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Silk Chicago Ties for a Great Cause

Silk Chicago Ties for a Great Cause

My Block My Hood My City Tie / VV Performance Khakis / Blazer / Bow Coats / Rainbow Dresses (Only $16! Also love these!) / Waterproof Uggs (That need a good cleaning, haha!)

I posted a version of this originally on Instagram, but Mitch wore one of My Block My Hood My City’s beautiful Neighborhood Silk Ties on Monday in celebration and honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and also as a personal reminder for our family: ⁣
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Our Place Always Pan

Our Place Always Pan review

Use code “KELLYINTHECITY10” to take $10 off your Always Pan order!

GUYS! A while ago, the company Our Place sent us its Always Pan, and I was pretty excited. So many friends have raved about it this past year, and with so much stay-at-home time, I’ve been doing everything I can to pare down our belongings and simplify. The Always Pan, our friends boasted, is the do-everything pan; the only pan you’ll reach for in your day-to-day life. Minimal cleanup, clean lines, and functionality like whoa. I have to admit that I was kind of sold before the thing even arrived.

And then it arrived.

A Walk Through Lincoln Park, Vol. 3

A Walk Through Lincoln Park Vol 3

7am Stroller Footmuff / Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller / Bear HatSnood / Patagonia Jacket / Dachshund Face Mask / Barefoot Dreams Hat / Patagonia Hoodie / Solid J.Crew Chateau Puffer Jacket and in Navy/White Combo (Full review here. Wool version here and girls’ version here.) / Sorel Puffy Boots

Still at it with my “Happy Walks,” as I’ve been calling them. ☀️

This one was a cold one, though! Temps were in the 20s this day, and we just barely lasted an hour. But we did it!

20+ Things, 1/18

20+ Things 1/18

^ Mitch accidentally put Emma’s boots on Lucy and it’s cracking me up.

J.Crew Chateau Puffer / Little Flower Mask / Barefoot Dreams HatKJP Moose Sweater Dress / LLBean Shearling-Lined Boots (The taller version is awesome, too!) / Sweater Tights / Frizzy Hair / Girls’ Heart Dresses (LOVE this set, too!) / Girls’ Faux Fur Vests / Girls’ Chateau Puffers / Girls’ Waterproof Uggs

HELLO. Here are the first zillion things that come to mind today because I’m feeling chatty:

Snow Day Igloo Fun

Willow Room Snow Day Igloo Fun

KJP Moose Sweater Dress (See all KJP sweaters here. Matching Moose Bandana, Fleece, Flannel and Blanket.) / LLBean Shearling-Lined Boots (The taller version is awesome, too!) / Sweater Tights / Frizzy Hair / Girls’ Heart Dresses (LOVE this set, too!) / Girls’ Faux Fur Vests

We’ve had two snow days in a row here in Chicago, and it’s been just what we needed to lift our spirits! ❄️ We spent Saturday morning trying to build a snowman at the park—we failed 😜 but still had a ton of fun—and then Mitch somehow scored an individual igloo/greenhouse structure at Willow Room. We were all ecstatic! (And a bit disheveled, haha!)

Recent Finds, 1/15

Dachshund Mug Recent Finds 1/15

Dachshund Mug / Desk / Chair / Diamond Jute Rug / Gray Malin Print / Lemon Wallpaper / Curtains / Lamp / Editorial Calendar on Floor / Chandelier / iMac

I just want to say thank you to everyone who reached out about how important it is to buy a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. It really didn’t occur to me that it could make that much of a difference, but apparently it DOES, haha. Thank you! And while I’m a little sad about going faux indoors, I feel like we’ve been making real progress every year with simplifying and thus enjoying the holidays more… and this decision will certainly help.

(Note: We still plan on supporting tree farmers and local stands. I think we’ll simply get a real tree for the outside of the house. We had a faux one outside this year, so I suppose that we’re just switching things around!)

November Playlist

November 2020 Playlist

Blast! (I love that word. I say this a lot, but I’ve always felt like a British girl trapped in an American’s body. I JUST WANT TO BE BRITISH. 😂)

I’ve been keeping up with making Spotify playlists, but the holidays did me in… and I totally forgot to publish them in November and December. Oh well; picking up where we left off. Here’s the one I made in November!

If you’re new to this series—here are my playlists for June, July, August and September—I highlight a few songs from each playlist and explain why I love them or what meaning they hold for me. :)

A Walk Through Lincoln Park, Vol. 2

A Recent Walk Through Lincoln Park

Baby Jogger Stroller (Favorite stroller of all time! It basically pushes itself.) / Crewcuts Puffer / Velvet Leopard Dress / Girls’ Uggs (These waterproof Uggs are our favorite.) / My Uggs / Lucy’s Hat (Love this one, too!), Mittens and Snood (This is our favorite, though!) / Water Bottle / Camera + Lens


Joy. Truly, haha.

♥️ PB Valentine’s Day Decor Finds ♥️

PB Valentine’s Day Decor Finds

Watercolor Heart Mug, Plate and Bowl (See full collection here.) / Peony WreathHeart Tea TowelsWooden Heart Bowl / Heart Table Throw / Fuzzy Heart Pillows / Love Bug Blanket / Hearts Sheets / Felt Mailbox / Heart Wall Hanging / Heart Bath Mat / Heart Pajamas / Rattan Heart Basket / Rainbow Heart Garland / “Be Mine” Garland / Gingham Apron / Bunny Crib Sheet / Peek-a-Boo Bunny and Bunny Blanket “Thumbie” / Ballerina Pillow / Artificial Dahlia Arrangement / Artificial Peonies Bouquet / Artificial Peonies Arrangement

If you caught my recent Target decor post, you’re probably sensing that I’m all in for Valentine’s Day this year. 🙈

I’m really trying to make things feel special and happy and exciting for the girls now that Christmas is over and there’s so much uncertainty. (I don’t think Emma truly understands what’s going on in our country right now, but I do think she can sense that we’re sad.)

I’ve honestly been pretty worried about Emma; Lucy’s spent nearly half her life in quarantine and she’s happy as a clam just playing and being with us. But Emma sees so few people—I honestly can’t remember the last time she saw a friend outside of FaceTime—and Christmas was getting her through. We recently made the tough decision to not send her back to school with the (very small) first wave of students out of respect for the teachers, who aren’t comfortable returning. And while she’s still smiling and laughing, I do think that it was hard for her. I know it was for us! Valentine’s Day, though, is something to look forward to. Mini celebrations are everything this year. :)

Okay, sorry. I just re-read that and I’m sounding like a real downer, haha. ♥️ YAY FOR VALENTINE’S DAY! ♥️ (But seriously. 😆)

Recent Finds, 1/8

Recent Finds, 1/8 The Madewell herringbone coat

The Madewell herringbone coat is BACK!

Here’s what usually goes live on Friday, which is why the post is called “Recent Finds, 1/8.”

Hope you guys are having a good weekend and taking care of yourselves. If you have a moment, please read this piece by Clint Smith, who’s a spectacular writer, and one that I’ve respected for a while now. ♥️

Aaaaand now back to watching “My Little Pony.” I know you’re jealous.

My Favorite Face Masks

My Favorite Face Masks

Face Masks / Chateau Puffer Jacket (ON SALE! Full Review Here.) / Softest Non-Itch Hat / Girls’ Puffer Jackets / Lucy’s Everyday Leggings / Kids’ Waterproof Uggs (Lucy’s are hand-me-downs!) / J.Crew Factory Cozy Jeans (THE BEST.) / Nordic Boots / Leather Gloves

Well, THIS POST is a long time coming!

It took me a while to find an awesome face mask that I swear by. I tried a LOT! But nearly a year later, I have a favorite: Little Flower Fabric, which you can find on Etsy. This goes without saying, but wearing a mask is of the utmost importance, especially now… and finding one that works for you is ridiculously important, too.

I stumbled upon these a few months ago while looking for better options, and they’re so good. I really can’t recommend them more!

4 Ways to Take Action with M3

4 Ways to Take Action with M3

In light of yesterday’s horrific and heartbreaking events, I wanted to reserve today’s blog post to introduce something actionable. ♥️

My Block My Hood My City (M3) is an amazing Chicago-based nonprofit organization that provides people with opportunities to step outside their comfort zones and “explore new communities, cultures and cuisines in an effort to gain a greater understanding of the world.” It offers mentoring for underprivileged youth; youth-senior wellness calls for those isolated by the pandemic; and aid for senior citizens in need of things like hand sanitizer, food and toiletries. You might remember me talking about M3 over the holidays, too, as they worked to decorate 12 miles and over 500 homes along the historic Martin Luther King Jr. Drive this year! Pretty incredible!

The My Block My Hood My City website is fantastic, and I really urge you to explore it! These days, especially during COVID, searching for ways to take action can be overwhelming. But M3 makes it very easy. Here are a few ways that you can do something right now—even if you don’t live in Chicago!

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A Walk Through Lincoln Park

A Walk Through Lincoln Park

January, February and March are my walking months in Chicago, even when there isn’t a global pandemic going on. They always seem to clear my mind and help me put things into perspective. These days, I head out in the morning with Lucy before her nap, while Emma’s in her remote learning class and Mitch is working. It’s pretty cold, so the noise of the city is softer… and that allows for some good thinking and chats with Lucy. (She’s not talking yet, but she does make sounds of approval, which is nice. She agrees with nearly everything I say! I’ve always loved that kid. 😂) I’ll admit that it takes quite a bit of work to get out the door—so much gear!–but it’s worth it.

I grabbed my camera yesterday on the way out, and it made the walk even more enjoyable! As I’ve mentioned, the weather is pretty gloomy in Chicago right now; so much of the snow has turned a lovely shade of brown, and the majority of the Christmas decor has either come down or is looking mighty tired. But my camera has always helps me find the beauty in less-than-perfect settings and chapters, and I so enjoyed combing through the photos last night. :)

Here are a few!

J.Crew Chateau Puffer Jacket Review

J.Crew Chateau Puffer Jacket Review

Solid J.Crew Chateau Puffer Jacket and in Navy/White Combo (Wool version here and girls’ version here.) / Roadtripper Jeans (Comfiest line of denim ever!) / Nordic Boots / Striped Vintage Terry Turtleneck (Size down. LOVE IT! Gray and black solid versions on crazy sale here. Lighter speckled gray here. Solid pink, camel, white and green here.)

I am the official spokesperson for the J.Crew Chateau Puffer Jacket.

JK, I’m not. That’s not a thing. 😆

But I am a fangirl, and I shall continue to show you the jacket in all the colors—okay, not all… but a lot—from now until Chicago does not look like a scene from Frozen.

Seriously, though: It’s phenomenal. Here’s everything you need to know:

Best Of: Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Best Of: Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Henley T-Shirt Dress / Mini Loro Dress (Women’s version here.)

Enter to win $200 to shop the sale here! Winner will be contacted late this afternoon.

Have you shopped the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale today?!

Here are my picks:

Other faves:


Cold weather

The solids


Happy prints

$200 Giveaway + Sneak Peek: January 2021 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

January Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

The January Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale starts tomorrow, Monday, January 4th around 8:00 am(ish) EST and will run through 11:59 pm EST on Tuesday, January 5th.

You can check out my tips and tricks for shopping the sale here; I published it in September, during the summer APS Sale, but the info is mostly still pertinent to this one! :) Per usual, there will be a virtual line, and new styles will be added the morning of the second day of the sale.

Anyway, scroll down for a sneak peek of some of the sale products (and prices) that you’ll see over the next couple of days… and to enter to win $200 to shop the sale, simply:

Target Valentine’s Day Decor Finds

Target Valentines Day Decor Finds

Pink Hearts Tassel Pillow / Red Heart Pillow / Melamine Heart Plates and Bowls / Scattered Hearts Kitchen Towel and Table RunnerHearts in Stripes Kitchen Towel / Artificial Roses Wreath / XOXO Window Clings and Hearts Window Clings / Rainbow Wall or Window Hanging / Hearts Paper Plates / Woven Corn Husk Wreath / Pink Grass Wreath / Blush Faux Fur Pillow / Square Beaded Hearts Pillow / XO Mug / LOVE Pillow /  Hearts Throw Blanket / Scratch Art Kit / Character Card Kit / Hearts Sheets / Pink Bunny Bank

2020 turned me into a Target addict. I’m fine with it. 😜 I’ve become very into decorating for all the holidays, as I’ve found that it gives everyone in the family (even Mitch and me!) something to look forward to… without breaking the bank. Mini celebrations for the win. :)