Dudley Stephens Fleece | 10 Things 6/20

Dudley Stephens Fleece (The off-white color is perfect for spring and summer!) / Jeans (Also love this pair and this pair.) / Rothy’s Washable Sneakers / Goyard ToteSunglasses

Publishing this a day early because tomorrow is Prime Day and I want to be all over that for you! 😆 Here’s what’s on my mind this morning:

Chris with Matt and nephew, Chris with nephew, Chris with Matt and their dad

  • The Third Annual Chris Behounek Memorial Golf Tournament is Thursday, June 24. We tragically lost Chris, a very close family friend, to suicide in 2018. I can’t tell you what a kind, loving, good person Chris was; he’ll forever be embedded in so many of my happy childhood memories down the Shore. (Chris’ parents are my parents’ best friends… and Chris, his brother Matt, and my brothers Patrick and Danny were all inseparable growing up!) In the difficult years that have followed, the Behouneks have poured their hearts into the golf tournament, from which 100 of the proceeds go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. (In the first two years, they raised $67k! Truly amazing.) Please consider donating here. We would all be so grateful!
  • Happy Father’s Day! I’m incredibly grateful to have such a wonderful father myself and to be married to the most amazing dad to my little girls. ♥️ They—along with my father-in-law, brother/brother-in-law, step grandfather and uncles—are so, so loved. Guys, thank you for putting family first, always. How lucky we are to have you!
  • Happy Birthday, Noodle! It’s either today or tomorrow. Can’t never remember. 😜 We shall do nothing to celebrate and she’ll have no idea. Because she’s a dog.
  • We took the girls to a birthday party at our gym yesterday, and it was such a blast! We hadn’t hung out with our friends Katey and Bob (who have three little girls!) since the pandemic  started, and I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to catch up while celebrating their three-year-old. They’re both so good at being hilariously honest about parenting, and that’s always so uplifting! Thanks, guys. You’re the best!
  • We took Emma and Lucy sailing off Belmont Harbor in Chicago on Friday! WOW. I can’t wait to show you the photos. It was an exceptionally clear day on Friday, and the views of the city skyline were insanity. More to come!
  • Emma has been reading to Lucy at night and it’s everything. My heart melts. Emma is ridiculously proud to do it, because she can now read some of Lucy’s books on her own. And Lucy just adores her and is therefore so engaged. I also get to sit back and breathe for a moment. Thanks, Emma! ;)
  • My in-laws are absolutely wonderful humans. They took care of the girls last weekend while we were in New York, and all four of them clearly had the best time together. I didn’t realize it until they drove up the night before our trip and we were going over our weekday routine, but our lives are fairly complicated, haha! (So many drop-offs and pick-ups, little details, and things each girl has to bring with her to peewee/school.) I feel like it would be overwhelming to the most seasoned of parents, but my mother- and father-in-law knocked it out of the park and had fun doing it. (They actually lived in Lincoln Park, two streets over from us, when they were parents of youngsters… so I would imagine that it was quite the trip down memory lane!) Anyway, we came back to Chicago and the girls were just so happy. Lucy also seemed to make a ton of advances while we were gone! So grateful to my in-laws. <3
  • “One Home Project Every Day” update:
    • I “installed” the tarps by draping them over the outdoor cushions and tying them to the back of the couch. As I mentioned last week, I spent a long time researching deck boxes that could possibly work for our outside space, but quickly realized that we’d need a massive one to fit the cushions—and we really just don’t have the space anywhere for it. (Would have to get rid of some of the kids’ stuff, and I don’t want to do that!) Mitch also hates outdoor sofa covers; says they’re too annoying and time-consuming. (I suppose I agree.) So I bought tarps with grommets. 🙈 I tied them to the back of the couch and now just flop ’em over the cushions when there’s an upcoming rainy spell or when we’re going away. It’s honestly working pretty well. I’m SHOCKED.
    • I unpacked from New York. I hate unpacking, so I’m going to add this to the list and give myself credit for it. ;)
    • I organized the Tupperware drawer. How that thing gets so disorderly so quickly is beyond me.
    • I cleaned out the rest of the kitchen drawers. We owned so many duplicates! Duplicate spatulas, duplicate tongs, duplicate peelers—you name it and there was a duplicate. The drawers are no longer crowded and cooking is a lot nicer.
    • The outside railings were painted and the siding was touched up. Hallelujah! Okay, perhaps this doesn’t count because I didn’t do it. Actually, yeah. Totes doesn’t count. Whatever, though. ;) I’m celebrating because the painter finally found some time for us. Of course, he dripped tons of black paint all over our stoop… so I’m a teensy bit bummed. He says he’s going to come back soon and fix it, though. It’s always something, haha.
    • THE PLAYHOUSE WAS PAINTED, TOO! It looks so much better! We did Benjamin Moore “Moonlight White” all over (including the roof) and then Benjamin Moore “Strawberry Freeze” for the door. And the little appliances are gold. So cute. The next step is going to be installing cedar shingles on the roof. Am I crazy? Yes.
    • My father-in-law fixed a broken doorknob. Again, something I didn’t do, haha. But it was SUCH a nice surprise to come home to! Thank you, John. <3
  • Noodle is going to be spending time with Mitch’s awesome cousin Matt this summer! We are going to be flying to visit my family and taking a couple of other quick trips, and don’t want Noodle to be in a kennel for all of that. Matt is an incredible dog owner and we love that Noodle will be in good hands… and also hanging out with another dog! Very grateful.
  • The Larkin Family’s apple consumption is out of control. We buy three bags every week, and are always out by the time Sunday rolls around again. Before the pandemic, we really relied on pre-packaged snacks for the girls when we were out and about, but made a concerted effort to kick that habit last year. Now I find the whole family reaching for and asking for apples and other fruit and veggies on a far more regular basis. Like they say, it just takes a while to form new habits. I’m so happy about it!
  • I might be doing some custom sweaters with Ellsworth & Ivy! Obviously I’m between “CHICAGO” or “OCEAN CITY.” ;) Stay tuned!
  • I need to profess my love for this water bottle and straw lid again. I’ve owned mine for about a year and a half now and it has changed my life. Since the water bottle holds 32 oz, I only need to drink two of them every day in order to get enough water. (Though I usually drink three because I apparently drink way more when I use a straw!) Huge fan. If you struggle with drinking enough water, get this. It’s become a part of me, haha.
  • We’re gearing up for a trip to the Wisconsin Dells! I’ve never been before but Mitch has told me so much about it, as he has a lot of happy childhood memories there. Can’t wait to see the girls’ eyes when they see the water parks!
  • We’re also gearing up to visit my family on the Jersey Shore. We’re going to be celebrating the Fourth of July—my favorite holiday—in the sand this year, and I couldn’t be more excited.
  • I’m in love with this Emerson Fry dress. I keep talking about this, but Carly’s mom was wearing it at her baby shower in New York, and she looked *fabulous.* If I look half as good as she did in it, I’ll be happy! ;)