Yearbook submission week is *always* the busiest week of the school year for me. I always think I have it completely under control until I realize how many little things I need to collect in order to finalize. (All while teaching.) But I’m SO close, guys! Exhausted, but so close.

Before bunkering down in my apartment this evening to finish up the gigantic project, I took a long walk and had dinner with Mitch in West Village/Meatpacking District neighborhoods. New York City was super humid today, and sporadic rainstorms kept us guessing. But everything is finally in full bloom, and the much-needed break was just what I needed to clear my head and de-stress!

So let’s skip the usual outfit photos for today, and go right to my happy place. ;) Happy Friday, all!

west village-312
west village-313
west village-314
west village-316
west village-317
west village-319
west village-320
west village-321
west village-322
west village-323
west village-310
west village-311
west village-303
west village-304
west village-325
west village-328
west village-329
west village-332
west village-333
west village-334
west village-336
west village-335
west village-337
west village-338
west village-339
west village-600
west village-601