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5 Things I Brought to Florida

Hello from sunny Naples, Florida!

Yes, I wrote this post last week, before we left. 😉 But I thought I’d take today (our second-to-last day here!) to show you some favorites that I packed for our trip. Because they’re SO good, and they’re all Amazon finds. (Side note: Have you checked out my “Amazon Shop”? I’m having a ton of fun with it!)

Recent Finds 2/16

Wubby Pullover / Similar Grey Pullover / Snap Pullover / Patagonia Quarter Zip / Patagonia Vest / Hoodie / Throw Blanket

^ What I’ll be living in once we return to Chicago!

We’re enjoying our last couple of days in the sunshine. But just wanted to pop in and share some great finds today! (Yes, this usually goes up on Fridays, but things get a little messy when we’re traveling. So grateful for this gingham travel outfit. 😜)

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How to Find Deals & Out-of-Stock Products

Kate Spade Scalloped Bag (Have you seen the deals that eBay is offering on Kate Spade right now?! Huge sale!) / J.Crew Lady Day Coat / Kate Spade Bracelet and Necklace (Again, be sure to check out the Kate Spade sale!) / Sorel Boots / J.Crew Chambray Shirt / Vineyard Vines Cashmere Cable-Knit Sweater / Kate Spade Sunglasses (Check out sale sunnies!) / Hudson Jeans

I try really hard to (mostly) feature products that are currently in stock–or products that have very similar newer versions–here on the blog. The reason for this is because back when I didn’t run this site and was a blog reader, I was always a little bummed when I’d fall in love with something that was no longer available. Silly example, but I distinctly remember looking all over the place for this bracelet back in 2012 or 2013 after seeing it on a blog, and not being able to find it anywhere. Booooo!

Saddle Shoes & a Red Beret

Red Beret (Also comes in gray and navy! Love this white one, too.) / Saddle Shoes c/o (They run TTS.) / Skinny Jeans (They run TTS, btw.) / Camel Topcoat (Here’s the newer version! Also love this one, which is still in stock, and the camel blazer version of my coat.) / Longchamp Tote (Love the backpack, too!) / Striped Turtleneck (Also love this one, this one, this one and this one.)

Clearly I’m jumping the gun with the saddle shoes in February, but Eastland sent them to me last week and I couldn’t help myself. SO CUTE. They’re also lined with some type of fleecey material, which makes them extra warm and cozy… but yeah, I still wouldn’t recommend this at this very moment. 😂

Home Refresh

Fair Isle Crewneck Sweater / Herringbone Leggings / Hunter Boots

Note: Emma wears a giant puffer coat when it’s cold! These photos were taken in under 1.5 minutes right outside our house after we’d been sitting in front of the fire for a little too long. ;)

Mitch here!

Kelly and I have lived in a combined 16 apartments since we left college. Nearly every one of them was an absolute dump. Until very recently, we were renting a third-floor walkup that had outside stairs… in Chicago. We walk by that place all the time, as it’s a few blocks from our current home, and whenever we pass it, we can’t help but smile. Yes, the “quaint” exposed brick walls would literally crumble in front of our eyes–one time into soup I was making–but that place is where our Chicago adventure first started. And therefore, it’ll always be special.

But good lord. I’m really glad we don’t live there anymore.

Gingham Travel Outfit

Gingham Pullover (On sale for only $26! Sizing: TTS.) / Navy Sneakers / MZ Wallace Quilted Tote (Love the black one, too!) / Rag & Bone Skinny Jeans (Also love this pair by Hudson.) / Ralph Lauren Puffer Coat / Vineyard Vines Mittens / Initial Necklace / KJP Watch c/o

Despite how horribly pale I’m looking in these photos, today is the happiest day.