6-Minute Diary / Bunny Slippers / Writing Tablet / Initial Pouch / Botanical Press / Flower Sunglasses / Karaoke Machine / Angel Doll / Stick-On Earrings / Beauty Tools / Water Bottle / Beach Toys

GUYS. Who decided Easter was going to be in March this year?! (It’s fine, I’m fine, but also… seriously, WHO.) I know I’m not the only mom who feels this way, so here’s a look at my frantic 😅 Amazon searches recently. You can still get all of this in time for Sunday!

6-Minute Diary: Supporting our kids’ emotional wellbeing is so important, and this resource looks INCREDIBLE—I might just get one for Emma. I think it would facilitate some great conversations, or at the very least promote healthy self-reflection.

Bunny Slippers: I mean… For Easter? I had to. Do they make these in adult sizes? (JK. Kind of.)

Writing Tablet: I love this. It’s a screen without being screen time and lets them make art without a ton of paper markers scattered everywhere.

Initial Pouch: I’d put the girls’ Easter candy in this! And then later they could use them to organize all the little trinkets they accumulate. (Because they do, somehow, always accumulate.)

Botanical Press: Okay, so we live in a city, which means nature is a little harder to come by here than in other places. If you don’t though, PLEASE get this and let us live vicariously through you. So many crafting possibilities!

Flower Sunglasses: This is our kind of nature. 😂 But really, these are too fun and they come in a zillion colors.

Karaoke Machine: I think we’re all well-acquainted with Lucy’s passion for karaoke by now, haha, and I have to say, it’s entertaining for *everyone.* Do I sometimes end up in hiding to get away from the noise? Sure, but no regrets.

Angel Doll: This is just SO cute. The doll is whimsical but neutral, so of course it’s right up my alley. 🤣

Stick-On Earrings: Do these make you feel nostalgic, or do these make you feel nostalgic?! I mean, they’re from CLAIRE’S. I can’t think of a single little girl (ahem, Lucy) who wouldn’t be obsessed.

Beauty Tools: I’m a big believer in imaginative play, and this set immediately caught my eye. The price is great, and all the pieces are adorable!

Water Bottle: I know there are a lot more fancy water bottles out there, but these. are. INDESTRUCTIBLE. So great to have on hand.

Beach Toys: Are these not some of the most attractive beach toys you’ve ever seen?! They come in a few other aesthetically pleasing colors and the included bag is a nice bonus.