Gingham Backpack

Gingham Backpack

^Emma’s first day of “school.” Noodle is NOT happy.

We’re back with musings, weekend plans, top 10 products of the week, and my online shopping list!

Musings, 8/24

I saw a coyote outside my house yesterday. It was terrifying. They’re huge. This is the weirdest thing, but Chicago has a big population of coyotes. (The Tribune published an article about it last year, btw.) They make me nervous with Noodle since they’ve been known to attack small dogs, but we don’t have a usable backyard and therefore she’s never really left unattended. STILL!

There’s a huge Burberry sale going on right now. This is a great time to get a classic piece for a steal! Can’t believe how many quilted jackets are included. My fave is the navy!

We’re missing our block party this weekend. Definitely sad about this. For one reason or another, we’re almost always out of town for it, and it’s one of the best days of the summer. The neighborhood association closes off our street, and they have bouncy houses and tons of other kiddie activities. They also have restaurants come in and set up stands as well as drink stations! It’s a great way to get to know the neighbors better. Sadness!

I had some amazing quality girl time this past week with Blair, Shaheen and JessShaheen moved to Kentucky a couple of months ago, and it was pretty heartbreaking. She promised she’d come back and visit frequently, and this was her first trip! It was the best. Lots of dinners and lunches and togetherness. We’ve all been feeling a little “blah” with blogging lately, and we decided it’s because we aren’t seeing each other enough. (Crazy summer travel schedules + so many babies!) But we’re going to make more of an effort, and I’m feeling so grateful for my girlfriends. <3

Mitch finally accomplished something HUGE. For years, Mitch has been obsessed with becoming “a regular” at Warehouse Pizza here in Lincoln Park, and becoming friends with the owner. I don’t know; he just wants a neighborhood place “where everyone knows his name,” haha. (By the way: best deep dish in Chicago, in our opinion! Support local businesses and try it the next time you’re in town!) And last night, I think it happened. When Mitch ran in to pick up our pizza, Augie got all excited and they took shots together. And then Augie told Mitch the pizza was on him. Certainly one of the highlights of the year for my husband. 😂

Tuckernuck is also having a sale. Use code “SENDOFF” to take an extra 20 percent off the sale.

We had the best “front stoop party” last night. Another favorite summertime activity here in Chicago is having “stoop parties.” We grab the baby monitor and a bottle of wine, and sit out there when Emma goes down for the night, and slowly but surely, friends join us. It’s so much fun, and another great way to become involved with the community even when you can’t leave the house!

I’m transitioning my closet to fall and it’s taking me way too long. While I’m doing it, I’m trying to get rid of stuff I no longer wear or simply don’t need, and it’s dragging everything out, haha. The goal is to have a closet that isn’t overstuffed, and while I try every season to accomplish this, I honestly never get there. Mark my words, though: this is the year.

Emma had her first day of school yesterday! It went really well. :) You can read more about it here!

What I’m up to this weekend

We’re flying to Arkansas again (today) for freelance photography work. While it’s a bit of an effort to get there, Mitch and I really like going because there’s a lot of downtime and therefore a lot of uninterrupted family time. We don’t know anyone in Arkansas, so it’s just the three of us cruising around, playing in the hotel pool, and relaxing.

Blair, Shaheen, Kelly and Jess

^Reunited and it feels so good! Blair, Shaheen and Jess

Blair’s Dress and Bag / Shaheen’s Lace Cami (Similar here.) / Newer Version of my Jumpsuit (in Navy here) and Similar Pumps / Jess is wearing Everlane

This week’s 10 most popular products

Everlane Day Heel: It’s SUCH a cute pump, and it almost always makes the top 10 list every week! It comes in a ton of different colors, but I’m thinking I might go for red for the fall. (Have ’em in blush and wear them ALL the time in the spring and summer!) But then again, Cognac Suede is gorgeous! (Actually, maybe need those instead. DECISIONS.)

AG The Legging Cord Jeans: I’m really excited about these. Are cords out? I’m suddenly really into them. I wish I could find a pair in camel, but apparently the fashion world does not share my love for ’em!

J.Crew Ruched Swimsuit: Definitely my favorite bathing suit ever. It’s SO flattering, especially if you’re a little soft in the middle. Worked so well for me after I had Emma, yet it’s remained my most-worn suit over the last two years!

Lou & Grey (at Nordstrom) Striped Sweater: It’s so cute! Not wishing away the summer but excited for cozy sweaters.

“Vintage Check” Burberry Bag on sale: GUYS. It’s so beautiful, and it reverses to the most perfect Christmas plaid. I adore it, and right now, it’s on sale. Note: don’t let the name fool you. The bag is new but the print is one of Burberry’s oldest ones. It’s also available at Nordstrom, but not on sale there.

Our new rug: I’m so glad we went with this rug. When we first moved into our house, I knew the $200 fake Persian rug would be somewhat temporary, but I could never make up my mind about what to replace it with. When I saw this guy, though, I knew it was the one. I’m SO happy with it. We’ve had it for about a month now, and it does exceptionally well in our high-traffic living room. (We don’t have a mudroom so the front door opens right into the living room.) It also doesn’t show much, and I can totally get away with only vacuuming once per week, which is awesome. I hate vacuuming.

Vintage Louis Vuitton: Yaaaaas. I’m super into the vintage stuff these days; styles that you don’t see very often. Would kill for a duffle bag, although pretty sure that’s never going to happen.

Drapey Faux Wrap Top: GET THIS. It’s so great. I have it in navy, blush and white, and it’s basically all I wear when I go out to eat with Mitch and Emma. (A slight exaggeration, but it makes me feel dressed up even when I need to wear jeans b/c #momlife.)

The Madewell Frances Loafer: They’re back! I did a whole post about why they’re my faves last year, and I’m so happy they’re in stock again. LOVE the white. The Seaports are equally as wonderful, just a different style. (And brand.)

J.Crew Regent Blazer: The camel color always sells out quickly, so pounce if you’re in the market for one this season. J.Crew Factory has a great one that’s a better deal, too. You can see it in this blog post.

Rockaway Jeans: Oops–11. But I love these jeans and you can’t beat the price. Run TTS.

Recent blog posts

Meet Emma’s Crew: For privacy reasons, I try to keep non-blogger friends off this site, but yesterday, I gave readers a peek into our lives outside of blogging. Meet some of our very best friends in the city, AND if you’re a Chicago mom, learn about a fabulous program you can sign your kids up for!

Everyday Outfits: I started a new series in which I’m going to be sharing my day-to-day outfits. Nothing fancy; just the looks that don’t make it to the blog for one reason or another.

Personal Lessons Learned from 5 Years of Blogging: This took me so long to write, and I know I missed a lot. But it’s crazy to think that I’ve been doing this for five years now! I’ve learned a lot.

A Cute Story About My In-Laws: I love them. This was one of the kindest things anyone’s ever done for me!

Mitch’s Newest Video: My heart! Mitch made the sweetest video about Emma’s second year. Seeing how much she’s grown up in the last year is astonishing. Where does the time go?

Kelly Gets Turned Into an American Girl Doll: My seven-year-old dreams have finally come true!

Recent Finds, 8/17

It’s back! Camel coats are difficult to find and sell out quickly, and this is probably my favorite. Scoop it up before it sells out! Runs large; I went down one size.

SWOON. Talked about this above, but I can’t get enough of this tote, and it’s on sale. It’s reversible, too.

This is a favorite cashmere sweater that I wear year after year. They’re well-made and less expensive than most other ones. Definitely recommend!

There are so many long cardigans on the market right now, but I think I’d get the most wear out of this design/color.

Nordstrom is carrying the New York sweatshirt! Both Emma and I have this and love it. :)

If you’re a Brooklynite, this one is so sweet, too!

I have a very similar shirt from last year and wear it all the time!

Classic leopard flats. You can’t go wrong for fall. Sam Edelman is also known for extreme comfort.

I’m starting to love riding boots again. Thoughts?

Now available in white!

Favorite strappy sandals are on sale.

These are, without a doubt, the best booties I’ve ever owned.

Restocked and better than ever. (Just kidding. It’s exactly the same. But love how you get the blazer look yet stay nice and cozy with this!)

Favorite Barbour. Same cut as the original design but it features polarquilting, making it exceptionally warm.

How cute would this look with a button down underneath?!


The kiltie flat. You might see these on the blog soon, haha.

I’m on the hunt for great white sneaks. Aren’t these sweet?!

Navy polka dot dress from Everlane.

Another great addition to your fall wardrobe.

The “Day Heel” in camel.

Love this sweatshirt I picked up on Nantucket! (Nantucket is called “The Grey Lady” because it’s very foggy.) Runs small.

So many options! I have these in black, navy and camel because they’re the comfiest pumps I’ve ever owned.