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Way Day 2024 Sale Picks

HAPPY WAY DAY, GUYS. Posting this a little late in the day (I mean, night 🤣) because this roundup took me for. ev. er. The Larkin family loves Wayfair and we always look forward to when Way Day comes around! Basically, from now until Monday, a TON of stuff on Wayfair is up to 80% off. Plus, you get free shipping on everything! It’s just the best. I spent a while scrolling what felt like thousands of pages and put together a pretty comprehensive roundup: two collages, plus five organized carousels!

Upholstered Sofa ($800+ off!) / Upholstered Chair Set of 4 ($105 each!) / Scalloped Lamp ($35!) / Wood Coffee Table (67% off!) / Wicker Sconce (68% off!) / Cane Chair Set of 2 / Brass Flush Mount / Checked Rug (up to 63% off!) / Indoor-Outdoor Rug (up to 80% off!)

Upholstered Sofa: This is what I mean, guys—I can’t believe this sofa is almost 50% off (actually, I can, because it’s Way Day BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN). I LOVE the velvets it comes in but the neutral linens are so pretty too.

Upholstered Chair Set of 4: What in the Ballard Designs is this dupe?! 😂 The price is seriously amazing—$105 per chair, instead of like, $1,000 per chair haha.

Scalloped Lamp: This lamp is too cute—practically made for a little girl’s room! There are SEVEN base colors, plus two sizes.

Wood Coffee Table: Another crazy Way Day deal: 67% off! You would never know it’s a lift-top with hidden storage.

Wicker Sconce: Ugh, I love sconces so much. And wicker. And 68% off!

Cane Chair Set of 2: These chairs come in two wood tones, have cane backs, and have such awesome reviews. Not bad for $150 each.

Brass Flush Mount: Lighting can be SO expensive but this is definitely not. This flush mount comes in three other metals but surprisingly, brass is the cheapest! Great for a closet or entry.

Checked Rug: This rug is FAMOUS on Instagram and it’s crazy that it’s up to 63% off. Every size is in stock right now but I wouldn’t be surprised if some sell out over the weekend!

Indoor-Outdoor Rug: UP TO 80% OFF. Indoor-outdoor rugs are the BEST when you have kids! Stains? They don’t know them. 😉 I love how the stock photo has this styled!

Woven Stool (62% off!) / Neutral Rug ($160 for 8×10!) / Floral Rug / Brass Mirror / Cane Desk Chair (65% off!) / Wood Dining Table / Peel-and-Stick Grasscloth (10 colors!) / Leather Chesterfield Sofa ($900+ off!)

Woven Stool: These totally give my Serena & Lily backless stools a run for their money. In fact, the top three reviews mention them! For 62% off, they’re a NO-BRAINER.

Neutral Rug: $160 for an 8×10 rug is UNHEARD OF. And it’s a great neutral palette—dare I say it reminds me of the rug in our bedroom? This is an awesome choice for a rental or if you already know your kids will destroy whatever rug you buy anyway. 😂

Floral Rug: You already KNOW how much I love Rifle Paper Co. Someone, anyone, please buy this for a nursery! (BTW, I linked other RP rugs down below!)

Brass Mirror: Anthropologie who?! I’m obsessed with their famous Primrose mirror but if I didn’t already have it, I’d probably get this one.

Cane Desk Chair: Another cane back chair! For 65% off! What can I say? I like what I like. 😉

Wood Dining Table: This isn’t our exact dining table, but it’s super, super, SUPER close (and from the same brand). If you were looking for something darker than our pine, scoop this up now!

Peel-and-Stick Grasscloth: I’ve seen A TON of influencers post about this peel-and-stick grasscloth wallpaper from Society Social—I had no idea it was on Wayfair! All 10 colors are so freaking good, you guys.

Leather Chesterfield Sofa: Our Chesterfield sofa from Birch Lane is unscratchable, which you probably know if you’ve been here for a bit because I love to talk about it. The exactly one isn’t available right now but this is a very, VERY close dupe.





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New Magnolia for Target Summer 2024

Confession: I fully intended to post a roundup of the new Hearth & Hand collection ASAP when it went live on Sunday, but as it turns out, my definition of ASAP is Thursday. 🤣 It’s fine, I’m fine. Anyway, these launches are like Christmas every time!  It seems like their big focus for summer is on entertaining and travel, which is right up our alley (in a perfect world at least haha). I put my absolute favorites into the collage below, and because I couldn’t help myself, all you have to do is scroll past the text to see (a lot) more of them.

String Lights / Throw Blanket / Hard-Sided Cooler / Indoor/Outdoor Pillow / Napkins / Citronella Candles / Picnic Blanket / Wipeable Tablecloth / Bluetooth Radio / Tall Tumbler / Utensil Caddy / Packing Cubes / Kitchen Towel / Backseat Car Organizer / Charger / Cordless Lamp

String Lights: Listen. Is any deck or yard truly complete without string lights? No, no it is not. These are so affordable but still LED, which means they’re going to last forever and stay cool to the touch. Win-win! (Or is it win-win-win? 😂)

Throw Blanket: No one needs another throw blanket, but that’s not the point haha. This one is light enough to drape yourself in on summer nights and the color is SO GOOD.

Hard-Sided Cooler: Is this not the cutest cooler you’ve ever seen?! The vintage look is everything.

Indoor/Outdoor Pillow: You know how much I love natural woven materials, so obviously I’m obsessed with this. I love that you can use it inside *and* outside. Don’t forget to replace the insert and get the next size up (20×20) so the pillow stays fluffy!

Napkins: $12 for 4 napkins! This is why Target’s the best. The stitching makes them look more expensive—like, $12 each.

Citronella Candles: Oh my gosh, citronella candles are absolute MAGIC. The pack of four is great because you can put them all around your outdoor space, but they also sell a giant 8-wick one for the same exact price.

Picnic Blanket: There’s NOWHERE this thing can’t go–beaches, parks, concerts, etc.—especially with the shoulder strap. The cost-per-use is going to be basically nothing, seriously. I’m partial to the plaid, but the wide stripe is super cute too.

Wipeable Tablecloth: Tablecloths are so pretty, but they’re also the worst—you have to spot treat, wash, and iron them after almost every use (at least with kids haha). The fact that this is wipeable? Sign. Me. Up. The neutral ticking stripe is also incredibly classic.

Bluetooth Radio: You get the vintage look, but with modern technology like bluetooth and a USB port. It’s the best of both worlds!

Tall Tumbler: You can choose between a light blue or kelly green rim—obviously I picked the blue. By the way, the short tumblers come with a coordinating pitcher!

Utensil Caddy: You think you don’t need one of these until you realize you’re about to put all your clean silverware on a dirty outside table for everyone to man handle. JUST THINK ABOUT IT.

Packing Cubes: Packing cubes are a travel staple in my family. Try them once and you’ll never go back, I promise! (Also, the matching toiletry bags are ADORABLE.)

Kitchen Towel: I’m convinced there are two kinds of kitchen towels: the ones you display and the ones you actually use. This is definitely the former, but at $4, it’s fine if someone does end up using it.

Backseat Car Organizer: Okay, how aesthetically pleasing is this? Cuter than the average car organizer, but not fancy enough that you’ll be devastated when your kids inevitably damage it. 🤣

Charger: Chargers are basically fancier placemats, and I think natural woven ones (surprise!) are the most versatile. Speaking of which! There are $5 wipeable placemats in the collection too, because Joanna Gaines gets it.

Cordless Lamp: Now that cordless lamps have become super popular, I just want to know one thing… What took us all so long?! This is more modern than the one you usually see online, and it’s perfect for eating outside at night.

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Most-Loved Products

One-Piece Swimsuits for Girls

Pink and White Stripe / Green and Blue Floral / Pink and White Gingham / Navy and White Vertical Stripe / Blue Toile / Green Floral / Navy and White Horizontal Stripe / Coral and White Stripe / Rainbow Floral / Aqua Floral

We just wrapped up our TWO WEEK spring break, yet somehow it feels like summer is totally sneaking up on us?! It’s fine, I’m fine, everyone’s fine. (That’s a lie, Mitch and I are panicking a little. 🤣) What I AM looking forward to, though, is tons of time by the water—and the cute swimsuits. 😉 Whenever I buy Emma and Lucy new ones, I always go up one size so they can wear them for two years. I’m kind of looking forward to when they stop growing—clothes get expensive!—but then I won’t have an excuse to buy them cute new stuff, you know? Anyway, these are some cute one-piece swimsuits for girls I’ve had my eye on recently.

Pink and White Stripe: We love rash guards in our family. The extra sun protection is ideal for a long day at the beach! Our favorite come from Minnow—they’re feminine, classic, and look brand new even after dozens of wears.

Green and Blue Floral: Another one from Minnow! How cute is this?! I don’t know what I love most—the floral, the smocking, the puff sleeves, or the ruffled collar.

Pink and White Gingham: I can never resist a gingham, especially one this inexpensive. (Amazon for the win!) Also, does this fabric remind anyone else of the pink gingham dress Margot Robbie wears in the Barbie movie?

Navy and White Vertical Stripe: OBVIOUSLY I had to include navy. The adorable embroidered and scalloped ruffle makes this suit look even more youthful and less like someone’s mom (who, me?) picked it out haha.

Blue Toile: Okay guys, this toile is SOOOOO pretty! The one-shoulder is another cute touch. And lucky us, they have a coordinating suit for moms!

Green Floral: Again, we’re big on rash guards over here—the fact that this one zips makes it easier to put on and take off. I usually lean toward more muted colors, but sometimes you need something BRIGHT to make sure your kid stands out from the rest, you know?!

Navy and White Horizontal Stripe: Another navy, and my last Minnow pick! This pattern is what’s called a Breton stripe, which makes me think of my friend Danielle because it’s very French and chic. 😂 Love the tie straps too.

Coral and White Stripe: You can’t tell from the collage, but this (budget-friendly!) Amazon swimsuit is actually made with a seersucker fabric, so obviously I think it’s super cute.

Rainbow Floral: After freaking out over the puff sleeves on the Minnow suit, I was unsurprisingly thrilled to find this one from Boden. The floral is colorful, playful, and super identifiable.

Aqua Floral: Aren’t the colors in this so pretty together?! They totally bring out the adorable floral pattern, and the ruffle straps are a sweet touch.

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More Favorites

Scalloped Home Decor (Mostly) Under $40 on Amazon

Pillow Covers / Glasses / Storage Baskets / Napkins / Curtains / Nesting Baskets / Ceramic Frame / Floating Shelves / Flush Mount / Wipeable Placemats / Marble Frame / Acrylic Frames / Ring Dish / Rug / Bath Mat (More Bath Mats!) / Lamp / Shower Curtain

Can you guys tell I tried to fit as much as technologically possible in this collage? 😂 There’s just SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. It feels like brands are trying to drive revenue by just adding scallops to everything and it’s great. (Also, the first piece of furniture I’ve ever flipped has them too!) Almost everything I found is somehow under $40 🤯 and let me tell you, I am TEMPTED.

Pillow Covers: These have become Instagram famous and everyone says they look AMAZING in real life. Also, they come in eight colors and three sizes. I love options!

Glasses: Don’t these look like they’re from Anthropologie?! You never know how glassware is going to feel in your hand once you get them—if they’re thick or thin, heavy or light, etc.—but the reviews are great.

Storage Baskets: Okay, so I might need to embark on a new organizing project so I can find a place for these. You can get the water hyacinth or go for sea grass, which is more gray looking.

Napkins: Simple, neutral, and SO cute. I realize these napkins would get destroyed in our home 🤪 but I’d love to live vicariously through one of you.

Curtains: Good curtains can be super (and I mean super) expensive. These are on the thinner side, but for the price?, I’m a fan. Especially with the pretty trim!

Nesting Baskets: Do these remind anyone else of a certain set of baskets from a more expensive retailer (*cough* Ballard *cough*)?! They’re not an exact dupe, but a great way to get the look for less.

Ceramic Frame: This will fit in literally anywhere in your home. I’d put it in my office or one of the girls’ rooms!

Floating Shelves: Somebody needs to put these in a nursery, okay? Okay, great. (Send me a picture if you actually do haha)

Flush Mount: HOW. CUTE. Lighting can be an easy way to transform a room and this is such a great price.

Wipeable Placemats: Wipeable placemats are everything. These come in 13 colors, which is basically an entire rainbow of options.

Marble Frame: This is a little pricey for a 5×7 frame, but it’s also marble—thick, beautiful marble! And isn’t it just so pretty?!

Acrylic Frames: Yep, MORE frames. 😂 I would have never thought to combine scallops with acrylic but I think I’m a fan!

Ring Dish: You guys, this is TEN DOLLARS. A great little gift for your newly engaged friend, or you can put it on your guest room nightstand.

Rug: Nine colors and a million sizes. It goes up to 11×14, which is $680—which, yes, is a lot of money, but NOT a lot of money for that size.

Bath Mat: I’m convinced I need to snag one of these for Emma or Lucy’s bathroom (or both?). I also found a super similar one in a couple other colors!

Lamp: So obviously I’m obsessed with this. I also love that you can get the style in a floor lamp, pendant, or wall sconce!

Shower Curtain: A simple $23 bathroom upgrade. At that price, why not?!

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Sephora Spring Savings Event 2024

Happy Sephora Spring Savings Event to all who celebrate! This is the time to restock all of your go-to’s and give some new products a try. Not everyone has access to the sale yet—just Rouge members until 4/9—but that just means you have more time to plan your buys. I rounded up my favorite products for you, including lots of holy grails that (I think) are truly worth it.

Sephora Spring Savings Event 2024 Details:

  • Rouge – 20% off your purchase 4/5-4/15. Use code YAYSAVE.
  • VIB – 15% off your purchase 4/9/-4/15. Use code YAYSAVE.
  • Insider – 10% off your purchase 4/9-4/15. Use code YAYSAVE.

Kate Somerville Age Arrest Anti-Wrinkle Cream: Retinol and I don’t get along very well, so I use this every few days instead! Highly recommend if you have sensitive skin like me.

Kate Somerville DeliKate Recovery Cream: Oh my gosh, this stuff is AMAZING at soothing and hydrating your skin. Especially in the winter! It’s expensive, but it’s seriously a holy grail that has transformed my skin. I always restock during these sales.

Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask: My sister-in-law and I agree that this is the BEST overnight face mask. When I wake up in the morning, I’m astonished at how hydrated and healthy my skin is. I actually have a glow!

Fresh Soy Hydrating Gentle Face Cleanser: This cleanser is so gentle, even my extremely sensitive skin can handle it. It also smells SO GOOD. I feel like I’m at a spa when I use it.

Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Spot Treatment: Okay, so fair warning: This smells awful. BUT IT’S SO EFFECTIVE. I’m convinced the sulfur is actually magic—the first time I used it, my blemishes were just gone when I woke up.

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Treatment Lip Balm: The drugstore chapsticks don’t cut it for me. This, though? It makes my lips SO soft and hydrated, even during the Chicago winters.

Kate Somerville Anti Bac Acne Clearing Lotion: I put this on problem areas as needed in the morning and let me tell you, it gets the job done fast. Because this is a five percent benzoyl-peroxide-based treatment, it’s a lot stronger than most products! It can be drying, so make sure you only use it as and where needed, and do NOT forget to apply moisturizer after.

Ole Henriksen C-Rush Vitamin C Gel Moisturizer: I pull this moisturizer out when my skin is feeling extra dry. It’s so rich but somehow never breaks my skin out. And the smell! It’s so good. I love that it has Vitamin C too.

Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum: If you have acne like me, LISTEN UP. This serum has Vitamin B5 in it, which helps regulate the skin’s barrier function, including sebum production, thus reducing breakouts! I put it on it before moisturizer daily.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration: My body drinks. this. in. during the winter. It really helps hydrate the inevitable dry skin that comes with, you know, below freezing temperatures, haha.

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Pore Exfoliating Treatment: If I can only recommend one skincare product to you, this is it. It’s a chemical and physical exfoliator that makes your skin feel SO soft and improves its tone like whoa. You can use it weekly or more frequently if your skin can handle it. Surprisingly, mine can!

Bareminerals Matte Loose Powder Mineral Foundation (Fair 01): First of all, I love that this foundation is so quick and easy to apply. The finish is absolutely flawless, and your skin never gets oily.

Isle of Paradise Natural Glow Self Tanning Drops (Light): Self tanner can be so tricky, but this one is great. There are three shades—light, medium, and dark. I use the light shade!

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base Moisturizer and Primer: THIS is the reason I don’t have to worry about my makeup sliding off my face halfway through the day anymore. It’s seriously a miracle product and I love that I get two for the price of one (it is pricey, but I promise, a little goes a long way!) This is my full review.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Ultra-Slim Precision Eyebrow Pencil (Soft Brown): This brand is supposed to be the leader in all things brows, and I definitely agree. You’d never know how patchy my eyebrows actually are! They look so much more pronounced.

Ilia Limitless Lash Lengthening Clean Mascara: This is going to sound dramatic, BUT after switching to this clean, lash-lengthening mascara, I just don’t see a reason to try a new one ever again. I really love it.

Bareminerals Mineralist Hydra-Smoothing Lipstick (Memory): I feel the same way about this lipstick. I literally got rid of every other lipstick I owned and just kept this. It’s all I need!

Bareminerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer: This is just the best. I use it every single day—it has SPF, evens out my skin tone, and gives me a healthy glow.

Bareminerals Gen Nude Bronzer Blush + Bronzer (Kiss of Pink): I love a two-in-one, and once I tried this, I never looked back.

T3 Fit Compact Hair Dryer: This is an incredible hair dryer. Because it’s compact, you can travel with it too.

Ouai Detox Shampoo: If you’re not using a clarifying shampoo yet, now’s the time to start. Every two weeks, I use this to remove the product and environmental buildup that’s weighing my hair down. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

Ouai Detangling and Frizz Fighting Leave In Conditioner: Hair products can really add up, but this one is a detangler, heat protectant, and frizz fighter all in one—and it’s great.

Olaplex No. 3 Hair Repair Perfector: I used to have extremely thin and damaged hair, but this SAVED IT. I have, at minimum, double the hair now. You can read my full review here.

T3 Switch Kit Curl Trio Interchangeable Curling Iron: On days I don’t wash my hair, I use this. It’s pricey, but it makes the *perfect* waves, so it’s worth it to me. Especially on sale! I personally like the one-inch barrel.

T3 SinglePass StyleMax 1″ Flat Iron: Clearly, I like T3 products. This is a wonderful straightener, and you can also use it for curls and waves.

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How I Flipped My First Piece of Furniture

All materials used // Lucy’s room details

So I found this scalloped nightstand on Facebook Marketplace for $50, and I knew it was the perfect piece for trying my hand at furniture refinishing—something I’ve been wanting to get into for a while!

The nightstand had some damage, but instead of repainting, I decided to try to bring it back to natural wood with this orange Citri Strip goo.

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Last-Minute Easter Basket Fillers for Girls on Amazon

6-Minute Diary / Bunny Slippers / Writing Tablet / Initial Pouch / Botanical Press / Flower Sunglasses / Karaoke Machine / Angel Doll / Stick-On Earrings / Beauty Tools / Water Bottle / Beach Toys

GUYS. Who decided Easter was going to be in March this year?! (It’s fine, I’m fine, but also… seriously, WHO.) I know I’m not the only mom who feels this way, so here’s a look at my frantic 😅 Amazon searches recently. You can still get all of this in time for Sunday!

6-Minute Diary: Supporting our kids’ emotional wellbeing is so important, and this resource looks INCREDIBLE—I might just get one for Emma. I think it would facilitate some great conversations, or at the very least promote healthy self-reflection.

Bunny Slippers: I mean… For Easter? I had to. Do they make these in adult sizes? (JK. Kind of.)

Writing Tablet: I love this. It’s a screen without being screen time and lets them make art without a ton of paper markers scattered everywhere.

Initial Pouch: I’d put the girls’ Easter candy in this! And then later they could use them to organize all the little trinkets they accumulate. (Because they do, somehow, always accumulate.)

Botanical Press: Okay, so we live in a city, which means nature is a little harder to come by here than in other places. If you don’t though, PLEASE get this and let us live vicariously through you. So many crafting possibilities!

Flower Sunglasses: This is our kind of nature. 😂 But really, these are too fun and they come in a zillion colors.

Karaoke Machine: I think we’re all well-acquainted with Lucy’s passion for karaoke by now, haha, and I have to say, it’s entertaining for *everyone.* Do I sometimes end up in hiding to get away from the noise? Sure, but no regrets.

Angel Doll: This is just SO cute. The doll is whimsical but neutral, so of course it’s right up my alley. 🤣

Stick-On Earrings: Do these make you feel nostalgic, or do these make you feel nostalgic?! I mean, they’re from CLAIRE’S. I can’t think of a single little girl (ahem, Lucy) who wouldn’t be obsessed.

Beauty Tools: I’m a big believer in imaginative play, and this set immediately caught my eye. The price is great, and all the pieces are adorable!

Water Bottle: I know there are a lot more fancy water bottles out there, but these. are. INDESTRUCTIBLE. So great to have on hand.

Beach Toys: Are these not some of the most attractive beach toys you’ve ever seen?! They come in a few other aesthetically pleasing colors and the included bag is a nice bonus.

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