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Written By Mitch Larkin

Riding in Style (and Safety)

Chicco OneFit ClearTex All-in-One Car Seat

Mitch here!

Nothing in life gives me more anxiety than carseats. They’re typically so wildly confusing to install and frustrating to use that I dream of the day that I’ll be done with them once and for all. Recently, though, Chicco sent us two new OneFit ClearTex All-in-One Car Seats which I’m happy to report has changed everything. They’re awesome. And today I’d like to share exactly why we love them so much.

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The Skylight Calendar

The Skylight Calendar review

Mitch here!

We live crazy lives, and I could use some help managing our two kids’ school schedules, activities, sport, playdates and birthday parties; our two small businesses and their tight deadlines and seasonal chaos; and countless holiday events and gatherings—all while trying to carve out a little bit of time for myself. (Ha.) Luckily I’ve found the new Skylight Calendar, which has simplified our scheduling to a degree that I didn’t know was possible. And I want to sing its praises from the the mountaintops. (Use code KELLYINTHECITY for $10 off orders of $100 or more!)

“Dear Mitch” Advice Column, Vol. II

Dear Mitch Advice Column Vol II

Barbour Shirt

Mitch here!

Trying my hand at Dear Mitch again. (Here’s the first column.) In this week’s installment, we encounter a long-distance couple who is about to “long distance” no more, a wife who’d like her husband to improve his table manners, and an engaged woman looking for some advice about groom/groomsmen attire.

Please drop your Dear Mitch questions here. They can be serious or lighthearted; whatever is good with me! Remember that questions are always anonymous and confidential.


“Dear Mitch” Advice Column, Vol. I

Joules Yellow Raincoat | "Dear Mitch" Advice Column, 10/26

Rain Coat

Welcome to the first edition of Dear Mitch, an advice column. I tried to start it in the spring but then time got away from me. But I think it’ll be nice to chat with you… and who knows? Maybe it’ll be helpful?! (Though probably not. 😉) Click here to submit questions… you know, if you’re in need of advice from the husband of a stranger you kind of know on the internet. 😜

If you have a problem that needs solving or a question that needs answering, I’d love to try my hand at it. Dear Mitch is always anonymous—though we encourage including a nickname like Sleepless in Seattle, for example. You can submit your questions and topics here.

I should mention that I forgot to leave a space for names on the first Dear Mitch question form, so I had to make up names for today’s questions. Sorry; first-time advice columnist here.

Declutter Your Desk with Mitch

Declutter Your Desk with Mitch

Pottery Barn Keyhole Desk / Surya Area Rug

Mitch here!

I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but I’m a Messy Desk Guy. I’ve had a messy desk my whole life, and as I sit here today, my desk is—well, frightening. It’s so full that I can’t can’t open the drawers, which explains why the desk is covered with enough junk that I can’t even use it, and why most days I end up working in the dining room.

It’s time to fix this problem.

The Best Affordable Amazon Halloween Decorations

The Best Affordable Amazon Halloween Decorations

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / Eleven / Twelve / Thirteen / Fourteen / Fifteen / Sixteen / Seventeen / Eighteen / Nineteen / Twenty / Twenty-One / Twenty-Two / Twenty-Three / Twenty-Four / Twenty-Five / Twenty-Six / Twenty-Seven / Twenty-Eight / Twenty-Nine / Thirty

Mitch here!

This might be the single-most blogger-like thing I’ve ever done. (Keep in mind that I’m a dude.) I used Pottery Barn, West Elm and Crate and Barrel—some of Kelly’s favorite brands for holidays—as inspiration to find inexpensive decor on Amazon. Turns out that you don’t have to drop and arm/leg (or wait the long shipping times) to have your home looking cute for Halloween. Unless you’re Frankenstein. Because he drops arms and legs all the time.

Dad Joke. Ba-boom.

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Mitch, Please: 10 Things, 10/1

Tuckernuck Kenzo Dress | Mitch, Please: 10 Things 10/1

Kelly’s Tuckernuck Dress (Comes in lots of colors/patterns. She’s wearing the black.) / C.Wonder Bag / Black Pumps (Newer version)

New wheels! Just kidding. It’s our rental car.

Mitch here!

Not to brag, but I’m sitting here writing this post with the Pacific Ocean spread out before me. Just thought I’d mention that. Here are a few—I don’t know; maybe 10—things that come to mind this week:

San Diego Trip Agenda

San Diego Trip Agenda

Photo by our friend and bride-to-be, Gabby Emig. Congrats, Gabby and Brian! We love you!

Mitch here!

Would you look at us?! We planned a weeklong, no-kids, extended family trip to San Diego for a friend’s wedding, and I couldn’t be more excited. So today I’m using this post as an excuse to jot down all the stuff I want to do in Southern California while we’re here. If you have any recommendations or if you see anything totally off in this guide, please let me know!

Mitch, Please: 10 Things, 9/9

Above Normal Eggs farm | Mitch Please: 10 Things 9/9

Mitch here!

This is a picture I took at Above Normal Eggs while I was literally farming. Well, I was standing there while my dad was farming.

Full disclosure: I wasn’t doing anything helpful and spent most of my time taking pictures of the sunset and getting in the way. But I was on a farm and that counts for something!

Here are 10 other things that come to mind this week:

Fresh From the Field: Sweet Corn with Mitch

Farm-Fresh Sweet Corn Recipe

Mitch here!

It’s still corn season in Illinois. And I know what you’re thinking: Isn’t every season corn season in Illinois? Okay, yes. There’s a kernel of truth to your question, but gather in a row and lend me an ear because shucks, I’m about to cob together a corny blog post that will simply a-maize.