Mitch here!

We’re smack dab in the middle of wedding season, and frankly, I’m a little stressed out. Yes, it’s beautiful to watch two people publicly monogomize (new word!) each other in front of friends and family, but why is there so much ironing and shaving and matching your clothes required to do so? Come on. No one’s looking at me. When am I getting invited to a true t-shirt and flip-flops wedding?!

I think we all know that I struggle with fashion. (It literally took me decades to figure out that I look a million times better when I just ditch the undershirt, after all.) So I suppose it comes as no surprise that I get a little intimidated when planning a wedding outfit. What’s the weather going to be like that day? What’s everyone else going to be wearing? What will Kelly wear? Does that even matter? I should know whether that matters. Is it weird that I’m just sitting here worrying about whether that matters instead of planning my outfit? What the hell is wrong with me?

Let’s be real, though. Guys have it easier than girls do in the wedding outfit department. Girls “need” a new dress for nearly every wedding, unless it’s not being Facebook-documented and it’s a different circle of friends. And so much time spent on hair and makeup. And there are shoes and purses and jewelry and special underwear and god knows what else.

Here’s what guys have to do:

  1. Grab your “wedding suit” from the back of the closet and marvel at how incredibly filthy and stained it got during the last wedding. Swear that you’ll behave yourself this time around and bring the suit to the dry-cleaner immediately upon returning.
  2. Empty the pockets of all the garbage you collected during that wedding: bottle caps, smushed packs of gum, hotel keys, crab cakes. (My brother-in-law found multiple crab cakes in his pockets after our wedding.)
  3. Grab the best-looking dress shirt you can find. Bonus points if there are no visible stains in the areas uncovered by a suit jacket.
  4. Freak out when you realize that the wedding is in two days and rush to the dry-cleaner. Pay a ton of extra money to get it done before you hit the road, and swear that it’ll never happen again.
  5. Pack your largest bag with an extraordinary amount of clothing, as if you’re going on a month-long vacation. For our last wedding, I brought two swimsuits. Two. In case I was swimming so much that I required a backup swimsuit because my other one was wet or something? Our airbnb didn’t even have a pool. I suck at packing. I don’t even want to talk about it.
  6. Forget to pack a belt because of #5. (I’ve done this now five times in a row.)

But here at Kelly in the City Incorporated, we have have undertaken a massive “Class Up Mitch’s Look” initiative. We aim to go from Potato Sack to Bringing Sexy Back in 2017.


I can’t shop. I just don’t have the energy. Kelly prances around stores in a halogen light-fueled delight, skipping and spinning with arms full of wire coat hangers like she just don’t care. I scramble for the husband bench and thank god for the invention of smart phones.

Long story short, I’ve definitely made some progress in my day-to-day looks, thanks to you guys, the blog, and Kelly. But my wedding attire needs some help. So I’ve teamed up with Trunk Club to spread the word that there’s hope for people like me.

Trunk Club hooked me up with a fabulous personal stylist (Thanks, Hannah!) who learned what I was looking for and worked with me to select the perfect outfits for a wedding weekend. The best part? It’s all done online through Trunk Club’s super simple website. After a short chat with Hannah, the trunk shipped for free and solved all my problems. No need for shopping, dry-cleaning or planning. Trunk Club also isn’t one of those subscription services; they only send you what you want, because you approve the trunk beforehand. Anything you don’t in person, though, gets shipped right back for free.

I’m a HUGE Trunk Club fan.

Our next wedding involves a rehearsal dinner in addition to the ceremony and reception, so I’m rockin’ two outfits here. I’ve made no secret of my desire to become a “blazer guy” in recent weeks, and for one of my “looks,” (haha) I’m loving this pink jacket. And yes, I’m sticking with my rolled-up cuffs thing until I actually make it to the dry-cleaner on time. Whatever. Kind of makes me look like I know what I’m doing when in reality, it’s actually laziness and disorganization that are responsible.

I’m going “no tie” for the rehearsal dinner. No tie works doubly as it is one less thing to pack and it somehow makes me look cooler. This Bonobos navy jacket is actually the top half of a suit, but I “forgot” to get the pants hemmed before we took these photos, so let’s pretend I’m wearing the full suit here, okay? (I’ll be wearing the whole getup for the ceremony and reception: don’t worry.) That said, it’s pretty cool I can get two outfits out of it. Often times, there’s a wedding brunch the day after that I didn’t know about because I failed to read the invitation closely. Always good to have options!

A few months ago, Kelly posted this Instagram in which Emma’s hair bow makes me look like I’m wearing a bow tie. Friends and family told me I looked good in a bow tie when they saw it, and since that was the first time I’d ever received compliments about an outfit, I decided that I needed to start rocking bow ties. (Thanks, Emma. Always helpin’ Daddy out.) The only issue for this photo shoot was actually tying the bow tie. It’s about as hard as it gets. Luckily, after watching Trunk Club’s video (see above), Kelly got this thing on me. Don’t tell her that the flamingos are upside down. She’s not going to know until this post goes live and then there’s nothing we’ll be able to do about it so there’ll be no point in re-shooting. ;)

Mitch out!

This post was sponsored by Trunk Club. As always, thank you so much for supporting the partnerships that keep Kelly in the City up and running!