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Written By Mitch Larkin

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Fair Isle Crewneck Sweater / Herringbone Leggings / Hunter Boots

Note: Emma wears a giant puffer coat when it’s cold! These photos were taken in under 1.5 minutes right outside our house after we’d been sitting in front of the fire for a little too long. ;)

Mitch here!

Kelly and I have lived in a combined 16 apartments since we left college. Nearly every one of them was an absolute dump. Until very recently, we were renting a third-floor walkup that had outside stairs… in Chicago. We walk by that place all the time, as it’s a few blocks from our current home, and whenever we pass it, we can’t help but smile. Yes, the “quaint” exposed brick walls would literally crumble in front of our eyes–one time into soup I was making–but that place is where our Chicago adventure first started. And therefore, it’ll always be special.

But good lord. I’m really glad we don’t live there anymore.

20 Last-Minute Valentine’s Gifts He’ll Actually Love

Ralph Lauren Pink Oxford (also check out this Vineyard Vines Pink Striped Oxford) / Vineyard Vines Knit Blazer / Giant Teddy Bear / LL Bean Boots

Mitch here!

Valentine’s Day is a week away, people! And while it’s almost certainly too late to get a decent table, you can still rescue the holiday and, with any hope, your relationship. (Kidding, kidding. 😉) Below you’ll find 20 handpicked, Mitch-approved gifts that he’ll actually love.

Don’t screw this up.

And if you’d rather shop for yourself, take a look at Kelly’s brand spankin’ new Amazon Shop! Here you’ll find a constantly updated list of Amazon fashion, home, baby and fun finds. You can find the link in the main menu of this site. I mean, you deserve a few Valentine’s Day treats, too, right?

10 Preppy Valentine’s Day Outfits

One / Two / Three

Somehow, Valentine’s Day is next week. And I don’t know about you guys, but on countless occasions, I’ve found myself standing in front of my closet–a half hour before I need to be out the door–wondering how I’m going to put together a “festive” look that isn’t cheesy. So today, I thought I’d share some easy-to-replicate outfits for Valentine’s Day–appropriate for whatever it is you’re doing. :)

Lately with Mitch

Mitch’s Pants c/o, Blazer, Brief Case c/o, Button Down & Penny Loafers
Emma’s Blazer, Loafers (Also love these Gucci look-alikes!), Corduroys & Shirt

Mitch here!

I’d be lying if I said that Lately with Mitch was our planned post for today, but here we are! 

Lately with Mitch would be a viable idea if A) I had a life and B:) Mitch was actually my name… but here are a few things that I’ve been into or that have been on my mind as of late:

5 Things Mitch is Loving

Swing Top (Back in stock!) / Dark Skinny Jeans / Leopard Pumps (Solid here, on major sale!) / Emma’s Chambray Shirt, Loafers and Cords / Mitch’s Chambray Shirt and Similar Navy Blazer

Mitch here!

I’m not gonna lie to you. When I set out the write this post it was entitled “5 Things I’m Hating,” and it was about how awful everything is. Here are the original five things:

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him & Her

Heart Skirt (Also available here on sale! And how cute is this heart-printed nightgown?) / Topcoat (Also available here. Looking for a great camel coat? Try this onethis one or this one. Also really love this unique one!) / Chanel Bag c/o StockX (Read about it here! Similar bags hereherehere and here. And here, haha.) / Black Turtleneck / Hunter Boots and Boot Socks / Black Tights

Mitch here!

Brace yourself! That little gift-giving break you’ve enjoyed over the last few weeks is quickly coming to a close. There’s a big red heart appearing on the horizon, and if you aren’t prepared, you could end up like my boy Saint Valentine who, as we all know, wrote the first Valentine card to the daughter of his jailer before being executed.

You know: the famous Valentine’s Day origin story? The reason for the season?