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Reveal: Guest Bathroom with Studio41

Guest Bathroom with Studio41

Mitch here!

Okay, guys. We completed our Guest Bathroom renovation with Studio41! No, it didn’t take one week. 😜 We saved all the content and scheduled it to go live during this timeframe because come on. Everyone wants to see the final reveal when watching an HGTV show, right? So let’s do this!

Chicago Summer Bucket List

Chicago Summer Bucket List

This post is sponsored by your local Hyundai dealers; all opinions are my own. As always, thank you so, so much for supporting the partnerships that keep Kelly in the City up and running!

Mitch here!

I’m not going to bury the lede here; we’re teaming up with Hyundai to give away a car! Yes, you read that correctly. To enter, simply click this link and follow instructions. There is no purchase necessary and the sweepstakes ends on 9/6/22. For official rules, visit here! Best of luck.

The story:

At the beginning of the summer, each member of our family wrote down their “Chicago Summer Bucket List” items on little slips of paper and tossed them in a hat. It’s our goal to cross each of the items off the list throughout the season, and it’s been so much fun so far. This blog post is about our first weekend bucket listing together in Chicago.

Chicago with Mitch: Fishing on Lake Michigan

Fishing on Lake Michigan

Mitch here!

I used to be a devoted fisherman. I took fishing trips around the Midwest as a kid, and even joined a fishing club in college. But as the responsibilities of adulthood set in, I lost interest in it. Recently, though, my friend Peter invited me on to go fishing at the crack of dawn out on Lake Michigan… and I remembered why I love it!

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Mitch, Please: 10 Things (New June)

outdoor deck patio chairs cane | Mitch Please: 10 Things (New June)

OUTDOOR Cane Dining Chairs!

Mitch here!

I love writing these “10 Things” posts. And reading other people’s. They’re addictive. (Good job, Kelly. I see these posts popping up all over the internet now!) And boy do I have some things to write about today. So many things, so little time:

20 Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Mitch

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Emma’s Wedding Guest Dress ($21.41 with code “SHOPNOW” today!) / Emma’s Sandals (25 percent off with code “PALM.”)

Mitch here!

Father’s Day is this weekend, people! I poured my heart and soul into this roundup—jokes, jokes—in case you’re in need of a last-minute gift. And if you’d like a longer list, please head over to our Amazon Shop where I’ve accumulated over 50 unique gift ideas that will all ship in time. Amazon is actually featuring it on their homepage from now until the big day!

Okay, on to the guide: