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Featured: Cynthia Rowley Pencil Cup, “Hold Everything Pouch,” Gold Stapler, Folders, Copy Paper and Carton, and Notebook (Coming soon!) c/o

After the flood, our home office became quite the site. It was the easiest place to store misplaced stuff, and things got a little out of control in there as a result. Just last week, I was working amidst boxes and tubs, and I often couldn’t find Noodle in the mess. I mean, Girlfriend is really low to the ground, but STILL. Things were bad!

Of course, my little office still has a LONG way to go. I’d like to replace the Ikea shelves at some point, get a larger (green) rug, paint the walls, hang some art, find an actual desk, and somehow improve the lighting situation. (The room is the back of the house and doesn’t get much exposure. You have no idea how challenging it was to get some relatively decent photos! White balance disaster.)

But I’m so excited to reveal a much cleaner, cheerier space today. :)

In my first year of self employment, I’ve learned that I’m significantly impacted by my surroundings. I need to work in clean, cheery, well-lit spaces or else I end up feeling overwhelmed, uninspired and sad. And as silly as this sounds, I’m happier and far more productive if I have pretty office supplies. Anyone else secretly wished away the end of summer as a child because she couldn’t wait to go back-to-school shopping?!

Recently, I replaced some older office supplies with pieces from Cynthia Rowley’s (very affordable) new line, available at, and I’m loving their effect on my space. I’m sure you’ve noticed, but I’m a HUGE fan of navy and stripes, and I those are the products I tend to gravitate to. But I’m loving the dimension that Cynthia Rowley’s purple floral prints bring to the room.

Before, I was using a clear plastic container for writing instruments, and its bottom was pretty marked up. Now, though, I don’t even think twice before dropping uncapped pens in the Cynthia Rowley one! (Rebel.) As it isn’t see-through, I can also store other stationary items in there without my desk looking messy.

And can we talk about this adorable stapler for a moment? A good gold stapler is hard to find, and this one is wonderful. Its price point is great, and it’s a sturdy little thing. It also doesn’t take up a ton of room on my desk. As for the pouch, I finally have a safe place for all my SD cards! I now always know where they are, and I love that the case slips perfectly into totes and even small bags. Lifesaver.

The copy paper and carton have particularly come in handy over the last few weeks. I have a lot of contracts to sign and invoices to send during the holiday season–can we believe it’s the holiday season already?!–and using pretty paper makes that whole process a bit more bearable. ;) When I’m done with my paperwork, I’ve been filing it in these gorgeous folders, and slipping it back into the carton. One of these days I’ll get myself a real filing cabinet, but for now, I’m very happy with pretty storage options.

Well, guys. I’m off. Here’s hoping for another super productive day with my new supplies!

Be sure to check out the whole Cynthia Rowley collection at!

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