Stocking Stuffers

Personalized Jewelry Case / Monogrammed AirPods Case / Olaplex No.3 / Bow Earrings / Hydrating Lip Balm / Glass Jar Candle / Hand Cream / Scrunchies / Beanie / Black Ceramic Candle / Kindle / Leather Notepad / Noise Cancelling Headphones / Corduroy Baseball Cap / Leather Wallet / Leather Gloves / Green Water Bottle / AirTags

Stockings can quickly become a magnet for all sorts of random and impractical items. I think we’ve all done the last-minute drugstore sweep looking for stocking stuffers that will inevitably end up in a junk drawer a few months later. My new philosophy when it comes to filling stockings is quality over quantity. Especially with all the presents already under the tree, I think a couple of small, thoughtful gifts is way more exciting than a sock full of knick-knacks. So on that note, here are a few things that feel a little more heartfelt, personal, and practical. I hope this helps give you some inspiration!

Personalized Jewelry Case: Keep your jewelry neat and organized while traveling. No more dealing with a big tangled knot of jewelry every time you unpack.

Monogrammed AirPods Case: A practical gift that will get a ton of use. Not only does this case protect your AirPods from launching out of the charging case when you drop them, but it also prevents you from mixing them up with family and friends.

Olaplex No.3: I’ve been using this product in my hair for years and have noticed a significant difference.

Bow Earrings: I wear these on repeat.

Hydrating Lip Balm: This is my favorite lip balm, and the gift set of 3 is such a steal! You’ll be set with lip balm for the winter.

Glass Jar Candle: How beautiful is this candle! This one has notes of French cade wood, verbena, and Bulgarian lavender. 

Hand Cream: This is my holy grail hand cream during the winter.

Scrunchies: Say goodbye to creased ponytail hair!

Beanie: This pom pom knit beanie is so cute and is sure to get some good use.

Black Ceramic Candle: Has notes of pine, sugarplum, and amber. Not only is this candle beautiful, but the scent sounds incredible.

Kindle: Such a great gift for any reader. Mitch and I both love our kindles.

Leather Notepad: Such a nice personalized leather notepad for their desk.

Noise Cancelling Headphones: Mitch owns these and raves about them. I can confirm they are great at noise canceling because he can’t hear a word I say when he has these on—I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

Corduroy Baseball Cap: Guys love hats—especially dads—and this corduroy and canvas baseball cap is such a cool style.

Leather Wallet: Mitch loves this brand and swears by their wallets.

Leather Gloves: A great staple any guy should have for the winter. These are also cashmere lined, so they stay super toasty.

Green Water Bottle: I’m obsessed with my Hydroflask and finally turned Mitch on to them too. It keeps your water cold for HOURS.

AirTags: This is a life changer for finding those things you lose too often, like your keys. Now you can use your phone to find them. Mitch loves these!