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Happy Prime Day! Do people say that now? Is it weird that I’m this excited about Prime Day? I’m HYPED! These are the best prices Amazon offers all year, so my motto is “click buy and ask questions later.”

How to shop Prime Day

As you might expect, being an Amazon Prime member is a prerequisite, but here are three workarounds:

1: The 30-day free Prime trial totally works! Amazon offers new Prime members 30 days of Prime benefits for free. So even if you sign up today, you can shop the sale and then cancel your Prime membership right after. Just chat Amazon here and do it immediately after signing up, and they’ll still give you 30 days of benefits. Don’t tell them I sent you.

2: Share your Prime benefits: Amazon lets you share Prime benefits (including Prime Day discounts) with family members. I might even let Kelly use my Prime account if she’s extra nice.

3: Use someone else’s account: Amazon does not limit the number of names, addresses or credit cards associated with a single Prime account. So add your details to your Dad’s account, and spend the $120/year in savings on Prime Day deals. It’s basically free money.

Prime Day with Mitch | How to shop Prime Day

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Tech and gadgets

Amazon has an impressive array of gadgets and doodads—and I’m gadgets and doodads-obsessed, so these Prime Day discounts are a big deal for me. Above are the best finds from the sale!


Prime Day 2021

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Men’s clothing

Amazon is not playing around with their private label clothing these days. I’ve written much about my Amazon Essentials obsession recently, and nearly all of it is on sale today. Stop the presses. Enough Said. Make it so. Get it done.

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