For years, nearly every time I came home from college or from the city to visit my parents, my mom and I went to Target. It was the best. I didn’t have a car for most of college, and things were just so expensive in Manhattan! I mean, the bodega around the corner from my first apartment sold small jars of peanut butter for $7. Seven dollars! 

Target opened in East Harlem sometime in 2010, which was awesome. And there are tons of Targets around Chicago that I have access to now. Still, Mom and I uphold the tradition, and always make a point to go together when I’m home. We can spend a long time in there… but I’m sure you can, too. ;)

Today, I think my mom and I spent a total of 2.5 hours in there, haha. But we just couldn’t get over the selection of preppy products! Typically, we struggle with finding affordable classic items. It’s the trendier things that seem more readily available for reasonable prices. But Target’s hittin’ it out of the park this season! (Who knew the retailer started carrying Joules rain boots?!)

We loved this plaid and tweed scarf (so different!); this fair isle sweaterthis plaid button-downthis printed sheep sweaterthis plaid wrap jacketthis cable knit sweaterthese houndstooth pantsthese rain bootsthese plaid ankle pantsmini skirtblazer and pencil skirtthese leather riding boots; and these dachshund bookends. (Because I’m a lunatic.) Above are some of our other favorites!