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Let’s do a bullet point-style post today, shall we?

  • We’re gearing up for a trip to my parents’ home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania in mid-October. I’m really excited. We’re going because we have a wedding in Brooklyn; our friend Jeremy, who we used to teach with in the Bronx, is getting married… and my parents will be watching Emma while we’re in the city for that as well as a work thing the following day. It’s really cute: Mom and Dad are actually flying back from Prague that Friday, when we’re flying in, too–and weirdly enough, our flights arrive around the same time! Party at the airport. (After NYC, Mitch and I will head back to my parents’ place for a couple of days, which’ll be so nice!)
  • We’re putting some serious thought into our Halloween costumes! I have a feeling that we’ll likely dress as characters from “The Little Mermaid,” as that’s Emma’s current obsession. But ALL ideas are welcome! We’re looking for a fun theme that the whole family can embrace. Oh, and the best part about Halloween this year? SHAHEEN IS COMING! I will die seeing all the kiddos trick-or-treating together. How life has changed! <3
  • I’m feeling discouraged re: my health. Ugh, guys. I’m so sorry. I feel like this is all I ever talk about these days, but it’s been so hard. :( The first two rounds of antibiotics didn’t work for the sinus infection (most likely because I’ve built up a resistance to it over the years), so my doctor just started me on a different medicine. While I’m trying to remain positive, every day is a struggle and I’m feeling discouraged. I’ve technically been sick since we were in New York! I’ve been taking such good care of myself, too: going to getting 9+ hours of sleep every night; taking naps; eating right. Fingers crossed I turn a corner this week.
  • We’re going to Chicago Gourmet this weekend! Of course, this all depends on how I’m feeling, but I’m SO looking forward to it. It’s a festival that celebrates food and wine through tasting and demos, and it’s always such a blast. We have a babysitter, and we’re pumped for a date day!
  • I got new luggage. GUYS. It’s stunning. It’s the “Terminal 1” line from Mark & Graham in white, and I adore it. My old suitcase had cracked down the middle–too many trips to Arkansas, haha–so it was time for an upgrade. Can’t wait to get a review up on the blog.
  • I need to buy a new iPhone this week and I’m angry about it. Seriously, though: the prices are obnoxious. My phone’s camera is broken and the home button is shattered, rendering it almost useless, so it’s time. But goodness. Something needs to change. The thing costs just as much as a laptop does! Unreal.
  • I wrecked a beloved bag with Scotchgard. Oh my goodness. I’ve been on a tear. This past summer, I’ve dyed one load of whites pink and another load of whites blue. AND NOW MY BAG! It’s fabric, so I assumed that Scotchgarding it was the responsible move… but there are white blotches all over the black leather handles now, and I can’t, for the life of me, get ’em off. Any suggestions?! I heard that non-acetone nail polish remover might work, but using it scares me. I might just bring it into a leather repair shop and see if they can do anything.
  • I’m trying to get into some TV shows right now. There’s nothing I love more than settling into the couch for a show after we put Emma down. It’s so nice to simply sit and do something mindless. I’m currently watching “You” and “This is Us,” but I need like FIVE more shows so I can watch one every evening. I saw a commercial for “Single Parents,” and that looks good! Anything I should add to the mix? (I like happy, non-violent stuff. “You” is almost too much in that department, but, I mean, Dan Humphrey!)
  • I’m struggling with motivation. Usually, in the fall, I feel SUPER motivated. But this season has been tough. I’m sure it’s because I’ve been so sick, but I’m undoubtedly in a funk and need to get out of it. All I want to do is sit on the couch, which is so unlike me!
  • Emma has learned how to swim with a “bubble.” Through her PeeWee program, she now swims three days a week, and I can’t believe how much progress she’s made and how much confidence she’s gained in the pool! PeeWee is all she talks about, and I’m SO glad we decided to enroll her in the program. It’s been fantastic for her, and Mitch and I are able to spend more quality time with her–and go to sleep at a reasonable hour–because we’re now able to get our work done during that time.
  • Mitch and I hosted a 14 Hands wine tasting event last night. It was a small dinner at The Hampton Social in River North, and I loved meeting the newer bloggers who attended. They were all younger, and just getting to know each other… and chatting with them was kind of like stepping back into my former world! Crazy to think that a few short years ago, I was just meeting the bloggers who would become my very best friends here in Chicago. I’m so grateful to belong to such an amazing community, and I loved talking with the “next generation.” ;)