The Best Artificial Pumpkins

Artificial Small and Large Pumpkins / Artificial Mums via Etsy (Cheaper) / Faux Mums via Walmart / Buffalo Check Pumpkins (Also have this one from Ballard, and it’s adorable!) / Artificial Mums (Try these potted fall sunflowers if the mums are sold out!) / Artificial Topiaries / Chinoiserie Planters / Dachshund Topiary / Newer Lanterns

While this is our second fall in the new house, I feel like it’s our first. (Last year, we were living under tarps and five-month-old Lucy wasn’t fond of sleeping. 😉) So I’m going ALL. OUT. With artificial pumpkins, of course.

Fun fact: Real pumpkins will survive longer if you give them a water/bleach bath. (This prevents rotting and can help ward off animals.) And I do plan on setting out some real pumpkins in our garden. But as for the front stoop and indoor decor, I’m (predictably 😆) going faux because they require no maintenance and are far less messy.

The Best Artificial Pumpkins

Small and Large Pumpkins

Today, I’ve rounded up my favorite artificial pumpkins for the fall season. Whether you’re looking for lifelike or prepped-out stand-ins, there’s sure to be faux pumpkins for everyone!

Let’s start with the realistic ones. I ordered a bunch of faux pumpkins from Michael’s this year. Michael’s carries craft pumpkins and decorative pumpkins, and the difference in price is considerable. Will update you soon on which I like best! These are the craft ones, and you can get a ton for very little. Reviews say they work for outdoor.

Here are the decorative pumpkins. Ours haven’t arrived yet, and I can’t really tell from the product photos, but I’m assuming that these will be more substantial and more lifelike.

Grandin Road has some great pumpkins too. Perhaps not as realistic-looking, but lovely none-the-less. A bit fancier!

This little guy looks very similar and is a lot more affordable.

I LOVE this company. Their stuff is always top-notch. Laughing at the product photo, though. I guess that’s 2020 for you, haha! Anyway, I think this one looks great.

Ditto on this one.


How do they do it?!


From the same company. Comes in a pack of three!

For some color!

These are Pottery Barn’s faux pumpkins. They’re on sale!

LOVE THESE and devastated that they went out of stock so quickly, haha.

No time (or patience) to carve? I’ve got you.


I adore Blue Rose Pottery, and the fact that it’s carried at Target. Here’s the small and here’s the large.

The cream one is dreamy.

Target is always a great place to find quality ceramic pumpkins for a deal.

How cute is this cable-knit one?

Can’t go wrong with seagrass.

How cute! Somehow missed this last month while I was shopping.

MY FAVORITE. Got a few of them and scattered them around the house. Such a steal!

Felt pumpkin. Adorable.

This is insanely pricey but I found a more affordable. Linked it somewhere below.

We have these from last year! They’re some of my favorites! Did not realize until now that you’re supposed to put candles in them, hahaha.

Glitter pumpkin! Reminds me of Cinderella. :) Emma would love this!

Candle pumpkins that look somewhat realistic!

Chunky pumpkin. Bring on the coziness.

In white!

Would be cute filled with candy.

Here you go! Way more affordable.


Okay, here are a bunch of adorable Etsy finds.

A plaid pumpkin!

This company wins best fabric pumpkins.

I mean…

And this one?!

Sigh. Reminds me of Liberty London.

And here we are with the Etsy chinoiserie pumpkins!

Wow. People are really talented. Like… how is it possible that a human did this?


Another option.

Love these! So preppy.


And a monogrammed option. :)