Old Navy EveryGirl Kelly in the City-39

This is my second look from The EveryGirl feature that ran a couple of days ago. :) Photos are by the talented Cassandra Eldridge! See the first look here!

Alert, alert:

Tory Burch Private Sale!

Kind of irrelevant. But I had to share. ;) Anyway, I’ve had a great stay out on the East Coast. I’m really sad to leave, but hey–at least I can blog about it for the next week, haha. (Poor you.)

AND OH MY GOODNESS; I GET TO SEE MITCH! Being away from him has been rough, and I can’t wait to be by his side back in Chicago. I believe this is the longest we’ve ever been apart! These phone calls and text messages just aren’t cutting it. Miss you like crazy, Mitch. See you soon!

Old Navy EveryGirl Kelly in the City-24
Old Navy EveryGirl Kelly in the City-30