My Favorite Amazon Prime Day Deals

It’s Amazon Prime Day! If you’re new to it, it’s a two-day annual event exclusively for Prime members. (But yes, you can totally sign up today and still take advantage of the savings.) Today and tomorrow, you have access to millions of crazy deals from top brands!

I’ll be circling back later with steals for kids, men and the home… but for now, here are my initial finds:

Okay, so these are the “IT” leggings! If you’re a fan of the Lululemon Align leggings, give these a try. They’re almost as buttery soft, yet a fraction of the price of Lululemons.

This is the sports bra.

I have and love this dress! Great for summer but cozy and soft at the same time.

This is SUCH a bargain for a 14k gold-filled necklace. I mean, under $10?! What?! (Would make for a great little girls’ gift, too.)

If you can find these sandals in your size, get them. They’re the comfiest sandals EVER. Super soft and zero break-in time. I thank my sister-in-law for telling me about them. I love mine!

Love the print on this suit, which I own! (I would say that it runs small. Size up.)

Definitely my favorite Amazon Prime Day dress find. Such a great basic!

Why pay more for the designer brand when these look exactly like ’em?!

A timeless sneaker. :)

Love the striped lining on this yellow raincoat.

Wrinkle-resistant and super soft navy pajamas. Can’t beat that.

Another great pair of white sneakers. Can’t believe the price on these!

I included a bunch of cozy sweaters for fall in this post. Apologies. ;)

This isn’t a maternity dress, but I relied on it SO MUCH when I was pregnant with the girls. Even wore it to weddings! Comes in lots of different colors.

A great deal on the Pinterest-famous sweater.

I never want summer to end, but this is very cute for fall.

One of Amazon’s top-selling bras!

Scalloped swimsuits are hard to find.


This might be in my cart. ;)

And thinking about sending this to my parents’ home on the Jersey Shore so I have a steamer there. It gets crazy good reviews!

Have you ever seen a prettier pair of leggings?

GET THIS. I’ve never seen it on sale before, and I would say that it’s my #1 skin product. It’s a physical and chemical exfoliator, and it leaves my skin looking and feeling ridiculous soft. It also only takes two minutes. Highly recommend!

This is what I use whenever my skin breaks out. All hail Kate Somerville.

And this is what I use when my skin is behaving itself. ;)

Has anyone tried this? I’ve heard *wonderful* things.

Another great Prime Day steal!

Okay, these technically aren’t part of Prime Day, but they’re only $5 and PURE MAGIC. They leave your hair feeling crazy soft, and they really help with flyaways and frizz. Try them!

Another product I swear by. I used to use it all the time, but now that my hair is healthier, I probably only use it once per month. When I do, though, I can really feel a difference in its softness! Feels like I just came back from the salon. Also helps with tangles.

My go-to brush. It’s $10, and the only brush you’ll ever want to use from here on it. It’s the king of detanglers!

The v-neck version of the dress I featured earlier.

I love Amazon brands. This striped button-down looks great.

Navy-and-white striped sweater. I see myself in this on the beach in a couple of weeks. ;)

Striped pocket tee! Wonderfully soft.

Gray slub sweatshirt. Great time to stock up on basics.

Love my Kindle! Kind of wish it were white, though. ;) This one is pretty, haha.

We have this in Emma’s room. It’s awesome. She mostly uses it as an alarm, to learn how to tell time, and to play Taylor Swift… but it does other stuff, too.

More fall sweaters. Sorry. But they’re good!

Shorts version of the all-star leggings! They come in a longer style, too.

While not maternity, this is awesome for preggos. I had this top in a few colors while pregnant with Emma and Lucy! There’s also a short-sleeved one and a sleeveless one.

Like this version as well.

These faux leather leggings get stellar reviews. Love the brown color.

I’m out of control.

…but the deals are so good.

Sometimes I like to be trendy. But I usually rely on Amazon for those trendier buys since the prices are so good! Could see myself in this dress and over-the-knee boots!

Random, but how nice would this be outside on the patio?! Mitch says no, haha.

I have this in my office! Really nice for warmups.

A summer staple.

This is beautiful!