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Today’s post is a little more serious than the average Mitch post because we’re partnering with Evolv Technology to discuss their impressive new efforts to improve public safety. As the son of a teacher, former teacher myself, current city dweller and father of two full-time elementary school students, the safety of my family while out in public is always top of mind. And it’s been very encouraging and exciting to learn about the new security technologies being developed by Evolv Technology to help make our communities safer!

Evolv Technology has a simple goal: to make the places where people gather safer. Evolv Express, their AI-based weapons detection system, is a significant improvement in the security process for public places like concert venues, sports stadiums, amusement parks and schools.

Take a second to think about how ineffective the typical metal detector security checkpoint is. They’re slow, clunky and intrusive, and they constantly give off false alarms. By comparison, Evolv Express utilizes artificially intelligent sensors to scan for weapons and identify potentially harmful items. This thing is smart and can easily differentiate between a phone, belt buckle or threat.

Due to its effectiveness, Evolv Express greatly simplifies the typical security checkpoint process that we all know and hate. Imagine how much easier it would be to enter a concert without always emptying your pockets or opening your bag. And then imagine how many more places could be secured now that those painful security checkpoints have been improved. Technology like this could bring our collective dignity back to security checkpoints as it works without bias or prejudice; it just scans for potential threats and nothing more.

Evolv Express is already in use in many of our favorite places around Chicago like Six Flags and the Lyric Opera House. It’s also being implemented by school districts and sporting venues around the country. I find it fascinating and exciting to hear of new technology which can push back and help secure our cherished public spaces. Evolv’s technologies can screen thousands of people per hour and is proven to be an effective part of a layered security approach. In 2022 alone, Evolv Express detected over 176,000 weapons and prevented entry to public spaces where they were not permitted.

Click here for a video with further information, and be on the lookout for Evolv Technology!

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In collaboration with Evolv Technology. Thank you for supporting the partnerships that keep Kelly in the City up and running!