Recent Finds 3/20


I usually publish this series on Fridays because they’re fun, lighthearted and (very honestly) easy. And since yesterday was a rough one, I’m just going to go with last week’s “Recent Finds” today. It never ran, after all, and my brain needs a little break–as I’m sure yours does, too!

How are you guys holding up? Self quarantining isn’t bad; life has obviously slowed down considerably, and I have lots of interrupted time with the girls, which I’m grateful for. But… you know. I just can’t shake the fear factor. It’s ever-present.

When I wake up in the morning, though, I’m brought back to pre-pandemic life… if only for a moment or two before I remember. And I’ve been thinking about how I took for granted those relatively simple times. The things I worried out? Silly. Or most of them, at least. So I guess I’m trying to think about how I’ll live life with an entirely different perspective once we beat the virus.

Because we are going to beat it. And today’s a new day! I really do think that attitude is a choice, so let’s be upbeat this Friday, and continue to work toward encouraging friends and family to stay home if at all possible.

Here are a few of my finds from last week along with some additional ones that I stumbled across while watching Jimmy Fallon’s at-home show on the couch with Mitch and Noodle. (SO worth a watch. I look forward to it every night!)

xoxo. Sending love.

PS: Mitch is getting really good at ukulele. Check it out on Stories. 😂

Very much into chunky cardigans worn alone and tucked into high-rise jeans!

Such a cute skirt! Right up my alley. :)

I saw this on Banana Republic’s site the other day while I was picking out clothing for an upcoming collaboration with them, and I loved it!

And these loafers. They apparently have zero break-in time.

GUYS. I bought these earlier in the year, and they’re 100 percent my most-worn heels. (Well, they used to be, before I transitioned to socks full-time. But you know.) I can’t recommend them more. So comfortable and the BEST for travel since they go with nearly everything. And on sale right now.

These look just like Chanels!

This, top, which I also own, is majorly on sale. It’s great! Very wrinkle-resistant, falls perfectly, and thick & warm.

Another favorite purchase of the year, and crazy reduced right now.

YES to these jeans. Great white jeans are hard to find, and these are soft and super comfortable. Highly recommend. I can also wear normal underwear with them without lines!

AND THIS! Haha. Sorry. I’m very spirited tonight. Mitch and I are currently watching Jimmy Fallon’s at home show and drinking wine so you know. But yeah. I wear this top all the time and can’t believe how discounted it is right now. Well, I mean, I can. But… you know.

This is beautiful.

As is this.

A cute liner or cozy coat for spring days.

Isn’t this cute?!

I LOVE THESE. I’ve tried a bunch of boyfriend/girlfriend jeans, and I have a feeling that these are going to be my faves. I should probably try them on, haha.

Got really into sneakers in February. Which is nice now, considering.

I’m dreaming of wearing this on a lovely vacation somewhere tropical. I guess we all are, though.

So pretty!

I’m all about cozy, and this is cozy and polished.

Scalloped skirts are back! :)

I have this in the navy gingham from last year (or the year before?) and it’s a fave.

The scalloped detailing on the bottom!

Springtime button-downs. This one wins.

Forget paying $300 for a scalloped swimsuit. They’re apparently everywhere now! And with PADDING.

Coz to the E.

Sorry. Wine.

Mom, isn’t this so cute?! I think you need this. Sorry, Dad.

The sleeves! Add to cart, Mom.

Also love this one.

This has been on my wishlist for a while! It’s a signature shirt, but apparently new prints are added frequently. :)

REALLY WANT TO TRY. So many colors. Obviously drawn to the pink.

One of my most-worn shirts and I’ve had it for something like four or five years! I have it in blue but love the pink, too. Great for travel since it’s crinkly by nature and you don’t have to worry about it getting wrinkly. ;)

Loved it so much that I included it twice! This post is a disaster.

Buttons. Very cute detail. I like.

Yay, Factory! All of Factory’s jeans have been so soft this year so I’m very curious as to whether these are, too! (Can someone weigh in?)

THEY’RE BACK. The bow detailing!!!

Yep. With a striped button-down underneath? All the feels. I’ve reverted back to my 20s.


Sailor pants. Take me back to the Jersey Shore…

Oh my goodness. I mean… these are a must, right?

STOP THE PRESSES. Though do we think the cinching around the waist will be uncomfortable? Don’t worry, guys. I’ll let you know soon.

This would make for a BEAUTIFUL wedding dress for a casual affair, don’t you think?! I’m such a fan. It’s stunning.

Obsessed. Julia, you need this. But I’m sure you’re annoyed by people sending you lemon stuff all the time, haha.

Without anything under it, so cute! Worn like a shirt.


I have an older version of this and I wear it all.the.time. Monogrammed mine with a little “KSL” on it. Very cute.

Dreamy pajamas in a print?! (The Dreamy line is awesome. So cozy yet lightweight. The only PJs I wear.)

Cane bag!

People say this shirt is great. I’m skeptical. It’s so expensive! But it’s on major sale right now so I’m curious…

Obviously need to wear a camisole under it, but this is beautiful.

In top form! Okay, guys. I’m out. Sending love.