Birch Lane Sale of the Year 2022

Easterbrook Accent Chest (Smaller version here.) / All Birch Lane Nightstands Here (Favorites include The Penelope, The Ammerman, The Watson, The Rita and The Yukon.)

Welcome to my sanctuary! Guys. This is my happy place. Never before have I felt so at peace in my bedroom!

Birch Lane recently sent us these gorgeous nightstands to showcase some of their products included in the today and tomorrow’s big “Sale of the Year”. (Up to 50 percent off the good stuff from 4/27 to 4/28!) And both Mitch and I are amazed by how much more put-together the room looks. Note: Everyone gets fast & free shipping, so you can shop guilt-free!

We love the wide width of the nightstands—I can now style books on them without sacrificing functional space!—the timeless Hepplewhite hardware, and the vintage finish. The top two drawers have more than enough space for bedtime essentials, and the bottom two fit all my pajamas as well as my leggings. (Really not sure why I store leggings in my nightstand but always have and always will. 😆)

Birch Lane Sale of the Year

This sale is one of the best home sales I’ve ever seen, and now’s the time to invest if you want to make some upgrades, need to replace, or are in the process of furnishing a new home. Mitch and I have been buying from Birch Lane for years—here are those magic no-scratch leather couches (in “Steamboat Chestnut”) the Larkin Family loves so much!—and I love how the site really feels like a curated collection. While there are lots of options, there also aren’t too many, so I tend to not feel overwhelmed. And no matter what I’m looking for, I always find a product that I adore.

Above are some of my favorite Birch Lane products included in the sale. Happy shopping!

Birch Lane Sale of the Year bedroom inspiration

Oh, and above was my inspiration for the room with the new nightstands. I wasn’t able to get the new chandelier installed in time, but can’t wait to show you once it goes in. It’s black, which I think will go nicely with the other accents in the room. And at the end of this post, you’ll find some other gorgeous Birch Lane products that have recently caught my eye!

Kelly in the City bedroom
Birch Lane Sale of the Year black nightstand
Books nightstand decor
Birch Lane nightstand
Birch Lane Kelly in the City
Bedroom black nightstand

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This post is sponsored by Birch Lane; all opinions are my own. As always, thank you so, so much for supporting the partnerships that keep Kelly in the City up and running!