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Draper James Skirt (Coming soon, but #omg — this one?!), Shirt (It’s called the “Lucy Embellished Lace Button Down Shirt”) and Bag c/o / Cole Haan Sandals c/o Nordstrom Rack / J.Crew Bracelet (And have I mentioned how much I love this one?!) / Moon and Lola Earrings (On sale!) c/o Tuckernuck / Helen Ficalora Necklace c/o

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Today, I’m posting photos from my last shoot with Draper James in New York — partly because it’s still skirt weather here in Chicago, partly because I’m crazily in love with Reese Witherspoon’s new clothing line, partly because I’m a little homesick right now, partly because these photos remind me of the summer, and partly because one of my very best friends from New York (Mandi) just booked a flight to come visit me in early November.


(Shoot One // Shoot Two)

But seriously: Happy day. :)

I have to admit that the last month has been a tough one for me. This time of year is always a challenge, as I’ve never dealt well with the shorter days and fewer hours of sunlight. There are a few things that help: sitting in front of a giant light box; wearing a light visor (as embarrassing as it sounds); taking certain vitamins, supplements, and/or medications; and making sure to get outside as often as possible. But it’s always a struggle.

Half the time I’m all like, “Yay! Pumpkins and plaid and boots and coffee and blanket scarves!” Yet the other half, I’m all like, “Boo to this.”

So much negativity! So many tears! And so often overwhelmed!

And truly: that’s not who I am. Deep down, I’m a positive person. A happy person. Someone who smiles more often than she frowns.

I actually think I’ve turned a corner, but can we talk about how amazing my girlfriends have been? Because more often than not, I want hide out in my house (which only makes things worse) or ignore phone calls and text messages and emails and invites. But they–time and time again–have proven to be incredible friends and people. They’re understanding and compassionate (even if they don’t really understand “SAD”), and they don’t hold it against me when I fall off the face of the earth.

(Thanks, guys.)

Dinner dates on random Wednesday nights; flights out to Chicago to visit. I’m a lucky girl. And a grateful girl.

So today, do something for me: reach out to a girlfriend who lifts your spirits when you’re feeling blue, and thank her.

And to my girlfriends across the country: I love you. :)

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