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Did you sit at the “kids’ table” during the holidays growing up? (Or maybe, like me at my parents’ home, you still sit there. 😆)  But we recently gave the kids’ table at our house a long-awaited “glow-up,” and I can definitely see myself sneaking over there from the adult table, haha.

Paper Source, which is located right on Armitage in Lincoln Park but also has a great online site, offers tons of sweet and magical details—many of which are hand-drawn by staff members! (Btw: Use code “KELLY10” for 10% off your order!) There are also so many activities and DIY projects sure to keep tiny hands occupied during holiday meals. And let’s be serious: that can be the difference between a mom actually being able to eat versus running back and forth between tables!

While this might seem like this was a good amount of work, it was actually very quick and easy, as Paper Source makes it easy. Fifteen minutes, I’d say, between the time I stepped into the store and checked out! And setting it all up was really fun.

I also must thank my blog readers, as I now know exactly how the table will look on Christmas Eve. I put everything in a big plaid box, and it’s ready to go. ;) You guys are the best!

One last note: The Paper Source gift wrap selection is incredible. It has the ability to take a great gift and make it extraordinary! And the older I get, the more I realize that it’s so often about the presentation. And, of course, the thought. 😉 But the brand certainly makes going that extra mile very, very straightforward and simple. Browse the selection here, and don’t forget to use code “KELLY10” for 10% off your order!


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