Recent Finds, 9/21

Corduroy Skirt / Striped Tee / Monogrammed Crossbody

Kind of can’t believe that I made it through this week. It was not a good one.

Up until yesterday afternoon when the antibiotics kicked in, I was feeling so incredibly defeated. Honestly, it’s just been a rough month. I actually can’t believe I’ve been able to keep the blog somewhat afloat, as I’ve spent the vast majority of the last 30 days in bed or on the couch. 😂 But I’m on the upswing, and and I’m excited to actually get outside this weekend, spend some good time with Mitch and Emma, and perhaps even see friends? I miss everyone.

Anyway, toning today’s “Recent Finds” post down a bit, BUT I have some amazing finds to share. Here we go!

Recent Finds, 9/21

THE MAGIC LOAFERS NOW COME IN LEOPARD PRINT. **Adds to cart.** They’re amazingly comfy — very padded. Can’t wait to receive these in the mail!

The red beret is back. It makes such a statement! And it’s actually now available in a bunch of other colors. You can see the blog post in which I styled it here!

I feel like these are gorgeous for this traditional period we’re in. Swoon.

Obsessed with how many MZ Wallace bags are currently available at Nordstrom! This is one of my go-to travel bags.

I feel like this is the top of the year. I have it in a few colors now, and it’s on constant rotate whenever I have a night out. WHICH HASN’T BEEN FOR A LONG TIME BECAUSE I’VE BEEN SO SICK PLEASE SEND HELP. ;)

Wore this during Fashion Week! It’s such a steal; I reach for it whenever I have an event and don’t know what to wear.

I know. It’s stunning.

This was a recent fall purchase. I plan on wearing it with a striped tee. :)

Sam Edelman seems to be phasing out the best booties in the world in the brown color. Grab yours before they’re gone FOREVER.

The Burberry snood is back! If you’ve always wanted a Burberry scarf but could never stomach the price tag, this is for you. It’s technically for kids, but I have one, and it’s DEFINITELY roomy enough for adults. (Tons of space in there, haha.) Highly recommend! So much cheaper.

Really excited about this jacket, which looks perfect for the fall. Ugh. Need to get back into shooting outfits every once in a while. Going to try to step it up soon!

A favorite pair of jeans on sale.

I know I’ve been highlighting these a lot lately, but they’re now available at Nordstrom! A great camel pump is hard to find, and this pair is the comfiest.

IN RED. Slightly differently, but finally!

The perfect turtleneck for under a crisp blazer.

I love this!! Looks so comfy yet like something that could be worn for a night out.

Another favorite pair of jeans on sale.

WATERPROOF RIDING BOOTS. This is my favorite boot company b/c everything is waterproof. Like, they’re basically rain boots. So excited about this pair! :) I’m back into riding boots this year. Thoughts?

Another product I keep highlighting, but it sells out quickly, and you’ll all be emailing me soon about where to find camel coats. ;) Grab this one before it’s gone!

Love this one, too.

The cable-knit! The ties!

On sale and super cute.

Favorite monogrammed crossbody is back.