Recent Finds 10/18

Jess’ Vote T-Shirt: Back in stock in several sizes! And visit!

Oh hey there, Friends!

Jumping right into it today:

The bow boots are also available for women!

Here they are in a taller version.

The most beautiful suede pants.

Love this everyday cable-knit cardigan.

This topper is stunning! The fall tones are great.

Tortoise heels get me every time.

As do kiltie loafers with chunky heels! Very comfy yet make you feel less like 2020?


Same look, lower price.


YAY! Cocoon in herringbone.

They’re microsuede!

Love this whole look. Easy peasy.

The Factory version of the J.Crew classic!

THESE LOOK FABULOUS. Socks attached to boots. What’s not to love?

I have this and wear it SO often when traveling. Great to throw over basically anything; looks really cute over button-downs and turtlenecks in the colder months.

Softest leather gloves I’ve ever owned.

The more casual Day Coat gets an A+ from me!

Quilted cocoon still really high on my list, too.

Boxy terry sweatshirt turtleneck top thing. LOVE.