Recent Finds, 5/18

I stumbled across this review of a skirt on the J.Crew Factory website recently and thought it was just the most adorable (and hilarious) thing. ;) How cute is this girl?! And I have to say: the skirt is pretty darn fabulous, too. Looks like silk but is machine-washable!

Here are this week’s Recent Finds!

Recent Finds, 5/18

I LOVE the buttons down the side of this dress. Super comfy and the perfect “Mom” dress, but also really sweet with those buttons…

I mean, do I have to even comment on this?

The tie up the back! I LOVE J.Crew’s cashmere sweaters.

This is a Kelly dress.

Love the bow on the front of this leather tote!

I love my Louis Vuitton and Goyard totes, but this one is about a third of the price! Very popular in Chicago and I’m diggin’ it!

Ric rac <3

Reformation comin’ in with a gingham number. Finally!

My favorite dress pants are now available in white. Boom!

Random home find. My parents actually have this whale mat at their summer house, and we just realized that L.L.Bean started carrying it.


Softest sandals I own. Literally no break-in time. GET THESE. They’re life-changing.

So excited for these to arrive! Woven ballet flats. :)

This is going to be a controversial top; I can feel it, haha. I know a lot of people are going to be like, “Kelly, nooooo” when I wear it… BUT THE HEART LOVES WHAT THE HEART LOVES…

Sweetest gingham dress.

I MAY have ordered this for Lucy.

I’m living in button-down shirts right now because I’m nursing, and this one’s in my cart.

STOP. This is SUCH a statement dress and I adore it. It’s also a wrap dress so maybe it would be functional for me?!

Another must. Again, a polyester top that looks like silk but doesn’t come with the hassle.

I have a similar lobster sweater and wear it all summer long. You need this! Paired with white jeans, it’s the best summer night outfit ever. :)

With a navy striped tee underneath? Thoughts?

Here’s the skirt from the cute review!

Found this set of striped outdoor furniture and considering it for part of our outdoor space. It’s from Target!

THIS. Want to put a plant in it.

Favorite coverup on sale.

I have this in the striped version and I feel like a princess when I wear it. Can’t recommend enough!

Trying to decide on wallpaper for my room. It’s between this…

…and this. What do you think?! I’m kind of leaning toward the flowers to make a BIG statement. But I don’t know!