vashi diamonds

One: Round Cut // Two: Round Cut, Side Stones // Three: Round Cut, Three Stones // Four: Blue Sapphire

Recently, I’ve been getting quite a few questions from readers–and/or their significant others–about engagement rings. Which is adorable, and so flattering. (Thank you!) Every time I get an email, I’m filled with excitement and happiness and love for people I don’t know, haha, and it brings me back to that evening on the beach when Mitch knelt down on one knee. :) Sigh. (You can read about his proposal on our wedding site, if you can manage to find the story! Spoiler: it was perfect.)

Picking out an engagement ring can be tricky, whether you’re doing it with your soon-to-be fiancé or alone. So confusing and overwhelming! But recently, I was introduced to Vashi, an online diamond retailer that makes picking out a ring much easier. So today, I’m showcasing my favorite styles and highlighting some helpful tips. :)

Vashi is known for its conflict-free, high quality diamonds; stellar customer service; and fair prices. The retailer has appeared on CNN, CNBC and BBC News, and provides its potential customers with tutorials on understanding carat weight, cut, color and clarity. The site also offers advice on how to select the right metal, care for your jewelry, find the right ring size, and even propose in a unique, memorable way! Finally, Vashi has free shipping and returns, discreet packaging, “double the difference” price guarantees, lifetime warranties and free ring resizing services. Needless to say, I wish Mitch had known about Vashi. He spent months researching before pulling the trigger on a ring! (Awww.)

But let’s get to the styles! I’m all about timeless rings, and above are my favorites. My engagement ring looks very similar to #1 (which I’m obviously partial to), and one of my best friends, Darby, has one that looks just like #2. (So pretty, right?!) My mom has one that looks like #3 (which I actually picked out for my dad to give to her!), and while no one I know has #4, I think it’s gorgeous. :)

If you’re a guy, and set on surprising your significant other, talk to her friends, mother, or any other important person in her life… as long as they’re trustworthy. ;) The subject has probably come up before, and they might know exactly what she’s been dreaming of. They could even have access to secret Pinterest boards!

Mitch weighs in and says decide which of the “Four C’s” (carat, cut, clarity and color) are most important to you, and be reasonable. No need to pay up for certain features that–let’s be serious–are invisible to the naked eye. Again, Vashi offers tons of great tips about this subject.

Our best advice, however, is to stay calm. :) A ring is just a ring, and it’s probably the least important part of your relationship. Chances are she’ll love whatever you pick out because she loves you. Mitch could have proposed with a Ring Pop and I would have been thrilled!

Questions? Feel free to reach out to me (or Mitch!) at You can also contact Vashi’s amazing diamond experts via live chat, phone or e-mail. :)