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Personalized Children’s Books that Write Themselves

Mitch here!

We take story time seriously in this house. No matter how manic or reckless the schedule, Kelly and I wrestle each girl down for a snuggle and a few stories at the end of each day. Story time is special for us. It’s time away from everything else; a time when we can enjoy a few moments together. It’s unlike any other part of our day.

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March is the Worst

Mitch here!

It’s March in Chicago, and if you know what that means, please clue me in. I’m drawing a blank. At its best, March is “blah” and at its worst, well, March is usually the worst. There’s a reason March’s only cultural tradition involves getting drunk in the morning. ☘️ Simply put, March should bite the big one. It sticks out there like the calendar’s stubbed toe with all its wasted potential and underperformance. If I was March’s father, I’d send him (her?) to boarding school. So today,. I’m writing a sternly worded blog post to put March on notice. Screw you, March!

Guide to Buying Hunter Boots

red glossy hunter boots

Hunter Boots (Another option, and see other styles here) / Barbour Jacket (Old, similar here, and here) / Madewell Tote (Old but similar here.) / Hudson Jeans / Daniel Wellington Watch (c/o, Sold out but similar here.) / J.Crew Chambray Shirt (Old but similar here) and Pearl Earrings (Old but similar here) / Kate Spade Sunglasses (Old, but love this similar pair!)

I love getting e-mails from readers. I may not be the best at responding in a timely fashion–seriously, hit me up again if it’s been a month, haha–but I love it. Connecting with people is the number one reason I love blogging, after all.

Anyway, I get a lot of e-mails about Hunter boots, whether in regard to size, style, fit or finish. And as we’re in the middle of “April Showers,” I figured that it’s the perfect time to post about the topic. So, without further ado, below are my tips for buying Hunters!

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