide sun protection. I only wish the dress came in more colors/patterns, because I’d own them all! ;)

This Amazon Hoodie Will Change a Guy’s Life

Amazon Hoodie for men

Best hoodie of all time

Mitch here!

If your life is like my life and/or you’re like my wife, you’re pretty disappointed in the clothes your husband chooses to wear every day. (Confused? It’s fine.) Fear not, though, because today I have the ultimate husband outfit hack that will improve his look for less than $50 per outfit.

From Straw to Silk: How to Transform Your Hair in Seconds

Pantene Miracle Rescue Shots Review

This is the story of a girl who went from having dry, brittle and thin hair to having healthy, strong and much thicker hair—all thanks to $5.

This post is sponsored by Pantene. I’m a diehard fan, and all passionate expressions of love are real. As always, thank you so, so much for supporting the partnerships that keep Kelly in the City up and running!

Recent Finds, 5/15

Plaid Hill House dress | Recent Finds 5/15

Plaid Hill House dress restocked!

Had to push back Recent Finds a day, but happy Saturday!

What are you guys up to today? Our kitchen is being finished (hallelujah!) so we took the girls out to breakfast. It was raining and we couldn’t get in anywhere, so we ended up at a pizza place. 😆 But pizza for breakfast isn’t as bad as you’d think! Tonight, we’re celebrating our neighbors’ birthdays after the kids go down. Fingers crossed for good weather! Other than that, pretty average rainy weekend over here… which is actually nice, because it gives us an excuse to hang around together. :)

Everything is Broken All the Time

Everything is Broken All the Time

Mitch here!

As I type, I can think of five independent chores that I need to do. It often feels like I run around my house all day, attempting to fix things at the same rate that my family can break them. (Which is surprisingly fast, and probably why I can never keep up.) Can anyone relate to this?! 😆 EVERYTHING IS BROKEN ALL THE TIME. To make matters worse, I’m the least handy guy you’ll ever meet, and my repair jobs usually just cause further damage.

Mitch’s Smart Home

Mitch's Smart Home

Mitch here!

As on of the dorkier dudes on the internet, I’ve taken it on myself to internet-enable every corner of my home. And, to the surprise of my wife, I’m here to report that it’s all working well and totally worth the effort.

Take that, Kelly!

Kelly here. I feel like my initial reluctance to “go smart” in our home requires a BIT of explanation. Cough, cough. Mitch attempted several of these projects in our first place, and we were left with giant holes in our walls for years. Sooooooo… 😆 This time, though, things went a lot more smoothly, and I really love the smart features!

Carry on. ;)

Okay, fine. This is true.