10 Things You Might Not Know About the Larkins

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I saw my friend Liz do a similar post, and I thought I’d give it a whirl and break up the monotony of Bermuda posts. Though I am pretty proud of myself and buckling down to edit thousands of photos and post ’em. ;) More to come, of course. 😂

  • When Noodle was a few weeks old, a baby gate was accidentally dropped on her back at the breeder’s house, and she almost died. I was heartbroken when I heard the news, as I’d already fallen in love with her. But she pulled through! She does, however, have some PTSD symptoms, which yes: makes me sound like a cray dog lady. But apparently it’s a thing for dogs, too. We really can’t walk her outside of a three-block radius without her having a panic attack, and all she wants in life is a backyard where she can play and feel safe in. (Working on it, Noodle!) She’s terrified of men, floating plastic bags, and trucks. But she’s such a good dog and we adore here. Did you read this recent post about Noodle?
  • Mitch and I used to have a wedding photography business. We did it on the side for a couple of years while we were teaching. For a while, things were going well, but it soon became clear that I couldn’t handle wedding stress on a regular basis. Every once in a while, I’ll shoot one for a friend or acquaintance, and it’s SO fun. With those exceptions, though, I’m simply not cut out for being anything but the second shooter. I was constantly worried that I wasn’t capturing what the bride and groom wanted, or that I’d miss the first kiss and other momentous things. (One time Mitch had to pull me into a back room because I thought I’d accidentally deleted an SD card and was hyperventilating. Turns out I hadn’t, but yep: not meant for the job.) I also struggled with the time commitment. There is, of course, the fact that I was spending most of my weekends shooting… but the photos needed to be edited as well, which a massive amount of time that I didn’t have. So I quit, which was a little shocking to family and friends because they knew I wanted to eventually become a full-time photographer. But it was the right decision. My stint in wedding photography also led to great opportunities! I obviously utilize much of what I learned here on the blog, I still do freelance photography work for various companies, and I love the fact that I have so many family photos that I’ll cherish forever. So I’m happy I did it! But whoa: wedding photographers deserve way more credit than they get. It’s so, so hard.
  • We came very close to naming Emma “Lucy.” While we were absolutely in love with the name Emma, we wanted to explore options… and during the exploration period, we fell in love with Lucy. It’s definitely still on the table if we’re ever blessed with another. “Lucy Larkin”?! So sweet. But who knows! Isn’t it crazy how your preferences can change from year to year?!
  • Building off the last one, Emma is named after Jane Austen’s EmmaI’d been in love with the name since high school, and I was too afraid to tell Mitch about it, fearing that he wouldn’t like it. As I mentioned above, we were between Emma Larkin and Lucy Larkin–and we were unable to decide. But when she came out, Mitch shouted, “It’s Emma!” …and all my dreams came true. <3 You can read Emma’s birth story here, and you can read more about Emma’s name here.
  • I don’t drive. I can technically drive, but I honestly can’t remember the last time that I did. I switched high schools during my junior year of high school and missed Driver’s Ed as a result… and when I finally got around to getting my license, I only had a couple of months of school left. I also didn’t have a car for most of college, and right after I graduated, I sold the car and moved to New York. In total, I think I’ve only driven for two months consecutively, and that was a decade ago! Long story short: don’t get into a car with me, haha. I’m a far better walking companion. Or a subway companion! I enjoy subways.
  • Mitch lived in South Africa for six months. The experience deeply affected him, and I want more than anything to go back with him before we’re 40. (Just the two of us.) Ideally, I’d surprise him with a trip… but not sure I’d be able to pull off his dream trip without his input. (Also, no worries. We’re on vacation right now, so I know he won’t read this.😂)
  • My dream job isn’t blogging. Don’t get me wrong: I really, really like it, and I feel so lucky to be doing something I enjoy that allows me to stay home with Emma. Eventually, though, I would like to stop blogging full time, live a tad more privately, and explore a different passion. I’d still blog; just not to the degree that I currently am. Anyway, I haven’t made it happen yet, but I’m working on it. :) Maybe in a couple of years?
  • We’re kind of house hunting. I haven’t spoken about this on the blog yet, but we’re starting to outgrow our current home, and we refuse to pay the outrageous taxes on a larger home here. What this means, we’re not sure yet. But we’re exploring options and trying to figure out how to get more space, a backyard, and some additional bedrooms and play space–while still living an urban lifestyle. Our goal is to find something by next year, so we’re in hardcore saving mode right now. Cross your fingers for us!
  • I used to live in California. My family moved to Sacramento when I was little because my dad was stationed there in the Air Force. My parents actually considered staying, but my mom ended up missing New York too much, so they returned to Long Island. When I was in middle school, my dad had an opportunity to transfer out to the L.A. area, but I was the only person who was “pro.” 😂
  • We’re extremely close with our neighbors. I think it’s because we sit on our front steps all the time, and therefore people stop when they’re passing by. :) But it’s SO nice! Whenever we’re feeling down and out, one of us suggests “stoop time,” and our moods always improve. Does anyone else love sitting on their stoop/porch?! We’ve had some of our best conversations and made some of our best friends out there. Of course, its shoddy construction is about to fall into itself… but no matter. ;)

Over and out! Do you like post like these? Would you be interested in a regular series? Mitch wants people to send in questions; what do you think about that?!