Our recent home purchases include a lantern, a wreath, and a chandelier.

Serena & Lily Chandelier / Faux Cypress Wreath / Lantern / Ginger Jar Ornaments / Dining Table / Dining Chairs (Sold out, but they were inspired by the CB2 ones.) / Plaid Bows

The house is really starting to come together! I’ll be honest; it’s still very messy. After the construction ended, we went right into the holiday season, which is my busiest time of the year. So there are still boxes everywhere, and we just have a LOT of organizing to do. (Nothing seems to be in the right rooms!) But we make a little progress every day.

Sometimes very little. Yesterday, all I did was hang these plaid bows on the chandelier. 😂

But here are a few things we’ve ordered for the house recently!

I had a Ballard gift card, so I ordered this mini wreaths for the kitchen cabinets. Can’t wait to get them up!

WE FOUND A COFFEE TABLE. I’m totally in love with it. We really wanted something gold to balance out the brown leather couch and dark chairs, and I think this is going to do the trick! It was 50 percent off on Cyber Monday so we pounced.

Another Cyber Monday find. It was only $75! It’s going to go between the two spool chairs in the living room.

The bows! They keep selling out, but if you catch them in stock, grab ’em! For $15, you can’t go wrong.

Mitch found these lanterns at Target and I love how versatile they are. We plan on using them as year-round decor.

I got two of these for the girls for Christmas, and had their names embroidered on the back. ARE THEY NOT THE CUTEST? They’re going to go in the basement!

Our dining room chairs are sold out, but this chair–still in stock–was the original inspiration.

A reader sent me this and so I bought it. #influenced

These sconces are going in the basement to replace older ones that don’t go with the feel of the room. I love them so much that I kind of want to put them going up the staircase, too! However, I must tell you that they’re scheduled to arrive in APRIL. I’m sorry, what? Very disappointed to say the least, hahaha.

New mat for the front door! The old one was way too large and kept causing our potted topiaries to tip over, haha. This one is beautiful and it fits perfectly!