No matter how prepared I think I am, a couple days before traveling I immediately begin to panic—and cue the Amazon order! (It’s fine, I’m fine, everything is fine. 😂)  We’re all counting down to the holidays and this felt like a good time to share some family travel essentials from my Amazon list.

Foldable Tray / Car Organizer / Rolling Backpack / Car Trash Can / Toiletry Bag / Kid Headphones / Contact Lens Case / Car Seat Bag / Sound Machine / Portable Charger / Packing Cubes / Travel Bottles / Mini Jewelry Organizer

When it comes to flying with kids, my MO is to CHECK EVERYTHING. Just do it guys, okay? This car seat bag helps me tell our carseats apart from everyone else’s at baggage claim. It comes in black too, but I never miss the red on the conveyor belt! I *wish* I thought of this foldable airplane tray. It’s GENIUS. Straps keep it from moving around. Nothing falls on the floor. There’s pockets AND a cup holder! I’m such a fan. A rolling backpack is a game changer in airports. Your kids don’t have to hold or even wear anything—all they have to do is push or pull it. Which means no complaining! Everybody wins. (Everybody wins when you remember the portable charger too because a dead iPad is just… not recommended. 🤣 Make sure to pack their headphones!)

You should never, EVER take a road trip without a mini trash can. This one is waterproof (!) and can be fastened to a seat, headrest, or console. Whether you have kids or not, you’re going to want to get a car organizer. Books, toys, electronics, snacks—everything stays super organized. I will do ANYTHING to minimize the chaos of spending way too many hours in the car 🤪 but it’s so great for short drives too.

Sleep can be hard enough to come by in your own bed and a sound machine makes being away from home WAY easier. Also making it easier? Travel bottles for your liquids, a mini jewelry organizer, a contact lens case, and PACKING CUBES. Please don’t underestimate how much packing cubes can change your life. They seem frivolous until you try them, and then you will NEVER go back! Trust me. (Also, how cute is this toiletry bag? There’s a million other sayings and a few different colors!)