Guys. Why didn’t anyone tell me Christmas is less than TWO WEEKS AWAY?!

Woo-ee, I am not ready. Like, physically, I definitely am (send help haha), but I still haven’t gotten all my shopping done yet. 🙈 Standard shipping deadlines are happening within the next couple of days at most places, but almost all of these $50-and-under finds can be purchased on Amazon or at a major brick-and-mortar retailer like Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and Sephora if you’re coming across this a little bit later!

Cashmere Sweater / Trinket Box / Set of 2 Frames / Phone Case / Cashmere Gloves / Set of 3 Cream Blush and Highlighter / Lip Butter Balm / Cubic Zirconia Studs / Coffee Table Book / Candle Warmer / Reed Diffuser / Silk Pillowcase

Does Quince have a fan club? Because if so, I should probably run for president (in all my spare time haha). The prices are UNREAL for the quality of their timeless staples, so you can give people really fancy gifts on a not-so-fancy budget! Their $50 cashmere sweater is famous, comes in an entire rainbow of colors, and has approximately 7 million five-star reviews. Speaking of, THESE CASHMERE GLOVES ARE ONLY $30. Why don’t we all have these?! It’s practically theft. 😉 So are these cubic zirconia studs. I am not a “real jewelry” girl, and they look just as realistic as Lucy’s $9.99 diamond ring. IYKYK! I also threw in this tortoiseshell phone case, because I feel like it’s one of those things you only buy when you get a new phone. So chic though, right?

I’m all about a good coffee table book, as much for reading as for decor. Shea McGee recently released The Art of Home and every single page looks absolutely stunning. I love our home so much, but if I could move into all of those spaces? There would be no. stopping. me. This trinket box is SO BEAUTIFUL and literally looks like you picked it up at an antique shop. There’s a good chance people are getting candles for Christmas, and this candle warmer will make them last FOREVER. (And if they’re not a candle person, what about a reed diffuser?!) I can’t think of anyone—least of all me 😂—who remembers to print updated photos out in a timely manner, so this set of frames (paired with cute pictures!) is all but a guaranteed win.

Carly is obsessed with the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm and says it’s super hydrating with perfectly subtle color and shine. If she loves it, I’m 100% positive you and your gift recipients will too. While we’re on the topic of people’s favorite beauty buys, almost everyone I know LOVES Ilia’s cream blush and highlighter, and this set gets you three multi-sticks for under $50! (I’m a big fan of their mascara.) Also, silk pillowcases. I know they’re SO good for your hair and skin, and yet, I still haven’t gotten them. Why am I like this?! Do as I say, not as I do. 🤣