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$250 Giveaway + The Ultimate Guide to Shopping the Long Weekend Sales

Memorial Day Weekend Preppy Sales

Hello from Lake Bloomington!

Update: Congratulations to Frilot M. for winning the giveaway!

Today I’m hosting a fun giveaway, featuring the best products from my four favorite long weekend sales, and sharing some cute family snaps from the lake.

To enter to win $250 to shop the weekend’s best sales, simply:

What to Buy During the Big J.Crew Factory Sale

memorial day j.crew factory sale

Lobster Sweater / Huarache Sandals / Gingham Button-Down / Similar White Jeans Here and Here / Mitch’s Shorts / Mitch’s Gingham Button-Down

Hahaha. I’m laughing so hard at these photos. This is the story of a couple who recently discovered that their camera has remote capability via iPhone. And they’ve clearly been having WAY too much fun with it. 😜 (Though they’re admittedly lacking in talent. 😂)

Guide to Captiva, Florida

Guide to Captiva

Mitch here!

This blog post has been months in the making. Our trip to Captiva was the result of a cancelled flight due to the coldest weather in Chicago in decades. Yes, we were those jerks who happened to be in Florida for that whole thing. And instead of flying back we decided to stay an extra week… on Captiva, of all places. It was pretty great, haha.

Cookin’ with Mitch: Broccoli Cheese Soup

broccoli cheese soup

Mitch is back!

Do I look tired? Lately, I’ve been much less Cookin’ with Mitch and more Admittin’ Defeat with Mitch. Kelly’s wild pregnancy cravings change mid-cook, and much of what I make ends up in the garbage… though frankly, it probably belongs there. ;) Don’t let this fancy, once-in-a-while cooking column fool you; I’m not great in the kitchen. One just can’t write a blog post called Microwavin’ Leftover Frozen Pizza at 2 am with Mitch.

What to Buy on the Last Day of the Shopbop Sale

Last Day of the Shopbop

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / Eleven / Twelve / Thirteen / Fourteen / Fifteen / Sixteen

Today is the last day of the big Shopbop “Event of the Season” sale, so I’m rounding up my favorites! From now until 11:59 PT, you can take 20 percent off orders below $500. And 25 percent off orders of $500 or more when you use code “EVENT19.” It’s a great opportunity to score some great spring and summer pieces that you wouldn’t expect to go on sale otherwise! The best part is that everything ships free within two days with Amazon Prime. :)

What to Buy on the Last Day of the Shopbop Sale

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4 “New Quarter Resolutions” by Mitch

Mitch here!

Here’s a bit of truth for you today: While the rest of the world is out soulfully cycling and orange theorizing, I’m mostly polishing off my toddler’s snacks. And unlike many in our generation, I prefer to focus on the non-essential oils; you know, the ones that are typically used to deep-fat fry. To add insult to injury, I recently “Konmaried” my fat pants in a fit of unbridled optimism about a new diet… but instead, I gained a bunch of weight and now have no pants and have been wearing gym shorts and a parka around Chicago. Doin’ great over here.

Yes, it’s been nearly three months since I made my New Year’s resolutions.

And as much as I’d like to fill this blog post with excuses, it’s time to own up to the fact that I started out strong and then fizzled out. But this is a pretty common problem with New Year’s resolutions, right? I mean, perhaps we should make “New Quarter Resolutions” instead. Those seem like something that we could actually stick to!

Cute + Affordable Maternity Dresses

Affordable Maternity Dresses

One / Two (Also available here) / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / Eleven / Twelve

A few things:

Yesterday’s blog post went up crazy late last night, but I published a photo diary of the first day of our babymoon in Newport, Rhode Island! Hope you’ll check it out; I’m so excited to share the adventure with you. 😉

Things are absolutely nuts over here in the Larkin Household. Good nuts, but nuts nonetheless. We just have a lot on our plates right now–will update you soon!–and I’m struggling with nausea and exhaustion again. (Wasn’t expecting THAT. 😂) So yeah. Just trying to avoid feeling overwhelmed and/or anxious during these last six to seven weeks of my pregnancy. Channeling my inner sense of calm…

I’ve been getting a bunch of requests for affordable maternity dress options now that the weather is turning, so I thought I’d pull together some faves from Asos, because the retailer really does excel in that area. So many options and different price points! (And way more than just maternity dresses!) Plus, Asos is currently having its “Buy More, Save More” event which can really help moms-to-be. Spend $200 and get $50 with code “GRAB50”; spend $250 and get $70 with code “GRAB70”; spend $350 and get $100 with code “GRAB100”. Above are my favorite dresses, though. Hope this helps!

Shop the Last Day of the Draper James Sale

Draper James Sale

Original post here

Okay, one last sale to highlight this weekend because there are just SO many good ones going on right now. 😂 (But really.) In honor of Reese Witherspoon’s birthday, you can take 20 percent off your entire Draper James order with code “REESE” (today only).

20 Must-Haves from the Big Serena & Lily Sale

Serena & Lily Sale

Serena & Lily, my absolute favorite home brand, is currently offering 20 percent off EVERYTHING with code “INSPO” now through March 25th during its “Spring Design Event.” This never really happens, so it’s a great time to invest in some dream products. S&L is admittedly pricey, but in my experience, worth it. The stuff that we own has held up incredibly well, and I know that we’ll have all of it forever. I also know that when we finally find our new home, much of it will be outfitted in the brand! (Btw: our current guest room/home office–almost completely done in Serena & Lily–is definitely my favorite room in our house! It’s just so peaceful and inspiring.)

Anyway, here are my top 20 picks from the big sale!

 Serena & Lily Sale