Home Finds 6/16 mark & graham photoshoot

Did some product photography for Mark & Graham recently! I need to Photoshop out the hose and the water stains 😆, but I was SO impressed with the Celebration Wine Bowl, Lazy Susan and Cheese Board! If your dad is like mine and spending a lot of time out on the patio, one of them might make for a great Father’s Day gift. :)

Hi, Friends! I’m really behind on freelance work, so please excuse me while I dip into my evergreen post reserve. 🙈 But hey: I did compile this over wine with Mitch, so perhaps it’ll be a little entertaining…

This would look lovely next to a console table in a foyer. :)

Gorgeous! We have a similar flush-mount one in our foyer because our ceiling height wouldn’t allow for a true chandelier… but this is heart eyes, for sure!

Would make for a cute toy chest!

I’m often asked for the link to our Pottery Barn rug, and sadly it’s very old. (I also just destroyed it, which is a story for another day.) But the company came out with a new version and it’s very similar!

I love cane. (Mind instantly goes to this.)

Another great chest.

See? Told you.

Love natural wood furniture. Brings a lot of dimension to a room!

At some point this summer, I really want to tackle the girls’ closets and organize them. Specifically Lucy’s closet, since I have so many hand-me-downs from Emma. Would love to organize them by year/size, and these storage bins are so classic!

Linen closet ideas.

Can’t be stopped. Like these for arts and crafts and toys.

Love this for our hallway! But not quite ready to commit.

The price difference is wild.

This too is beautiful!

Clearly I looked at a lot of options.

Hm. Might like this best?!

I told you guys about my duck thing, right?

Love ducks.

Have them all over the house.

It’s weird. Much like Mitch’s obsession with whales. (Which is even weirder because we’re landlocked. At least we HAVE ducks here.)

Ooh! This is cute.


Hahaha. Featured the same duck twice.

I should not write these posts while drinking wine. But I think we established this long ago.

Oh but look at him!

Reigning it in. Like this deck box for our cushions! But I have to say that we put the cushions away like a quarter of the time because life with little kids is so hectic and then we forget and then oops it rains and then they’re fine. So even if we had this thing, not sure how much it would help.

My parents just got one of these and it looks so lovely!

Totally unnecessary but totally cute.

Great basket for toy storage!

Our magazines are all.over.the.place.

I got this flush-mount for the laundry room! It’s a little wild but I live on the edge. (Please note the floral detailing.)

This would be adorable in a little girl’s room.

Great way to add some prep to your outdoor space.

BEST faux plant we’ve ever owned. It’s so realistic! Worth the investment.