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Recent Finds + Musings, 10/6

Musings, 10/6

Navy L.L.Bean Bean Boots (Looking for the the most comfortable pair of Bean Boots?! Boots made with tumbled leather are phenomenal.) / Barbour Jacket (Here’s the polar quilted version, which is much warmer.) / Favorite Fisherman Sweater / Camp Socks

Hi, Friends! I took a few days off to give myself a break and recover from my millionth sinus infection this season 😂, and I’m definitely making progress. (Though I realize I say that every week and then BAM: sick again.) I have an appointment with a specialist on Monday, though, so I’m excited to get professional opinions and start to talk about my options–despite how scared I am. ;)

3 Preppy Ways to Style a Chambray Shirt

chambray shirt

Outfit 1Chambray Shirt (Also love this one!) / Long-Sleeved Striped Tee / Puffer Vest / Leopard Pumps / Black Quilted Bag Outfit 2Chambray Shirt (Also love this one!) / Quilted Field Jacket (Love the non-quilted one, too!) / Brown Horsebit Loafers (See other colors here.) / Similar Bag / Mitch’s Striped Crewneck Sweater / Mitch’s Jeans Outfit 3Chambray Shirt (Also love this one!) / Crewneck Sweater / Schoolboy Blazer / Black Pumps Here and Here


Nantucket House Tour

Nantucket House Tour

Yesterday, while I was putting together my huge recap of our trip to Martha’s Vineyard with Vineyard vines, I stumbled upon a zillion photos of Nantucket houses that I’d taken with my iPhone while visiting my cousins. Actually, I took them with Mitch’s iPhone. My phone has been broken for months. 😂 Replacing it this weekend, though! But I thought they’d make for a fun post.

Martha’s Vineyard Trip

Martha's Vineyard

Men’s Shep Shirt / Women’s Shep Shirt (I recommend going one size up in women’s.) / Kids’ Shep Shirt (How cute is the gingham one?!) / Whale Leggings (Available in more sizes here.) / White Hat / Breakers Shorts

Use code “FRIENDS2018” to take 25 percent off the Vineyard Vines site today only!

I’d been saving this post because I felt like I’d overloaded you guys with summer travel content… and then boom, somehow it’s October, and I’m just getting it up now?! Killin’ it over here, guys. 😂

Tuckernuck Sale Faves

Tuckernuck sale faves

Cashmere Draped Dress Topper / Similar Leather Leggings (Love these, too. Here’a another option.) /  Tortoise Clutch / Newer Leopard Pumps / Old Blouse, but love this one and this one.

Use code “FRIENDS20” to take 25 percent off your Tuckernuck order, today only! Everything ships free.

Did you have a nice weekend?! We went down to my in-laws’ lake house in Hudson, Illinois for a couple of days, and it was so relaxing! I actually made a “highlight” video, which you can catch on Instagram here. (Click on the little circle that says “Lake House Wknd.” :)

5 Preppy Fall Staples

preppy fall staples

Waterproof Riding Boots (I have this pair in black leather and they’re amazing, too.) / The Best Leggings (Also love the ponte pant version!) / Cashmere Blend Camel Cardigan (This long cardigan is a great deal, and you can’t go wrong with this one or this one–both from Madewell.) / Striped Turtleneck (Love this crewneck striped long-sleeved tee, too.) / Faux Leather Tote / Burberry Umbrella (Love this one and this one from Barbour as well!)

I’m not feeling 100 percent, and I certainly don’t look 100 percent 😂 …but I think I’ve officially turned a corner! We’re headed down to my in-laws’ lake house today since we weren’t able to make it over Labor Day, and I’m beyond excited to get some fresh air and feel like myself again. It’s been a while. ;)

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of my fall staples today, as the weather’s suddenly grown cooler. Fifty degrees and rainy yesterday!

Shopbop Sale: What to Buy

Shopbop Sale - Kelly in the City

Loafers on sale! (Use code “STOCKUP18.”)

This post took me forever, haha. Before we get to it, though, here’s yesterday’s post! It went up really late, but it’s about our generation’s struggle to live minimalistic lifestyles yet preserve and remember, too. Where do you fall? Under one of the extremes or somewhere in the middle? And would you save your kids’ artwork in a storage tub in the basement… or throw it out? Weigh in here!


Shopbop sales are amazing, as you can score in-season products that normally don’t get discounted for some incredible prices. But most of the site is eligible for the promotional–use code “STOCKUP18” to take 20 percent off orders under $500 and 25 percent off $500+ orders now through the 29th–which can make shopping a little overwhelming.

But today, I’m sharing my faves via three easy-to-shop spreads. :) Hope it’s helpful! And remember: everything is Prime-eligible, meaning that it’ll ship for free and arrive on your doorstep within two days!

Shopbop Sale

Do You Save Sentimental Stuff?

sentimental stuff

My parents have three huge storage tubs in their suburban basement: one for each kid, all filled to the brim with artwork we created throughout childhood. When I was in middle and high school, I used to go through my tub from time to time, fondly remembering the good old days. Days when macaroni pieces glued to construction paper were true masterpieces; days when animals created from handprints made it to the fridge–the highest form of praise; days when I couldn’t wait to get off the bus and show Mom my latest work.

Dog Day with the Sox

Dog Day with the Sox by Kelly Larkin | Kelly in the City

After I had Emma, I decided to pull the breaks on blogging events in an effort to maintain a better work/life/family balance.

Turning them down is always a little hard. They’re typically amazing opportunities that I don’t deserve, and I so wish that I could do it all and actually go. After all, they’re how I met my very best friends here, and we had so much fun at ’em back in the day. I’m grateful; my first years in Chicago would have been really tough without these events.