All materials used // Lucy’s room details

So I found this scalloped nightstand on Facebook Marketplace for $50, and I knew it was the perfect piece for trying my hand at furniture refinishing—something I’ve been wanting to get into for a while!

The nightstand had some damage, but instead of repainting, I decided to try to bring it back to natural wood with this orange Citri Strip goo.

I left it on for a few hours and then the paint basically slid off. I used mineral spirits to wash it off, steel wool to get any remaining paint, and then tack cloth to remove that residue.

Then I geared up to use my husband’s orbital sander—also from Marketplace—and sanded it down as best I could. It worked really well but I realized the table was made out of poplar wood, which is really meant for painting. (HAHA.) Be sure to use a respirator and goggles for this part!

To get rid of the naturally occurring green tint, I read that I could set it outside and give it a “suntan,” and WOW! It worked. But I applied some household bleach with a sponge for good measure, too.

There was a lot of sanding and waiting between every one of these steps, but next up was pre-conditioning the wood and staining. I used Minwax “Early American,” and then gave it a few coats of (non-yellowing) polycrylic so it could withstand wear and tear.

All materials used // Lucy’s room details

It’s the perfect touch to Lucy’s bedroom. She loves it! (And I can’t believe I did this. 😆)