Hi, guys!

Mitch and I compiled some of our favorite deals of the weekend for you, complete with reviews and bad jokes. I hope the roundup is helpful, or at least provides you with a couple of laughs! If you found any other steals, please let us know and we’ll add ’em in. :) Thank you!

Cyber Weekend Steals & Deals

Minted: Have you ordered your holiday cards yet?! If not, let’s GO! Right now, you can take 20 percent off orders $150+, and 15 percent off everything. (Plus FREE shipping.) Use code: “BF2020.” These are our cards!

Yeti Mug: I couldn’t live without this thing. Before kids, no worries. I could drink a cup of coffee while it was hot. Now, though, hahaha. Cold coffee unless it’s in a Yeti. This thing keeps it hot for HOURS. It’s magic.

Mark and Graham Initial Necklace: My favorite necklace of all time! It sells out all the time, but if you find one with the correct initial, grab it! Such a great deal right now. Note that there are four different options and therefore opportunities to find your initial; be sure to click on all your to see what’s available!

LuluLemon Align Leggings: Best leggings. Hands down. If you’ve never tried them before, NOW IS YOUR TIME. They’re like butter. You’ll honestly never want to take them off. And isn’t this color cute?! Pair it with a navy and white stripe top or sweater and you’ve got an adorable and very comfortable outfit, haha. (FYI: I usually order a size 4 in Lulu!)

Dyson Vacuums: The king of all vacuums; no arguing that. Dyson has the V8 absolute (a fan favorite) majorly discounted, and the V7 absolute marked down to only $249. Best Buy also has on the Animal on crazy sale. (My parents have that one; it’s great for pet hair.) Target has the Motorhead for just $229. Nuts!

Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Vacuum with *Removable*/Rechargeable Batteries: While we love our Dyson, we also love our Hoover ONEPWR. (Quite possibly more!) I truly think it measures up to Dyson Vacuums, and it’s way less expensive. The big thing here, though, is that when the thing runs out of batteries, you don’t have to wait for it to recharge. You simply take an extra battery off the charging station and switch them out. I can’t tell you how much nicer that is, and when it was time for us to buy a second vacuum, we actually opted to buy the Hoover instead of the Dyson. (I’m sorry but what exhausted mom wants to start and stop when it comes to vacuuming?! We want to get the job DONE!) Available via Target, Walmart and Amazon.

Hoover Cordless Wet/Dry Vac: The really cool thing is that all the Hoover ONEPWR products work with the same batteries. So we just keep them stashed around the house on their little charging ports, and never have to worry about dead batteries. It’s awesome! We don’t have a wet/dry vac, so Mitch bought this today for our car, as we have two small children whose sole mission in life is to destroy it.

Bissel Steam Mop: Our kitchen would be filthy without this thing. It cleans with WATER! It’s safe to use on hardwood on the lowest setting, too. (Doesn’t take our finish off.) Can’t believe how cheap it is. I would pay double, haha!

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Strollers: BEST STROLLERS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. Seriously, guys. They basically push themselves, and fit through city doors no problem—even the double. I could not “mom” without my Baby Jogger GT2. (Grand Terrain wheels are SO important, btw. Don’t get the other version!) It doesn’t hurt that Baby Jogger is a fraction of the cost of other high-end strollers. Again, something I would definitely pay more for. Total life-changer. Note: They’re reduced both on Baby Jogger’s website and via Amazon. (On Amazon, here’s the single and here’s the double!)

Always Pan: Here’s the pan that replaces all the junk in your kitchen. Everyone’s talking about it so it must be great. —Mitch

Primrose Mirror: This is our giant mirror! It’s such a show-stopper. It rarely goes on sale, so now’s the time to invest if you’ve been wanting to. Just please be sure to secure it to the wall, especially if you have small children at home or who visit your home. The smaller size looks great on a dresser, too! (This is the other mirror we have from Anthropologie, btw. We have it on our buffet in our dining room.)

MZ Wallace Sutton Bag: I love MZ Wallace, and they’re primarily what I use for “baby bags,” since they’re squishy and fit into small spaces; they double as pillows when in dire situations; they aren’t too feminine-looking that husbands refuse to carry them; and they’re machine-washable. (MZ Wallace does NOT advertise or encourage that, but I’ve been throwing them in the washing machine for years and zero problems, even with the leather detailing.) I’m a huge fan all-around and can’t recommend the brand enough!

Alice & Wonder Chicago Pediatric Cancer Chicago T-Shirt: This shirt was made in collaboration with one of my best friends, Danielle, and her daughter Margot, who is currently undergoing treatment. I got them for the girls for Christmas. <3

Sweet Home Chicago Sweatshirt and T-Shirt: So crazy to me how much I love Chicago now considering how homesick for New York I was for so many years. These make my heart swell, and remind me how much I have to be grateful for. Chicago has been good to us, and it’ll always be home!

Hydroflask Water Bottle and Straw Lid: I would dehydrate and die without this. Seriously. Gotta get the straw cap, though. The magic of this thing is that you only have to fill it up twice throughout the day in order to get the recommended water intake. I used to always forget to drink water; now I usually drink extra!

Horsebit Loafers: They look just like the Gucci loafers but they’re so.much.cheaper. I have a pair and they’re very comfy!

Solo Stove: My favorite purchase of the year! We got the Solo Stove Bonfire earlier in the fall and it’s been the centerpiece of many great nights on the patio already. Full review here. —Mitch

Eufy Home Security System: We have this system installed on the house and it works exactly as advertised. Not that you’d want to skimp on the safety of your home, but it’s on big sale this weekend. —Mitch

Nantucket Red Lululemon Shorts: I’m not here to advocate for wearing shorts in the winter. THat’s something Mitch would do. I do advocate for wearing biker shorts under your dresses and skirts (along with tights) for added warmth. It’s my go-to trick for dressing up during Chicago winters without being miserable. Lululemon is my fave since they’re so soft and don’t add much bulk. Here’s the black!

Tiny Tassel: I LOVE Tiny tassel. The team is offering 20 percent off the curated collection! Use code “PINKFRIDAY20.” (Those mermaid earrings!)

ChappyWrap: ChappyWrap is another small business the Larkin Family adores. This is a great gift option, especially for 2020! We have so many ChappyWrap blankets around the house; they’re everyone’s favorites. Lucy actually sleeps with one every night! Anyway, take 10 percent off and free shipping with code “BLACKFRIDAY10.”

Dudley Stephens: And we can’t forget Dudley! This is my favorite of all the cuts. I order a size small. Gifts with your purchase of $150.

Breville Espresso Machine: This machine is so new that I was shocked to see it on Black Friday. In my opinion, Breville makes the best consumer grade coffee machines in the world and the Bambino is what hooked us on espresso. A machine of this quality for $300 is a ridiculous deal. —Mitch

Framebridge: This is my go-to holiday gift. I’m telling you; very few people frame their own photos. But they’re SO touched when someone else does it for them! It’s amazingly thoughtful and something they’ll have forever. Do it! The best part is that right now, you can take 20 percent off framing orders of $50+ with code “BF20.”

Instant Pot: Are there still kitchens out there without an Instant Pot? They sell these things for nothing every Cyber Weekend and I’m thinking anybody who wants one probably has one. But if you don’t, I’d recommend it. It’s great. If you do, this is a skip. You already have one so don’t bother. —Mitch

Mini Keurig: After buying Kelly this keurig for her office I now officially own seven coffee machines. A Keurig for only $50 might entice me to add a couple more ngl. —Mitch

Serena & Lily Pinecone Wreath: Is this not the most beautiful winter/holiday wreath you’ve ever seen?! I can’t believe they brought it back, that it’s actually in stock, and that the discount applies!

Cyber Weekend Steals & Deals

$40 Amazon Tablet: I give these tablets to my nieces and nephew each Christmas and they LOVE them. They then spend the year totally destroying or losing them only for the cycle to repeat again the next year. For $40 they’re the perfect kids tablet. Let them go crazy. —Mitch

Telfar Bag: WOO! The Telfar bag is on Amazon! This is another great Black-owned business that promotes inclusivity and acceptance. I love my bag. It holds so much yet looks polished. I get so many questions about it; it’s another show-stopper for sure!

Kindle: I wrote a big post about Kindles a few months ago. It’s safe to say that $60 for a Kindle is the best you’ll ever see. It’s an incredible gift and an even better treat fo yo’self. —Mitch

Amazon eero Wifi System: Our wireless network is a disaster and I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to fix it. I’m so frustrated that I’m considering having an electrician thread ethernet wires through our walls. Luckily, this eero mesh wifi system apparently permanently fixes the problem by sending sweet, sweet wifi to every corner of the house. I’ll report back after I install it! —Mitch

KitchenAid Stand Mixer: The KitchenAid Stand Mixer is the undisputed queen-bee of all kitchen gadgets. I used ours for three different dishes on Thanksgiving alone. It’s rarely on sale so act now! —Mitch

L.L.Bean Boat & Tote: Another fantastic gift because you can monogram it or put something cute on it! (For graduates, really cute to put the name of their school and the year… so many options to make the bag special and meaningful!) I should also note that this is our go-to travel bag. We do not leave home without it when going on trips. We have the size large with extra long handles, and it fits under plane seats. (This information is for future trips, of course, when there is not a global pandemic.) Use code “THANKS15” to take 15 percent off your order!

Sara Fitz: THIS IS HUGE! I love Sara Fitz—and her whole fam. She speaks to me. We have her Nantucket baskets in Emma’s room, and we’re wallpapering the laundry room in the striped shirts. I also bought the framed swimsuit to hang in the laundry room because have you ever seen something so perfect? 30 percent off site-wide with code “COZY.”

Sail to Sable x Jenn Lake Bow Sweater: Okay, so this particular top isn’t on sale. But I have it and LOVE it and had to share. Also, you can take 40 percent off the sale section with code “HAPPYSHOPPING.” Those bows! Jenn, I’m so proud of you.

MegMade Furniture: Meg and Joe are awesome friends of ours, and they own the company MegMade, which refinishes vintage furniture and turns the pieces into works of art! They ship all over the country. I’m particularly in love with this piece for between the windows in the foyer. Stained a dark walnut? Perfect. (Miss you, M+J.)

Disney Frozen Arendelle Playhouse: Mitch, please buy this for me. PLEASE. I know. I said “me.” I love toys, haha.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket: This is crazy! How is this on sale in the white?! It NEVER goes on sale in the white! I would recommend going one size up as Patagonia runs a little small in general. Huge fan of this jacket; it’s packable and looks so sharp! It comes with me on every trip.

Patagonia Nano Puff Parka: Pretty much the same jacket just longer. Great if you tend to wear longer tops/sweaters/cardigans. I’m a bit ashamed to say that I own both but that’s how much I adore the Nano. Again, crazy that it’s on sale in the white! GET!

Apple AirPodsI recommend both Apple AirPods and Apple AirPods Pro.

AirPods at $119 is an incredible deal. They offer a super simple wireless headphone experience with enough technology baked in to make them “just work.”

AirPods Pro have an improved sound, voice interface, wireless charging capabilities and noise cancelling features. The $189 price tag is a significant discount and offering significant discounts isn’t really Apple’s thing. I use my AirPods Pro for multiple hours each day. I’m never without them

The issue with AirPods in general is that with extensive use (and you will use them extensively) the battery degrades over time and eventually they day. In my case it took about a year. If pressed, I’d recommend the original Apple AirPods at $119. Take the $70 you’re saving and buy a fresh pair next Black Friday  —Mitch

Semicolon Bookstore: This is a fabulous Black-owned bookstore in Chicago that I’ve ordered books for Emma from. And right now, the $5 Dolla Holla is ON! Crazy good deals so take advantage! So nice to support small/local, too.

Wubby Fleece Pullover: This will make you feel better. It just will.

Sorel Joan of Arctic Waterproof Wedge Boot: LOVE THESE! I’m wearing/reviewing them in this post. If you miss wearing heels during weeks-long snowstorms, these are for you, haha. You can also find them via Backcountry for even cheaper, I believe!

Samsung Frame Television: The antidote to every couple’s dilemma: TV or artwork. I reviewed the Frame TV here and a quick summary of the piece goes like this: Does The Frame successfully transform from a TV into a picture frame? and the answer is…sort of! —Mitch

Spanx Leggings: YOU NEED THESE IF YOU DON’T ALREADY OWN THEM! They’re so comfortable and they really add interest to outfits. They do run small so I suggest sizing up. I normally wear a size 26 in jeans and I take these in a medium.

Blondo Waterproof Suede Booties: Another couldn’t-live-without product. They’re suede but WATERPROOF. They’re also wildly comfy. This is the lowest price I’ve seen them for, so if you’re in the market for new booties, I highly recommend! I always go a half size up in boots just so I can wear thick socks with them.

Little Tikes Giant Bouncer: We have friends with this. Their kids love them more than our kids love us. Jokes. (But wow. The price!)

Apple Watch: The Apple Watch Series 3 is a few years old, but it does pretty much anything you’d expect an Apple Watch to do. What exactly do people expect Apple Watches to do again? —Mitch

Bobbi Brown Desert Rose Lipstick: The only lipstick I wear. I love that it works with all outfits! Pink, red, whatever. All goes.

Foldable Trampoline: The quarantine trampoline purchasing is picking back up! This is ours. We love it. Read our blog post on it here.

Tretorn Sneakers: These are my favorite sneakers that I own. They’re like walking on clouds! And Tuckernuck allows you to monogram them. So cute! I ordered a half size up.

Amazon Flannel Plaid Dress: What a steal! Such great patterns, too.

Faux Poinsettias: We have these going up our front stoop! I’m not out to poison anyway and I also can’t deal with real plants. So these are perfect! I’ll be wrapping them in burlap soon.

Faux Cypress Line of Holiday Decor: Without a doubt, the best line of faux greenery for the holidays. If you see the garland, POUNCE. Because it’s not often in stock! (We’re using it outside this year! Cross your fingers that it holds up!)

Serena & Lily Stepstool: We have these in our bathrooms! I love that they’re kid-friendly but that they’re also beautiful and not eyesores. A great gift for a tot; the parents would be very happy as well. :) Lucy uses the stools to sit on and read/play, too!

Sequin Duster Cardigan: ORDER RIGHT NOW! You need *something* sparkly for New Year’s, even if you’ll be celebrating from your couch like I’ll be. ;) I’m so excited about this! I ordered in the pinkish color. Here’s hoping it comes in time. :)

Plaid “Emma Dress”: It’s plaid. And it’s called the “Emma Dress.” Enough said?!

Oversized Free People Sweater: Free People sweaters are just the best. So cozy! Can’t believe the price on this one this weekend.

Polaroid Camera: THIS WOULD BE SUCH A FUN GIFT. I’ve never owned a Polaroid, but how cool would this be?! Love how retro this one looks, too!