Recent Finds, 7/8 - Lilly Pulitzer Navy Scalloped Striped Dress c/o / Newer Version of my Woven Tote / Monogram Jack Rogers c/o (Solids are on sale!)

Lilly Pulitzer Navy Scalloped Striped Dress c/o / Newer Version of my Woven Tote (But how cute is this one?!) / Monogram Jack Rogers c/o (Solids are on sale!)

Hi, guys! It’s been a while since I sat down to blog.

I pre-scheduled all of last week’s posts so I wouldn’t have to open my laptop while I was with my family on the Jersey Shore, and it was the BEST. Before I had my own blog, I never thought about how long putting together a post could take. But if you think about the organizing, shooting, editing, layout, linking, writing–it can be a lot of time! So yes. Almost killed me, but worth it. 😂

Anyway, let’s get to this week’s musings, Top 10 products, weekend plans & Recent Finds:


I love this dress! Lilly sent it to me for our trip to the Shore, and I know it’s a “forever dress” — you know: those dresses that will always be in your closet. If you look closely, the navy stripes are actually tiny scallops! I love the little tie in the back (which still allows for a regular bra), and the fact that it’s wrinkle-resistant since it’s a cotton-rayon-polyester-spandex material. It runs totally TTS. I’m wearing an XS here, which is my normal size in dresses.

Ocean City was amazing. We spent two days with my brother and sister-in-law who were in from New Orleans; a couple of days with Grammie, which was SUCH a treat; and a day with my Aunt Michelle and cousin, Cassidy. (And, of course, my parents and brother, Danny, were there the whole time.) We mostly spent our days playing on the beach with Emma, and it was so lovely and relaxing. There were lots of big family dinners, boat rides, walks to the ice cream stand, trips to the Boardwalk, and cocktails out on the deck. I even read a book! It was perfect, and I’m already missing my fam. :)

I’m writing this on Friday, during our 14-hour drive back to Chicago. We have two hours left and we’re all counting the minutes, haha. I wouldn’t recommend taking a substantial road trip with a two-year-old, but as I think I mentioned last week, we missed our flight for unavoidable work reasons, and… here we are. We bought Emma that iPad like I told you guys, and that’s been a major help. Almost there, almost there…

So many blog posts went up over this past week!

This week’s 10 most popular products

Jack Rogers on sale: What a deal! I grabbed a new pair of the white ones because my old ones are super beaten up. You can’t beat the price!

Navy striped maxi dress: Another steal. I wore the dress in this recent blog post. Runs totally TTS!

Little red dress: (It’s on Nordstrom, too!) I promise that I’ll stop blogging about this dress… soon. ;) It’s just SO CUTE! I wore it in this blog post.

Striped tee with twist sleeves: A summer essential.

$38 peacoat: It’s available in a ton of different colors, and it’s a great transitional coat for early fall! (I’m wearing it in this blog post.)

Horse bit loafer: They’re soft and comfy and require zero break-in time. :)

White jumpsuit: It’s basically an exact copy of the white jumpsuit I’m wearing here!

Skinny jeans: They’re awesome. I honestly want to buy another pair. They’re so soft and don’t stretch out, and run TTS. I’m wearing them here.

Drapey black top: A repeat offender! :) Again, incredibly soft, feels like you’re wearing pajamas, and it’s a “going out” top! It’s crazy cheap, too. It’s in this blog post.

Navy tie-sleeve polka dot top: Also seen in this blog post.

What’s on tap for the weekend

Well, it’s Sunday… so… I guess I’ll report back tomorrow. 😂

Recent Finds

They’re mostly all on sale, which is fun!

They’re on sale! Snatch ’em up while you can.

Love this top with white jeans: exactly as it’s pictured. On sale. ;)

Here’s that maxi dress (on sale!) I wore in this post! Runs TTS.

Can’t stop won’t stop. Also at Nordstrom.

Another great sale find. I haven’t seen this classic bag in navy, and I think it would go with everything, year-round!

The ever-popular faux leather tote is back, and discounted. You can fit so much in it!

I’ve been looking for a new woven belt to cinch in dresses, and I think I’ve found a winner!

Love the back on this (sale) dress.

Reminiscent of the J.Crew striped maxi that the company refuses to bring back, haha. This one is on sale and I love that bow!

Could easily dress it up or down. :) And, of course, it’s on sale.

Isn’t this dress SO CUTE? I’ve really only seen this style in cotton and linen, but I love that this one is a blend of polyester and spandex, which makes me think it wouldn’t wrinkle as easily!

I hate how the model is styling it, but I love this lace-y cardigan, perhaps with a navy camisole or tee. (On sale!)

So cozy! Love the ties and the price.

Oh my goodness. The bees. With a simple black tee and a great pair of black chunky heels?

GUYS GET THEM. They’re on sale, and they’re the comfiest chunk heel sandals I own. I love them in red because they give my normal navy-and-white summer outfits an extra pop of color, but I’m also considering them in gold or black!

Would pair this pink gingham button-down (also on sale) with white jeans and sandals — so easy!

What do we think about the ruffled gingham bomber jacket?

Yes! So classy. And a great deal.

I’ve been looking for white pumps for a long time. These are a bargain and look very comfy!

Such a sweet, flowy top. (And on sale. Are we sensing a pattern?!)

Haven’t tried these, but they’re price matched this week and they get good reviews. Always after a great pair of white skinnies!

Not on sale but I need a new one and this is kind of just a memo to myself. ;) Haha!


I love the sleeves on this (sale) navy striped dress!

The navy striped rain coat is ALSO on sale.

I ordered these last week; I’ll let you know how they fit once they arrive! From the reviews, though, it seems like you need to order one or two sizes up. (Extra tricky because they don’t come in half sizes.) I normally wear a 7.5, so I ordered an 8 and a 9 just in case.

Look at the lining. LOOK AT THE LINING! *Adds to cart.*

Hideous or adorable? I just can’t decide.

Strawberry scarf on sale. Love adding scarves to simple white tees and calling it a day.

A great navy polka dot dress is difficult to find, and this one is on sale, too.

The price! The price!

The navy bow-backed dress is on sale, too.

Pretty sure I already included this one. I’m tired guys. It’s been a long drive.

Stop it. I so wish I had worn these to last week’s lobster fest. ;)

Normally dislike printed tees, but this one is cute! And on sale. Duh. ;)