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Everlane Day Boot Review

Everlane Day Boot Review

Everlane Day Boot c/o (Now available in navy! I also love the ecru and black. And the burgundy is on major sale!) / Gold Initial NecklaceJ.Crew Regent Blazer (The Parke Blazer in camel is available in way more sizes! I also own J.Crew Factory’s more affordable version and love it! The “Going Out” Blazer is actually what I wear when I go out, btw, because it’s a bit more polished. If you’re pregnant, try the Sophie Sweater Blazer or the Juliette Sweater Blazer, as I think they fall a lot more flatteringly with a bump. Order the Sophie one or two sizes down.).

 Softest “Modern Boatneck” Tee by Gap (Can’t recommend it more! It feels like pajamas, and it also comes in a striped version and a STRIPED DRESS VERSION, which I’m in love with and so badly wish I could wear. Here’s the maternity version in both solid and stripe, which I’m obviously wearing in these photos.) / Louis Vuitton MM Neverfull Tote (Looking for a super affordable everyday tote? Go for this $49 bag from Nordstrom. I use mine constantly!) / Burberry Scarf / Old Navy Rockstar Jeans (Maternity version here. SWEAR by these!)

Remember a few years ago, when all I would do is talk about how much I loved Sam Edelman’s Petty Chelsea Booties? I said over and over how they were the most comfortable boots I’d ever owned, which was true at the time. But huzzah! There’s a new boot on the block, and it’s a zillion times better. (CRAZY, I KNOW.)

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Emma Twirling in a Ric Rac Dress

Emma Twirling in a Ric Rac Dress

Emma’s Ric Rac Dress is old from Janie & Jack. (Bought it on clearance for nothing!) But linking my favorite little girls’ clothing below. :)

Guys, I’m kind of lovin’ life right now. While I’m working on a few projects (one of which is actually pretty different and I’m pumped to share soon!), things are always much, much slower work-wise during January and February… and it gives me the opportunity to spend more time with my family and practice a bit of self care. I’m also physically feeling wonderful. For a while there, I really thought the morning sickness and exhaustion (and all those other illnesses I couldn’t seem to kick!) would be with me until the very end–I suppose it’s hard to imagine things ever getting better when it’s been going on for so long–but it’s like night and day. And while I normally struggle during this time of the year, I’m back to feeling like my old self (if not better than that?!), and I’m so grateful. Third trimester in TWO WEEKS, btw. Crazy!

Warning: I’m about to get emotional. 🙈

The Best Navy Polka Dot Finds

navy polka dot finds

J.Crew Navy Polka Dot Top (Similar style here. Also love the Dreamy Pajamas—the softest PJs I own, which also come in stripe—and this bathing suit in navy polka dot right now!) / Pamela Munson Woven Tote (This one is the cutest, too. More affordable option here.) / Jack RogersJ Brand Maternity Ankle Jeans (I highly recommend Old Navy’s Rockstar maternity white jeans, though, if “full panel” doesn’t bother you! And my favorite non-maternity white skinny jeans are from Rag & Bone. Looking for a deal? BlankNYC carries fabulous white skinnies for only $88!)

These photos were taken on the grounds of the South Seas Island Resort on Captiva, where we stayed for our second leg of the trip. Isn’t it stunning?! We arrived late at night and really couldn’t see much as a result, but when we awoke in the morning, we were like, “WHAT?” The resort’s website is beautiful, but the pics just don’t do it justice. At one point, Emma was literally skipping around, and she said, “Mommy, Daddy, this is so nice!” We couldn’t stop laughing.

Mom Talk: How We Handle Screen Time

screen time

Emma’s Smocked Auctions Ruffled Pajamas (I’m obsessed! Such a steal, too. I’m also thinking I should order her the pink + purple gingham seersucker version. You can also find the pajamas in solid light pink and light pink ginghamc/o / Faux Marble Dining Table (On sale!) / Reddish Persian Rug / Newer Navy Chairs / Dark Brown Buffet / Serena & Lily Bistro Chair / Similar Chippendale Chair / Similar Ginger Jar Prints / iPad Case

Today, I’m linking up with my friends Julia from Lemon Stripes, Danielle from Danielle Moss, Liz from Hello Adams Family, Emily from Isn’t That Charming, and Liz from Pure Joy Home for a new monthly series that we’re calling “Mom Talk.” ☺️ Every single one of these women is an extraordinary parent, blogger and person… and I can’t encourage you enough to not only read their pieces today, but also follow along with their lives. They provide me with so much daily inspiration. I’m very grateful to be part of such a talented and supportive team spread throughout Connecticut, Chicago and Detroit. ❤️

The Best Preppy Travel Shirt

LYSSÉ Schiffer Shirt

LYSSÉ Schiffer Shirt (The price for the blue striped one is lowest at Zappos right now, but you can also find it via Nordstrom, Tuckernuck and Amazon.) / Jack Rogers (On crazy sale! Be sure to swoop a pair up now. You’ll thank yourself come your next trip or summer. Here are the sandals in white, cork and bone, which I adore… and this pair is on sale, too.) / J Brand Maternity Ankle Jeans (I highly recommend Old Navy’s Rockstar maternity white jeans, though, if “full panel” doesn’t bother you! And my favorite non-maternity white skinny jeans are from Rag & Bone.

Looking for a deal? BlankNYC carries fabulous white skinnies for only $88!) / MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote (It’s back in navy! I also highly suggest investing in the large version, which is now available in navy at both Bloomingdale’s and MZ Wallace. It’s a GREAT travel, overnight or baby bag… and totally doubles as a pillow. It can also be squished into tight spaces, like under plane seats. The medium is more of a day-to-day bag, but I use it all the time.)

Friends, I really can’t tell you how obsessed I am with this button-down shirt, which I’m convinced everyone needs for both travel and everyday life. I’ve actually long loved LYSSÉ for its leggings (at Nordstrom, Tuckernuck and Zappos), which have taken the “preppy fashion world” by storm. But I only recently discovered the magic of the brand’s wrinkle-resistant shirt when searching for tops that could work with the baby bump, and now I need at least one more. ;)

Banana Leaf Palm Dress

Banana Leaf Palm Dress

Sail to Sable Banana Leaf Palm Maxi Dress c/o (So many other cute palm print options, too! Check out this cross-back dress, this top, and this short-sleeved shift. More below!) / Jack Rogers (On major sale! In white here, and definitely consider the monogrammed version which I adore in navy!) / Pamela Munson Woven Tote (This one is the cutest, too. More affordable option here.) / Emma’s Sail to Sable Dress c/o / Emma’s Jack Rogers (Also here.)

Quick post today, as we’re sadly/finally (😂) flying back to Chicago this morning. It’s been a wonderful trip, and I can’t wait to share all, but first and foremost I wanted to get the Sail to Sable palm print collection up on the blog since it’s selling out quickly!

His & Hers Valentine’s Day Outfits

Valentine's Day Outfits

Pink Double Weave Flutter Sleeve Coat (This one and this one are adorable, too.) / Ruffled Button Blouse (Here’s another great option.) / Dolce Vita Sayer Mules (I went a half size up. Also love the Colsen Sandals, the Grant Flats, and the Kyle Leopard Flats.) / Maternity Jeans / Newer Woven Crossbody Bag / Mitch’s Liberty London Tie, Gingham Shorts, and Performance Shirt

I need to tell you a funny story.

Mitch’s Manly Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / TenEleven Twelve / Thirteen / Fourteen / Fifteen / Sixteen / Seventeen / Eighteen / Nineteen / Twenty / Twenty-One

Mitch here!

Valentine’s Day wasn’t made for guys like me. My days of surprising gifts and romantic evenings out are long past. If I’m lucky, this year’s February 14th will involve an early bedtime for Emma and takeout on the couch while we marvel at the sound of silence, Kelly’s legs draped over mine because she’ll be six months pregnant and her back will hurt. ;) But whatever! It’s proper Valentine’s Day for the rest of you rascals, and if you’re struggling for a good guy gift, I’ve got you covered.

Are Rothy’s Shoes Worth the Hype?

Rothy's shoes
Rothy’s Shoes: Are They Worth the Hype? A Review, and Everything You Need to Know

Rothy’s Pointed Leopard Flat (My other favorites include the Spotted Loafer, the Mocha Spot Loafer, and the Pointed Flat in Red, Black, Navy and Hot Pink. Also really excited to try a pair of the brand’s sneakers when we go to Georgia in a few weeks!) / Newer Version of my Tuckernuck Striped Swing Top (Can’t recommend this more. It’s “one size fits all,” which makes for great gifts, too. Keep in mind that I’m pregnant, so he bump pulls it up a lot. If you’re not pregnant, it will fall much lower.)

MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote (It’s back in navy! I also highly suggest investing in the large version, which is now available in navy at both Bloomingdale’s and MZ Wallace. It’s a GREAT travel, overnight or baby bag… and totally doubles as a pillow. ;) It can also be squished into tight spaces, like under plane seats. The medium is more of a day-to-day bag, but I use it all the time.) / Old Navy Rockstar Jeans (AMAZING. So soft and stretchy, and they don’t sag throughout the day. They’re honestly better than any $200 pair of designer jeans I’ve ever tried. I’m wearing the maternity version. Here are all the Rockstar jeans! So many to choose from.) / Similar Sunglasses Here, Here and Here

Ah, Rothy’s shoes. ❤️ I fell in love with them back in September, when the brand sent me a couple of pairs to try. (Btw, we later partnered in November to publish my Guide to Lincoln Park, Chicago!) And now here we are, several months later, and my love for the unbelievably comfortable, super soft woven knit shoes–made from recycled water bottles–has grown into an obsession. Honestly, I should probably be a spokesperson for the company. 🙈 I’m not exaggerating when I say that they’ve changed my life!

So today, I’m sharing an updated review of and guide to buying the world’s comfiest shoes.

Note: I wrote this post last week so I wouldn’t have to blog while we were on vacation, but since our flight home was cancelled due to the Polar Vortex, I was able to reshoot the photos at the beautiful South Seas Island Resort here on Captiva Island in Florida. Let’s just say that these snaps are a bit nicer than the ones I’d previously taken inside my home because it was too cold to go outside! 😂 

“Long intro short,” though, the answer is YES. Rothy’s are worth the hype. Here’s my review/guide, along with a fun giveaway:

“Stuck” in Florida

Dolce Vita Sayer Mule (I went a half size up, btw. You can find them on sale via Amazon right now! Oh, and here’s the bootie version, which is also on sale via Zappos and Amazon. Also available at Shopbop.) / J Brand Maternity Crop Jeans (LOVE THEM, despite the rips. First pair of ripped jeans, haha! They were just so soft and comfy. If you can do “full panel” maternity jeans, though, I would honestly suggest Old Navy’s version. I LOVE the maternity Rockstar jeans! Also look into this pair from the Gap. They’re GREAT, and on major sale right now.) / Sail to Sable Crinkle Cotton Tunic Top (Short-sleeved dress here; tiered dress here; tie tunic here.) / Pamela Munson Woven Tote (Full collection here. Looking for more affordable options? This is a GREAT tote; it’s packable! This one is super versatile, too… and how cute is this?!) / Newer Version of my Sunglasses

I have some awesome news. :)