Recent Finds, 10/1: Leopard block Heels

Talbots Leopard Block Heels: SO COMFY.

Happy October! Whoa. Not sure where September went, but next to July, October is my favorite month of the year… so pretty excited over here. ;)

Stuff I’m looking forward to this month:

  • Visiting the North Shore, like we do every fall. Here’s last year’s trip!
  • Getting back to New York. We’re celebrating Grammie’s 85th birthday and then staying a full week after the celebration. Excited to hit up the city with Emma!
  • Celebrating our birthdays. Mitch and I are three days apart, so our birthday weekend is always really fun. This is what we did last year, and we plan on doing something similar with just the three of us. :)

Anyway, I have a LOT of good finds this week. Please excuse me if some of them are on repeat; I’m writing this on one hour of sleep, haha. (Emma had a fever on Thursday and had us up all night. Poor girl! She’s doing much better, though. And the good news is that we watched Moana four times that night. Every. Line. Memorized.) But let’s get to it.

Recent Finds, 10/1



I’m obsessed with suede leggings this year. Just ordered this pair and hoping they’re magical.

If the above pair doesn’t work, I’m going to try this pair. :)

Velvet is apparently huge this year. I’m incorporating it in my leggings. Hoping this pair is awesome!

I wore the older version of this sweater in this post. Couldn’t survive the fall or winter without it!

*Adds to cart.*

Everlane is now on Nordstrom! I’m obsessed with the brand, and hoping to style this dress on the blog soon. :)

I cannot. (Danny, that line was for you.)

The cutest gloves.

GAH! Why are these loafers SO MUCH MONEY?

I own these and can’t get over how comfortable they are. If you’re looking for leopard flats, this pair is the absolute best. It’s like walking on clouds…

The perfect camel cape.

Bean boots lined with black watch plaid. Enough said.

Such a classic scarf for fall.

The perfect Barbour scarf.

BUT THIS ONE. Definitely my fave.

This poncho has my name written all over it. But I can’t wear black sweaters because Noodle…

A good camel coat is hard to find, but I LOVE this one.

Why is navy all sold out?!

This navy pullover. I can almost see myself going hiking in it…

Once again, *adds to cart.*

Love those little ties!

Everyone needs a duster sweater coat, or whatever these things are called. I love wearing mine with a white or black cami.

So cozy!

Love the detailing on this sweater.

Crossing my fingers that these leather leggings work out, as my old pair wore out last year.

The best faux leather tote ever. It’s reversible, and under $50!

It’s lined… and quilted! Finally, a trench coat for girls who are cold in 70-degree weather.

I love this thing so much. But why is it so ridiculously expensive?! This is sinful, haha.

These come in a ton of different colors and are PERFECT for the holidays. The red?!

A great alternative to the Lowlands.