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Years ago, I took a lot of engagement photos. In the beginning, I shot primarily for friends and family. Eventually, though, photography turned into a part-time job. For a while, it was great! Mitch and I did a lot of traveling and met some awesome people through it, and having the extra spending money around was nice. (Life in NYC was expensive!) Sadly, though, I stopped shooting after about a year and a half, as balancing photography, my teaching career, and my personal life became a bit too challenging.

While I miss shooting on a regular basis, photography will likely always remain a hobby for me. Shooting events–especially weddings–stressed me out too much. I was ridiculously scared of missing important moments and screwing up someone’s big day, and I simply didn’t have the skills or confidence needed to pull off something like that without having a panic attack, haha. But engagement photos/portraits for friends and family? Sign me up! There’s no pressure, everyone feels [relatively] comfortable, and I can retake photos as many times as I’d like to. ;)

Last week, I took engagement photos for my brother Patrick and his adorable fiancé Kim near their home in Historic Philadelphia. It was so much fun. Because Patrick is in his first year of residency and I’m out in Chicago now, we weren’t sure if we’d be able to make it happen before the gorgeous fall colors disappeared. So happy we did! I course, I was/am out of practice and a bit rusty with the photography skills. The photos aren’t perfect, but we’re pretty happy with how they turned out! More importantly, we had a blast taking them, and I think they’ll hold happy memories forever. How cute are Patrick and Kim?! :)

Needless to say, I’m counting down the days to their wedding in June. (I’m a bridesmaid! Eeee! So honored and excited, guys!) I can’t express how happy I am that Patrick found you, Kim, and I’m beyond thrilled that I’m getting such a kind, fun, genuine and beautiful sister-in-law.

Love you both!

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