Recent Finds, 4/5

Woven Loafers

SO pumped about these! There are a bunch of natural woven slides out there, but I’ve found slides to be pretty impractical for motherhood. (And my feet get much too chilly in them!) These look perfect, though. They’re also made by Me Too, which is known for comfort. (My mom swears by ’em.)

Oh, hello, there! I have to admit that I’m so proud that I kept the blog up and running this week. I was talking to Darby–my best bud from New York who’s due two weeks before me–and we both agreed that we’re proud of ourselves for just existing at this point. 😂 But here’s what’s going on with the Larkins:

We’re finishing our KonMari challenge.

We were supposed to wrap it up last month, but it didn’t happen on account of our crazy travel schedule. But now that we’re on “lockdown,” we’re making progress a lot faster! Right now, we’re working on books and papers. We combined the two categories because we Konmari-ed our physical books years ago, and literally own none, aside from coffee table and children’s books. We do, however, have a considerable amount of papers stored in our dining room buffet, haha. So we’re wrapping that up this weekend! (Digitizing everything and tossing the rest.) After that, we’re going to finish the kitchen, the hall closet and the storage area. And then I think we’ll be done!

We’re dealing with drama in the Chicago Public Schools system.

It’s a pretty complicated issue, and I totally see it from both sides of the argument. (I really, really do.) But it’s possible that our local public school is making some huge changes to its pre-k program, putting it on hold, or phasing it out entirely. We think we have some other options for next year, but so many families–ours included–are really bummed out about it, if not for the loss of community for our tots. Acceptance and waitlist letters are supposed to go out in a few weeks, and this news was only recently dropped on families, leaving many in tight spots. Of course, this isn’t the end of the world; pre-school isn’t something that all children attend, after all. But it’s tough not knowing what’s going on, and it’s all the neighborhood is talking about. Hoping for answers soon!

We’re teaming up with Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

We’ve wanted to use this blog for good for a long, long time, and Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago is what we’re going to be supporting and helping this year. I’m so excited about it! We chose Lurie’s in part because I wanted to give back for the wonderful gift my family was given last year. My cousin (who’s more like a sister) courageously and gracefully fought and won a battle with cancer, and we’re all just so grateful. And while she’s now a beautifully grown woman, she’ll always be that spunky, freckly seven-year-old in my eyes!

Another part of it was because we’re so unbelievably thankful for Emma’s health. I cannot fathom what some of the families whose children are being treated at Lurie’s are going through, and we’d like to do whatever possible to help. Our first step? Getting the word out about the Move for Kids 5k walk, which is happening on Sunday, May 19th at 11 a.m. Soldier Field. I would LOVE to attend, but I’m due on May 15th, so that likely won’t be possible. (Though maybe?!) But I’m hoping some of my Chicago girls will help represent! It’s free, and a wonderful thing to do with friends and loved ones.

(Register here! Btw: Following the walk, there will be live music, games, and entertainment for the whole family. Pack a picnic or bring your charcoal grill and have a tailgate-style picnic lunch with your crew!) If you can’t make it, you can donate here! Every little bit–even if it’s a dollar–truly makes a difference.

We’re planning fun Chicago activities for the next month.

Again, we’re on lockdown for the remainder of this pregnancy. And since the weather is finally starting to warm up, we’re looking for family-friendly activities for every weekend from now until May 15th! If you’re from the area, hit me up if you know of any good ones!

We’re seeing friends.

I feel like we were away for so long that we kind of fell out of touch with our friends here in Chicago… and we’ve missed everyone! We recently saw Kira and Tom, Barbie and Jordan, and Danielle and Conor, and it was great. So good to be back with everyone, and we’re so looking forward to fun spring and summer days with our pals!

We’re apparently sleeping in.

Emma’s been sleeping until 9 a.m.! It’s so weird. I know she must be going through a growth spurt, but whatever the case, I’m super happy about it because sleep hasn’t been coming easily to me. It’s almost as if she knows I need the extra rest or something! Yesterday morning, though, when she woke up, she literally yelled, “MOMMY! COME GET ME! MOMMY, ARE YOU OKAY? WHERE ARE YOU? …KELLYYYYYY, COME GET ME!” I was cracking up!

Okay. Enough rambling for now. On to this week’s Recent Finds:

My #1 Mother’s Day gift recommendation. :) I love mine so, so much!

I have this shirt in a few colors. It’s so affordable and so comfy! It also works with a baby bump. :)

My absolute favorite PJs. Blog post all about ’em coming tomorrow.

STOP. Isn’t this the cutest thing?! A bit out of place in this post, haha, but if you’re a mom, POUNCE. :)

These are fantastic.

Finally! A navy scalloped tank!

This so reminds me of the classic Chanel bag.

Kind of thinking I need these pants for post-baby, in navy, of course. How cute is that bow?!

My favorite Kate Spade pumps now come in black leather. Huge fan; they’re my go-to pumps.

Love these jeans and they’re majorly on sale right now!

It’s back in stock! Of course, I would wear it with a cute striped or white top underneath, and with jeans. But it’s really cute, don’t you think?!


I think this sold out for a hot minute, but it’s back!

I have the dress version of this top and absolutely adore it!

What a gorgeous dress. Those scallops!

And I think these red sandals would pair perfectly with it.

I like. ;)

I’ll never say no to a bow.

If I were going to the Derby this year, this is what I’d be wearing.

This is such a Kelly dress.

Tortoise sandals!

Guys, I snapped my beloved sunglasses–which I’ve had since 2012 or 2013–in half last month. But I just found these… what do you think?!


Lobster sneaks. I mean…

The classic RL flag sweater, in a really fun color! Go up at least one size; I go up two. Runs very small.

Yay for another season of white button-down dresses!

I’ve heard amazing things about these very affordable leggings meant to look like jeans.

The belt!

I was sad when this dress sold out at Nordstrom; glad to see that it’s back!

Kind of loving this pink couch, and would love to have something like it in a bigger office one day. Would replace the legs, but love the color!

And these for dining room chairs?!

SO BEAUTIFUL. I love me a good chinoiserie lamp, but this is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. And fairly priced!

Love these, too… and they come as a set.

I always get this way during spring. I want to redecorate!

Favorite ginger jar.

Another fave on sale.

If you’re looking for a great, affordable pair of white skinny jeans that have some stretch to ’em and are super soft, look no further! I’ve had my pair for years and still love them.

I know I keep featuring this top, but it’s my current favorite because of how flattering it is. It hangs in ALL the right ways, and it’s machine-washable!

Another favorite that you keep seeing on the blog. ;) Runs VERY big, go down a size or two. I ordered my normal size and it worked with the bump! (And the bump is very big right now!)

This is the other scalloped camisole I love. Doesn’t come in navy, but I wear it in white and black on the reg.

My favorite cashmere wrap is on sale! Here’s why I love it so much.

I’ve been looking for a great pair of red ballet flats for a while now. Just found these and thinking they’re it!

These are super cute, too, and a fraction of the price for the real deal.

Not usually one for short dresses, but this little number speaks to me!