Silver Mirrored Pumps Bella Dahl-4

Bella Dahl Top (c/o — You can also buy Bella Dahl via Tuckernuck, Anthropologie, Bloomingdales and ShopBop) / Hayden Harnett Tote (c/o — It’s reversible! You can find my other Hayden Harnett tote here!) / J.Crew Jeans and Pearl Earrings / C.Wonder Pumps (I know. Devastation. RIP C.Wonder. I’m obsessed with this similar pair, though.) / Miriam Merenfeld Necklace (c/o) / Max and Chloe Bracelet (c/o) / Kate Spade Sunnies (Old, newer styles here) / Clinique Lipstick (“Chubby Peony”)

GUYS. Do you notice how there isn’t any snow on the sidewalks in these photos? And how I’m not wearing snow boots?! That’s because it was warm yesterday! Well, I mean, it was in the 30s. But throwing off my jacket for a quick couple of minutes wasn’t painful. And I was able to roam around my neighborhood, meet up with a couple of girlfriends without taking an Uber, run errands, take Noodle on a longish walk, and go out in heels. Hallelujah!

Of course, it’s back to zero-degree weather today, but whatever. Yesterday was wonderful. So I’m going to hold onto that, and hope that it’ll get me through the next month or two. Spring is on the horizon, even if it doesn’t feel like it in Chicago!

I have a pretty lovely Sunday planned: Shooting with Maya (brrrrr!), taking Noodle to the dog park, visiting the Art Institute (although that might be a little ambitious), and hosting a small Academy Awards party. While I’m not a huge movie person, Mitch is crazy about them… and while Mitch isn’t a huge fashion person, I love the red carpet. So I’m jazzed! Appetizers, wine, friends and a good show? Count me in. My money’s on Whiplash. Favorite film of the year!

Happy Sunday, all. :)

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