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Old sweatshirt, but a fave. Check out J.Crew’s Monogram Shop!

I know, I know. Monograms aren’t quite as popular as they used to be. Gone are the days of giant monogram necklaces–which, by the way, I wore on my wedding day. ;) But if done properly, I think they’re amazingly beautiful and classy!

I love monogramming via J.Crew’s online site. I don’t do it often; I’d say I probably monogram one thing per year. But those pieces have remained favorites, and I find myself reaching for them again and again. I also receive so many compliments (and questions!) about ’em.

At J.Crew, monogramming an item costs $10, and there are a variety of styles you can choose from. The two options currently being offered are the “Classic Block” monogram and the “Diamond.” I really don’t think you can go wrong with either, but you can see the Diamond above! Depending on the product, J.Crew will also give you placement options. Some of them are really fun; I love the placement on the cuff. (No one knows it’s there but you!)

Anyway, I thought I’d highlight a few of my favorite “monogram-able” products today. Which is your fave?!

Products to Monogram at J.Crew:

These are the classic J.Crew pajamas. I have them in this color, and they’re GREAT for hot summer nights. For the longest time, I slept in leggings and a t-shirt, but over the last few years, I’ve found myself loving actual PJ sets. They’re comforting and they signal bedtime! :)

I have this in camel, light pink and gray. GET IT. It’s gorgeous, and I love that it looks like a blazer yet it’s super cozy.

Don’t have this sweater, but it’s been on my wish list for some time. Looks great for fall! So slouchy.

The classic Tippi sweater. A must for every girl’s closet.

JEANS! So fun. Love the monogram on the back pocket.

Can’t get over the price on this one! Have been eyeing it for a while. :)

The classic tee.

I wear this shirt so often that I have two of them! Didn’t realize you could monogram it; now I’m wondering whether I need a third, haha!

FAVORITE PAJAMAS EVER. They make for great gifts, btw. Super soft and cozy, and they don’t wrinkle. LOVE.

I also have this sweater in a ton of colors. I usually wait until it goes on sale, but it’s a staple in my closet. I wear them like t-shirts! (Remember: I live in Chicago.)

I don’t have this shirt, but I have a similar one from C.Wonder that I wear on the reg. (Probably once a week?!) Love it.

What a cute idea! A monogrammed bikini bottom! Love the placement.

And the timeless brown leather crossbody. Another great gift!