Recent Finds, 11/2

Fur Vest (Runs large. Wearing the XS) / Tartan Leggings (#omg — But these are my favorite solid black leggings.) / Cashmere Sweater (Sold out in white, but the v-neck version is still available.) / Kate Spade Pumps (Mine are last year’s version. Shopbop and Bloomingdales also carry a pair that look very similar!) / $48 Faux Leather Tote (A favorite.)

Stop what you’re doing and add this fur vest to your cart! It sold out SO quickly last year, and it was pretty much the #1 reader-requested product of the holiday season. I realize that my outfit looks a little ridiculous right now as it’s a full-on Christmas look, but wanted to show you one way I plan on wearing the vest as the holiday season approaches. ;) Runs big; I’m wearing the XS here. As for the tartan leggings, they’re AMAZING and only $25! I love the look of plaid dress pants around xmas, but they always have the “hook and eye” closures, and they’re just so uncomfortable for me. I think I have a wider waist, and if I size up to accomodate that, the pants look sloppy. If I order my normal size, the pants pinch my waist. But lo! I’ve finally found adorable tartan leggings that feel incredible and are amazingly flattering. Wearing the size small here!


I can’t believe it’s November. Looking back on the last month, I didn’t do a great job with this blog. And while part of me is disappointed in myself, another part is wildly proud that I didn’t throw in the towel during the storm. Sure, the content wasn’t anything fantastic, but I had a ton of personal stuff going on, and the site didn’t die! (I’ve already written a post for next week that goes in depth about this. Stay tuned!) So that’s something, right? ;)

November’s a new month, though. To hit the reset button, Mitch and I (and Emma) are off on a little getaway today. Lincoln offered to let us borrow an SUV for the weekend, and while I initially said I’d rather lay low at home, Mitch convinced me that some true relaxation time was just what we all needed. And I’m SO glad he did. I love little weekend trips in the fall, and I’m really looking forward to snuggling up by the fire with a book. (And romping around the lake with Emma during the day.)

Follow along on Insta Stories, but for now, here are this week’s “Recent Finds.”

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Recent Finds, 11/2

SO excited about this find. Puffer coats rarely look cute, but this one is houndstooth! I mean…

Yes! A classic plaid shirt with a ruffle… and it’s on sale!

I have no words. These are everything.

Have always wondered about buffalo plaid coats. Adorable or jumber jack? I’m leaning toward adorable, but weigh in. ;)

I see Kate Middleton in this!

I wish this still came in brown, but the red is really cute! (Paired with stripes or plaid? Yes…)

Really into these darker plaid coats this year.

I have the solid version of this coat but I love this one even more.

Wubby on sale!

J.Crew restocked the famous topcoat. Again, sold out very quickly last year, so if you’re in love, now’s the time to pounce. (This is my favorite camel coat! I went up one size.)

Another restocked product!

Waterproof riding boots on sale! These are what I wear when I’m going out in the fall/winter and it’s raining. Wet feet can ruin a night, no? ;)

A great cape.

Waterproof leather booties.

The L.L.Bean tote is on sale! I have it in navy, in the size large, with the longer handles so it’s easier to carry about when it’s stuffed to the max. We don’t travel without it!

Always looking for solid tops and sweaters to pair with my crazy pants.


Still madly in love with these tartan-lined Bean Boots. They feature tumbled leather, making them insanely soft. (No break-in time!) They’re very, very warm, too.

Thought I’d highlight this one again since I wear it every single morning to walk Noodle. It’s great! Not a winter coat, per se, but a great September – December coat… perhaps longer if you don’t live in Chicago, haha.

Love the interesting design on this cable-knit sweater!

Pendleton dog beds?!

Looks so soft and cozy. Perfect for our lake trip!