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Written By Mitch Larkin

Prepping for Baby #2

“Hello, Santa? I know it’s a bit early, but I wanted to ask for a little advance. I just found out that a baby sister is not a sure thing… and that if I don’t get one, we won’t be able to use the name ‘Elsa.’ I’ve been a very good girl, and I’m hoping you can help me out here! I’m willing to brush my teeth without complaint for this.”

Mitch here! (And Kelly to jump in halfway through.)

I walk around this city doing my daddy thing. I buy groceries. I make mac ‘n cheese. I play the male lead in whatever Disney movie we’re currently obsessed with and acting out. But inside, I can barely contain my excitement. Because in a few short months, I get to meet the newest member of my family. I don’t know how to accurately convey this, but it’s a new person! A new sense of humor and a new dancing partner. A new person to play games with. A new person to console in the middle of the night. A new voice when we sing songs. A new person to fall in love with. How crazy is that? I should probably get ready or something.

10 Tips for Saving Money with Kids

Emma on Valentine’s Day
Loafers / Heart Bag (But come on. The avocado bag?!) / Newer Heart Sweater (Also love this one and this one!)

Mitch here!

Saving money as a parent is a tough proposition. Raising kids is expensive, stressful and time consuming and, frankly, throwing money at most parental problems usually makes those problems go away. But I’m an old school money-saving warrior who pinches pennies with a viselike grip, and I’ve been working hard over the past few years to find little angles. And today I gift a few of those angles to you. 😜 Ca-ching!

30 Ways to “Treat Yo Self”

Preppy Valentines Day Gifts

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / Eleven / Twelve / Thirteen / Fourteen / Fifteen

Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends! It’s time to “Treat Yo Self.” (I had to, haha.) No matter how you’re celebrating today, remember to give yourself a little love, too–whether it’s by taking a walk, relaxing with a glass of wine (#doitforkelly), finally starting that book you’ve been wanting to read forever, taking a long bath, or doing a little shopping. ;)

Mitch’s Manly Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / TenEleven Twelve / Thirteen / Fourteen / Fifteen / Sixteen / Seventeen / Eighteen / Nineteen / Twenty / Twenty-One

Mitch here!

Valentine’s Day wasn’t made for guys like me. My days of surprising gifts and romantic evenings out are long past. If I’m lucky, this year’s February 14th will involve an early bedtime for Emma and takeout on the couch while we marvel at the sound of silence, Kelly’s legs draped over mine because she’ll be six months pregnant and her back will hurt. ;) But whatever! It’s proper Valentine’s Day for the rest of you rascals, and if you’re struggling for a good guy gift, I’ve got you covered.

Classic Coach Bags

Classic Coach Bags

If you read this post on how to find and restore vintage Coach bags, you know how crazy I am about the brand’s classics. They’re hard to find, though! In all honesty, I’m continuously disappointed by the company’s choices in creative direction. I think this article sums my feelings up very well. 😂 Coach, bring back those timeless styles from the 70s, 80s and 90s!

How to Sous Vide

What is sous vide?

A perfectly cooked chicken breast. BUT HOW?

Mitch here!

Raw chicken is absolutely disgusting. The bone-in, skin-on cuts are a complete horror show, but frankly, any raw chicken is gross. A plain old raw chicken breast sitting there all slimy, pale pink and… hold up… gulp… I need to change the subject.

If I was in charge, I’d live life as if raw chicken didn’t even exist, but I married the one person in the world worse at cooking than myself. (Love you, Kelly.) So I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to avoid touching the stuff while also trying to prepare it deliciously for my growing family. And up until recently, I was failing. I was usually over cooking it because uncooked chicken is terrifying, and no matter what I did, it just never came close to restaurant-quality chicken. But LO!

Enter sous vide. Perhaps you’ve heard of it; perhaps you haven’t. Today, though, I’m going to explain what it is and show you how to do it inexpensively.

A Dad’s Guide to Dressing a Little Girl

Dressing a Little Girl

Outfit details here.

Mitch here!

I live with three girls (Noodle included), and let’s be honest, I probably have another girl on the way. So as a dude properly drowning in femininity, I’ve adapted for survival. I’m now the perfect imaginary doll tea party guest, I know what a French braid is, and I even hit the high notes in “Let it Go.” What I’m trying to say is that every day is a learning opportunity to get in touch with my girly side, and while I’ve learned a lot in two years, I still struggle when it comes time to get Emma dressed in the morning. (Which I’m doing a lot more of these days because Kelly’s pregnant and not getting enough sleep.) It’s just so freaking hard. But I have developed some guidelines that should help any dude who’s in my shoes, and I’m sharing them with you today. Enjoy!

New Year, New Mitch

Crest 3D Whitestrips - New Year, New Mitch & Crest | Kelly in the City

Mitch here!

I feel like it’s a mistake to write out New Year’s resolutions in the deepest and darkest days of the year. If the New Year fell in June, I’m guessing that everyone’s resolutions would be a little more uplifting. They’d be all like, “I want to eat outside more often,” “go fishing whenever I feel like it” and “leave the window open while I sleep” instead of the heart-wrenching stuff we pile on ourselves every winter.

I failed on every single one of my eight (eight!) resolutions for 2018. To be honest, I bit off a little more than I could chew. So this year, I’m going super simple on the resolution front and setting myself up for success with only three. The fewer resolutions I have, the higher my chances. 😉 And I’ve already completed one of them in its entirety. Take that, 2019!

Noodle’s Resolutions for 2019

Kibbles 'n Bits

Mitch here!

I’m actually about to hand things over to Noodle, who, despite not having opposable thumbs, is extraordinarily well-spoken when she stops barking at mailmen and delivery guys all day 🙄 and sits down for a moment to collect her thoughts. She’ll be dictating her new year’s resolutions to me, and I’ll be acting as her scribe. Take it away, Girlfriend!