Harper Shift Dress added to the sale!

9:30 p.m.

New products added to sale:

Here are my favorites from the newly added products:

The Skipper Popover: It’s available in SO many prints. I like “Tons of Fun,” “Gimme Some Leg,” “Fan Sea Pants,” and “Casa del Sol.”

Jackie Shift Dress: GAH! I tried this on in-store in Avalon and LOVED it. It’s so crazy flattering. Added to cart in “Oh My Guava.”

Jessica Dress: It’s the one you see below. Such a steal!

Harper Shift Dress: It’s the dress I wore here! Awwww!

Willa Tunic Top: Available in so many prints.

Luxletic Weekender Leggings: I know. I talk about this often. But these are the best travel pants.

Short Sleeve Tee: It’s in “Beach and Bae.” :)

Marlowe Dress in Navy Stripe: My mom wore it here in a lighter blue.

Light Blue Cardigan: It’s a great deal and such a pretty color. Glad to see some cardigans are available again!

A Go-with-Anything Woven Tote: A classic.

The Marlowe Dress: Now in different prints!

Quick reminder to comment on this post to be entered to win a $200 e-gift card to shop the sale tomorrow. You can say anything, but be sure to include your email in this format at the bottom of your comment: kelly (at) kellyinthecity (dot) com — Just so you don’t get spammed! Winner announced mid-day tomorrow. Good luck!

Favorite Lilly dress of the year — Still in stock! Originally featured here.

6:00 p.m.

Overlooked and still in stock

GUYS. There is so, so much in stock. I can’t believe what an amazing job Lilly did this year with the sale. Yes, the line was long at certain points, but site never crashed for me, and I was able to get in several times to take a look around. And goodness: I feel like inventory tripled from last year!

Side note: Remember to comment on this blog post to be entered to win a $200 gift certificate to shop the sale tomorrow! Congratulations to Laura M. for winning the first giveaway! Hope you snag some great products once you get home from work tonight. :)

Okay. Here are some awesome still-in-stock products that you may have overlooked:

Cashmere wrap: I see myself wearing it with a white button down and jeans.

Favorite Lilly dress of the year: Guys, you have to get it. I can’t believe it’s still in stock. It’s so flattering! I wore it in this blog post. I’m wearing an XS in it, which is my usual size. For reference, I’m somewhere between 105 and 110 pounds, wear a size 34 A bra, and like my clothing on the looser side.

The Kerrie maxi dress: I also can’t believe that this one’s still in stock! It would definitely be in my cart, but I have this dress in the same print, so you know.

This navy silk dress: I’m trying really hard not to buy this, haha. It’s SO CUTE and it looks like it would be such a staple for pretty much all seasons.

This navy sweater dress: I’m just so excited to start wearing sweater dresses with riding boots again. Is that still in? I don’t really care if it’s not; I’m such a huge fan, haha.

The Annette white lace shift dress: I was hoping that this one would go on sale!

The Marlissa white lace scalloped shift dress: But do we like this one even better, considering it’s scalloped? #swimmingscallops

This white silk tank: Can’t tell you how often I wear a silk tank top out. It’s so classy! Tuck ’em into skirts, pair ’em with jeans — Whatever. Always classes up a look.

The woven clutch: Very surprised that this bag went on sale. You can dress it up or down; it’s such a versatile bag for summer!

This fluttered tank: I’m SUCH a fan of rayon tops because they don’t wrinkle as much. I love the ruffled detailing on this one!

Fringe dress: If this is still available in your size, pounce. I wish I’d seen it during my first round of browsing!

The Anna Maria Shirt: This is currently in my cart. Saw it in stores and LOVED it. So tempting… I’d get it in white!

The starfish tank: I have the dress version of this, but kind of wish I’d gone with the tank as I think I’d get more wear out of it. So cute!

This cardigan in blue: SO SOFT LOOKING, right?!

This pom tank: Throw on a pair of jeans with it and you’re good to go.

Fringe cardigan: I loved this one, but it’s gone in my size. Did anyone swoop it up?!

Gold sweater tank: YEP. It’s in my cart.

The Dusk Racerback Tank in prints: It’s a summertime staple for me. Here’s the solid version, also on sale.

Navy Palazzo pants: Dress pants that feel like pajamas. Gotta get ’em. Here’s the printed version, on sale as well.


5:00 p.m.


At this point, it seems like most people have been able to get into the sale and shop! If you’re still having trouble, consider using lillypulitzer.com. Lilly has announced that the actual website is working a bit better than the app. But I’ve tried accessing the site on several different devices, and it seems like the line is gone?! Are you guys able to get in immediately, too?!

So curious to see what you snagged! Maybe when everyone’s packages arrive, we can do a group unboxing, and share pix in the comment section, haha.

Mitch just told me that he thinks that sounds creepy. Whatever, Mitch. You’re the one who came up with “Butt Groove” for a Lilly Pulitzer men’s pattern. 😛

I didn’t buy very much because I featured SO much Lilly before the sale started and let’s be serious: I don’t need more. But I did score these Palazzo pants in solid navy, as I own (quite literally) zero dress pants and think they would work well. Paired with this silk cami in “Oyster Shell”? Too cute.

Other products I considered included: this gray dress to pair with riding boots, this gold fringed sweater tank, this pom tank, this cashmere cardigan and this metallic starfish top… but I’ll update this post soon with a complete list!

4:00 p.m.



Beach tote on sale!

3:45 p.m.

The best shoes, bags and accessories

The accessories section of the sale is definitely the place to score some awesome gifts for family and friends. I know it seems a little early to be shopping for the holidays, but how great would it be to knock out a bunch of ladies on your list all at once?!

My favorites include these wedges, these sandals, these espadrilles, this clutch, this pineapple coin pouch, these metallic espadrilles, this metallic clutch, this elephant coin pouch, this palm clutch, this crossbody bag, this woven tote, and this woven clutch. I clearly have an obsession with shoes and bags.

I also adore this beach umbrella, but I won’t be in Ocean City again and I’m pretty sure Mitch would kill me if that thing showed up on our doorstep in Chicago. ;)

3:00 p.m.

The best scarves

My scarf is old, but there are so many great options right now! I think my favorite is the Sienna in navy. These make for GREAT holiday gifts.

People are all like, “You shouldn’t have!!!”

And in your head, you’re like, $34! Cha-ching!

Both my top and pants are on sale. (Original post here.)

2:30 p.m.

I’m back into the sale! I think it’s because I finally showered. Good things happen to people who maintain good hygiene. 😜

Best bottoms, jumpsuits and rompers

SO excited to see that my Palazzo Pants (see them on the blog here and here) are included ($54) in the sale, as are my favorite lacey scalloped beach pants. (See those on the blog here.)

I love this maxi skirt in “Hey Bay Bay” ($59), these pants in “Sea Salt and Sun” ($59), this jumpsuit in “Tiki Pink” ($79), these Mia leggings ($39 — OMG!), these scalloped shorts ($34), this scalloped skort ($44), and these navy Palazzo pants ($49). So versatile! I wear a size small in Palazzo pants, btw.

1:30 p.m.

Emma here!

I can’t talk yet, but I’m VERY good at mashing on the keyboard. Mommy’s translating for me. ;)

We’re back to the end of the line! That’s okay, though. People have told me that in years past, the site has gone down due to the volume of traffic… but this year, Lilly is simply slowing things down to avoid crashes. Brilliant!

It was REALLY fun going through the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale and picking out our favorites for you, and if you scroll down, you can see some of them! Our new number is 71,853. Can’t wait to get back in!

Side note: I’m exhausted from watching The Little Mermaid for the first time. WHAT A MOVIE! So glad I think I have reddish hair (maybe?) because Ariel is now my hero.

Look at this stuff… isn’t it neat?

Time for a nap.

12:55 p.m. — Oh shift.

Noodle here!

Kelly just got kicked off the site, but I’m here to remind you that if you simply comment on this blog post (at the very end of it), you’ll be entered to win a $200 e-gift card to shop the sale tomorrow. Fun, right?! (Leave you email address below your comment in this format: noodle (at) gmail (dot) com, that way you don’t get spammed.) You can enter up to three times, but your comments must be at least an hour apart.

There are more ridiculous photos of me coming later, so be sure to check back. But can I just take this opportunity to tell you what’s been going on in my life? Thanks.

  • I just spent a couple of weeks on the Jersey Shore with my family. It was awesome. Every morning, I ran my little heart out on the beach, and then, when I got tired, I dug myself a little hole and curled up in it to rest. During the day, I hung out on the porch and said hello to the occasional canine passerby. At night, I went back to the beach and ate sand when no one was looking.
  • In general, I’ve become a little chubby. Before Emma came along, I only got a couple of treats per day. Now, though, I’m fed constantly. Emma has this awesome habit of throwing food off her highchair tray when she’s tired of it, and very often she’ll actually hand it to me directly when she thinks no one is looking. Emma is basically my favorite human ever. Kelly? Mitch? Who?
  • A lot of people ask Kelly whether I’m still around because I don’t get a lot of blog time anymore. That’s why I curled up on Lilly towels last week. Look, guys! I STILL EXIST.
  • Woof woof woof.
  • I’m really excited that summer is ending because I am SICK AND TIRED of all the fireworks around here. Fireworks should be reserved for one day only: the Fourth of July — the most terrifying day of the year. Here, though, they go off on the reg. They’re as scary as trucks and floating plastic bags.
  • I need a Lilly collar. Lilly, can you hook that up? #pleaseandthankyou

My cashmere sweater is on sale for $64. (This is the original feature.)

12:25 p.m.

The best sweaters and outerwear

And now on to favorite sweaters and outerwear!

This is one of my favorite cashmere sweaters, and it’s on sale right now for $64. SUCH a steal. I’m wearing a size small here. I’m obsessed with this navy blazer (only $39!) which is actually a knit — meaning that it’ll be super cozy this fall and winter. (Added that to my cart!) The peacoat is a great alternative.

This gold sweater tank is to die for (only $29!), and I love this cashmere coat (only $79). This go-with-anything cardigan is also only $39. Amazing! Oh, and this blue striped sweater is adorable.

Btw, I have this lace kimono to go over dresses and tanks, and I wear it constantly. I can’t believe I haven’t featured it on the blog yet, but it’s incredible!

My lace off-the-shoulder top is included in the sale! (Original feature here.) Similar here, also on sale!

12:00 p.m.

The best tops

WHOA! Again, nearly all sizes are in stock for sale tops, so that’s awesome. I can’t get OVER how amazing the selection is. Tops are definitely my favorite to shop for, as the seasons are currently transitioning and I can get a ton of wear out of ’em over the next couple of months.

Above are some of my favorites, and here’s what I added to my cart: this navy silk tank, this white lace off-the-shoulder tank ($54), this silk tank in “Oyster” ($29 — AHHHH!), and this starfish tank ($49).

(Don’t worry: I don’t end up buying everything in my cart. I’m just personally a very lax shopper, and don’t really care if I lose something while I’m shopping, haha. When I’m done, I go through my cart and pick my absolute faves, and then go with them!)

I also love this Essie top ($34), this tassel tank ($34), this Nya tank ($34) and this fringe top $44).

My Lela dress is on sale and it’s fully stocked in all sizes! (Full feature here.)

11:15 a.m.

The best dresses

I’m back in!

Let’s go over my favorites dresses:

Dresses: There are 222 of ’em. Most of them seem to range between $29 and $120, with the majority priced between $49 and $69. Really: the vast majority of dresses are available in ALL sizes. It seems that Lilly has a LOT of inventory; I hope that eases anxiety if you’re not in yet. ;)

My favorites include this Lela dress, which I wore here (on sale for $89); the Beach and Bae maxi dress ($74); the silk Dephine dress in navy ($59); the Anette shift dress in white ($69); the Essie dress (from $39); the Sophie dress (from $69); and the Beacon dress ($39). Also a big fan of the Junie shift dress ($79), the Valli shift dress ($79), and the Gabby shift dress ($79).

Rounding up my favorite tops next! Check back in a few minutes.

The “Beach and Bae” collection is included! (I wore it here and here.)

10:30 a.m.

Okay! If you’re not into the sale yet, DON’T worry. There’s so much left in stock! Like, a TON. Honestly, I saw very few products that were sold out. I really wouldn’t freak out at all. I will say that I got kicked off shortly after getting in, so I only had a few minutes to scroll through. But here are some products that were included:

The “Beach and Bae” collection (I wore it here and here.)

The Lela Dress in “Sea Salt and Sun” (I wore it in this blog post.)

My Brinkley Beach Pants

My Beach Tote

My current number (on my laptop) is 9,000… and my wait time is 26 minutes. So check back soon! I’ll be doing a big roundup and telling you guys what I put in my cart.

10:00 a.m.

I was able to get into the sale by using Mitch’s iPad. Not sure why — But definitely worth trying other devices if you’re having trouble with your laptop or desktop. :)

I’m going through the sale products now and will report back soon! EXCITING! (Laptop number still at 21,000.)

If you’re not into the Lilly website yet, Amazon currently has the dress I’m wearing above on sale!

9:30 a.m.

Still not in, hahaha. I’m number 31,800. Lilly just posted this:

Lilly #AfterPartySale shoppers: We are currently experiencing a high volume of traffic and are taking the steps to slow the queue and this might temporarily lead to longer wait times. Your shopping experience is our top priority and we are working hard to ensure that you will have access to our over 1.5K items available during the sale. Stick with us and thank you SO much for your continued patience xx

Don’t freak out. :) This means that if you’re experiencing difficulties, so are most others. Like I said, I’m still at 31,800. You’re good!

While you’re waiting, Amazon has an AWESOME selection. See above! (Zappos and 6pm.com are worth checking out, too.)

8:45 a.m.

Mitch here!

As the husband of Kelly in the City, I am fully aware of importance of today’s preppy holiday. Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale Day (LPAPSD in our house) is one of Kelly’s favorite days of the year, but I think it’s time to address the elephant in the room. And I’m not talking about that fluorescent elephant dress you should probably just put in your cart. I’m talking about the fact that Lilly doesn’t sell men’s clothing!

Lilly, as a newly minted preppy fashion blogger guy, I’d like to offer up my services to get the men’s patterns rolling. I’m aiming for the perfect mix of Lilly preppy fashion and lazy 30-something father of a one-year-old who is also clad in LP.

Here goes:

1. “Butt Groove” – The world moves fast these days, and unfortunately for most guys, this movement usually involves them getting off the couch. This cheeky new Lilly men’s print features pink couches on a navy background.

2. “Bleep Blurp” – Lilly’s second men’s print could be a sequence of florescent 1’s and 0’s on a yellow background. If the day requires getting dressed, a properly prepped out guy should don the code that he hopes to get back to at the end of the day. The princess was kidnapped after all! This pattern pairs well with “Butt Groove.”

^ Kelly here. Mitch, what the heck are you talking about? Is this a Zelda reference?

3. “Wingin’ It” – Omelette you finish, but this print is be the best of all time! This inky pattern of orange chicken wings will crack up all the chicks. Whether you’re scrambling up some trouble, cracking a few yolks, or just clucking around the coop, Lilly’s “Wingin’ It” is sure to be a hit.

These are free. The rest will cost you, Lilly. Have your people call my people.

(I have no people.)

Leave your men’s Lilly prints in the comments section below. They’ll count as giveaway entries!

Throwback to January’s sale.

8:30 a.m.

Here’s some exciting news while you wait. Zappos6pm.com and Amazon all have their own stuff on sale. Don’t see anything from Nordstrom yet, but I’d check back later. :)

Update: I’m number 44,556 in line, and my wait time is more than an hour. Don’t panic. We can get through this, guys. 😝

Also, Mitch and Emma are walking to get me coffee right now. Do I not have the sweetest family?! LOVE YOU TWO.

8:12 a.m.

When I hit refresh at 8 a.m., I got a “technical difficulties” message, but at 8:01, I was placed in the “virtual line.” My number is 65,067… and my estimated wait time is “more than an hour.”

Remember: DON’T hit refresh if you have number and wait time. It’s tempting, but you’ll lose your spot in line.

What’s your situation?! In the meantime, check out my tips for effectively shopping the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale. :)

Guys, I’m excited. But I’m also a little groggy.

7:45 a.m.

Hello, hello! The The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is set to go live in 15 minutes, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already hitting “refresh.” ;) Remember: You won’t get your number and “wait time” until the sale goes live around 8 a.m., so right now, all you should see is the “Queue-it” page with some reminders.

In other news, the winner from my first $200 giveaway was announced! It’s Laura M., who’s been contacted. Want another chance? Comment on THIS blog post! The winner, who will be announced tomorrow, will also receive a $200 gift card. Yassss!

I’m up, I’m up!

12:00 a.m.

Today’s the day! The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is set to go live around 8 a.m. ET, and it’s sure to be a blast! Mitch, Emma, Noodle and I will be taking turns live blogging starting around 7 a.m. ET, and we’re giving away another $200 gift card to shop the sale to a lucky reader. The “live feed” is set to be pretty entertaining… so I highly recommend checking the blog frequently today!

Sunday winner: Laura M. (Congratulations! Check your email!)

Monday/Tuesday winnerAnnounced mid-day tomorrow.

Here’s the deal for today’s giveaway: To enter to win, you simply need to comment in the comment section below. You can say anything, though! The winner will be announced mid-day tomorrow so she has enough time to shop the sale before it ends. Note: We recommend putting your email at the end of your comment. Format: kellyslarkin (at) gmail (dot) com. You know: to avoid the spam bots!

Oh, and you can enter to win this gift card three times. Your comments on this post need to be at least an hour apart, but that gives you quite a few chances!

Who’s excited?! Good luck!