Stone Noodle Dachshund and real Dachshund | 10 More Things 7/19

Stone Noodle or Stoop Noodle? (“Snoodle” or “Stoodle?”)

I’m catching up on a few “10 Things” posts today since I fell behind this week. Here’s the other one I published!

  • Did you miss the Olympic Trials, too? I’m gymnastics-obsessed, but the trials happened while we were away. Did you know, though, that you can watch the full replays here?! So fun. I’ve been playing them as I’ve been doing computer work this morning, and it’s made it very enjoyable. Simone Biles, man. I’m just always in awe. (THE BARS?! That’s not even her event!) And love seeing/hearing Nastia Liukin.
  • I loved seeing my nephew Christopher with the girls in Ocean City. Gosh. It’s funny; when friends and family have had babies this past year or so, I remember thinking, “Aw, too bad that Lucy is so much older.” But she really isn’t that much older. It just seemed that way at the time! Now that they’re toddlers, Christopher and Lucy really play on the same level. They were adorable together, and Emma loved being the big cousin.
  • If you have kids and a partner, what’s your “packing approach” and what’s theirs? (Whether it’s packing for a road trip, flight or just an outing.) Okay, so I’m the parent who desperately tries to remember everything that we would possibly need in order to avoid possible disasters… and as a result, I often end up stressing myself out and also overpacking. Mitch, on the other hand, doesn’t stress and packs the bare minimum when he’s in charge. (And doesn’t have to carry a hulking baby bag!) While I tend to have all the essentials, I do think I need to adopt some of Mitch’s approach now that the girls are getting older. I can’t be Mary Poppins forever… and I shouldn’t have to be. Should we be able to leave the house just with a couple of diapers, wipes, and water bottles? (And maybe a couple of snacks?) YES.
  • Heartwarming story: One afternoon on the Shore, we were walking back down to the beach after lunch, and saw a bunch of teenage boys moving all our stuff back from the water because the tide was coming in. They couldn’t see us… and they didn’t have their parents with them… so it’s not even like they were told to, you know?! I teared up. People are good.
  • “One Home Project Every Day” is back, ha! Here’s what I’ve been up to:
    • I organized the arts and crafts cabinet. Considering the nature of arts and crafts, it understandably can get pretty messy. We’ve been doing so much more crafting now that it’s orderly!
    • I cleaned out the bathroom again. WHY CAN’T I KEEP OUR BATHROOM UNDER CONTROL? Honestly, I didn’t even think it needed it. But because we had the cabinets painted, I was forced to put the entire contents into tubs… and then put everything back. Must have trashed (or donated) roughly half of it in the process. I love opening up the cabinets now!
    • I unpacked from Ocean City. As much as I hate to admit this, I often don’t unpack from trips for up to a week. (I’m just always tired after travel, and it’s the last thing I want to do!) This time, though, I got it done the night we got back, and did all the laundry, too.
    • We accidentally had the front stoop power-washed. Our painter spilled some paint on the stairs, and promised he would power-wash it off on the front while we were away. And WOW! Who knew it needed a power-washing so badly?! 🙈 It looks great! I can’t get over the difference.
    • We replaced the light over the front stoop. The other one was rusted and dated looking. We went with this one from Pottery Barn and I’m in love!
    • I cleaned out my plaid collection. Hahaha. Guys. It was a little out of control. I suppose #60daysofplaid will cause such accumulation! I’m actually considering taking the year off from the challenge, though I’ll admit it might just happen naturally. ;) But no way I needed that much tartan in my life.
    • We installed a new (and way more affordable) faucet. We originally bought the Rejuvenation one that “matched” our other kitchen hardware, but it didn’t match at all and had a drip! Two plumbers confirmed it was broken. Such a bummer. So we’re currently in a fight with Rejuvenation on that, and went ahead and ordered this one from Kingston Brass. WE have KB faucets in both the basement and in our powder room, and love them. Wish we’d went with it originally!
  • I’ve fallen in love with Petite Plume girls’ nightgowns. Because the quality is outstanding—and because they’ll be passed down to Lucy—I think they’re 100-percent worth it. So beautiful and soft, too! Emma’s thrilled with her new nightgowns. (The other brand I like is Boden, btw.)
  • We ran into the previous owner of our home. She was walking past the house and stopped to chat, and it was so nice to catch up. She and her husband raised three boys in the home, and she commented on how fun it’s been to follow along on the blog and see us go the girl route. ;) They’ve been *so* helpful over these past two years, and have helped us countless times with house questions. (They’ve even answered readers’ questions for us!) Very grateful. :)
  • Read: “A Battle Between a Great City and a Great Lake”NYTimes. An interesting look at the effects climate change may have on Chicago. (And the effects that have already occurred.)
  • I am turning into one giant freckle. We’ve been spending so much time outside lately, and I’m starting to resemble my 12-year-old self. I’m smattered in my favorite sunblock on the reg, and now I’ve taken to wearing a hat most days. I love my freckles, but want to be careful about sun damage. Anyone have any products they swear by?!
  • Speaking of hats, my friend Krista collaborated with Lisi Lerch, and created the most perfect summer hat! I have a big head, and it fits very comfortably. Woo! So stunningly gorgeous, too. Highly recommend! Great job, Krista. So proud.